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Albion Online outlines changes to guild seasons with the upcoming Lands Awakened update

Albion Online’s upcoming Lands Awakened update will make all current guilds obsolete. Some of the changes include making realms (mini-instances) permanent, giving players more time to level up and reducing levels per season.

Albion Online is changing the way it handles guild seasons with the upcoming Lands Awakened update. The new season will be called “Season 13.”

The Lands Awakened update, which will be released on November 24th, will bring a number of new features to Albion Online, but Sandbox Interactive’s devs are focusing on the changes coming to guild season content, both in a dev blog and a video starring director Robin Henkys and MMO Gaming’s Most Comfortable Chair.

The Conqueror’s Challenge will replace the guild season rewards system, which will require players to gain Might that can be used to get seasonal goodies like as avatars, horses, and fame increases. Participating in PvP actions earns Might, and another currency called Favor may be acquired in the same manner. This cash may be used to buy more reward chests and sucked energy.

Guild members will gain Guild Might levels as they earn Might and Favor throughout the next guild season. Earning these levels awards season points as well as increased personal Might and boosts to Might gained during the season to everyone in the guild.

Guild seasons are undergoing a number of changes, including a new scoring system. New open world elements are on the way, such as randomly forming energy vortices that drop territory energy crystals, which players may collect and carry to a tower on their own territory. This will increase the level, guard strength, and rate at which siphoned energy and season points are created in that tower’s zone, as well as enchanted resource spawn rates and gathering output.

When it comes to territory, if a zone is low in energy, it generates considerably less Season Points, but it has a far greater maximum potential if it stays at maximum level to stimulate more Outlands conflict.

More information on the Lands Awakened update’s other features will be available shortly, but for now, there’s a dev blog and a dev film to peruse. Wuyk


The “albion online season 14” is a change in the upcoming Lands Awakened update. This will affect guilds and their seasons.

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