Exploring global food and food culture

About Me

It’s hard to hate someone when they’re sharing their food with you.

One of the reasons I fell in love with my wife years ago is that we both had this extreme love of food of all kinds. We’re both rather adventurous eaters, and we love to cook. It’s fun to go somewhere exotic and try new foods, but that’s often not a real option for us given our budget.

We don’t live in the middle of nowhere, exactly, but the options if you want something other than standard American cuisine can be a little limited where we live, compared to some places. So we’ve learned to be adventurous cooks, almost out of necessity. And we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

A large part of the appeal of food from other cultures (besides it just being yummy), for me at least, is that it’s a real and tangible gateway into learning about someones culture. Learning what someone likes to eat, breaking bread with them, is one of the oldest ways of bridging divides. Learning to respect their food, or love it, makes it that much more likely that you’ll respect their culture.

What I hope to do with this blog is share some of what I’ve learned, or taught myself. And hopefully inspire some people to try new things, or break bread with (and hopefully try to understand) someone from somewhere else.

I’m not promising authenticity. These aren’t recipes, for the most part, from my culture. They’re adapted, often improvised from the original concepts. My spin, in other words. But hopefully, if you try them, and like them, you might try to find the real thing.