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The Best Fallout 4 Assault Rifle Replacer Mods in 2021

Looking for the best Fallout 4 assault rifle replacer mods in 2021? Look no further! We’ve got a list of the best mods out there to make your Fallout 4 experience even better.

Modular Kalash Assault Rifle

The Modular Kalash Assault Rifle is a rifle replacer mod for Fallout 4 that gives an immersive and realistic feel to the game’s rifle combat. The mod replaces all Kalashnikov assault weapons in-game, making them seem considerably more detailed and realistic.

It adds numerous different magazine designs, various grenade launchers, optics, wooden stocks, suppressors, and other configurable components to the weapon. Ammo may now be customized based on your tastes or task needs. The Modular Kalash Assault Rifle also enhances the gun’s basic textures and makes it seem better overall than the vanilla version.

With this mod loaded, you’ll be able to have a much more realistic experience with a famous Fallout 4 weapon.

R91 Standalone Assault Rifle

The R91 Solo Assault Weapon is a fantastic Fallout 4 mod that replaces the vanilla assault rifle with a more realistic-looking standalone assault rifle. This mod evolved from the original “Reverse Engineering” mod, but with new textures, better animations, and visual effects. Even without any further upgrades, the weapon looks excellent, with a shorter receiver that makes it resemble more like an AKS-47 than the game’s default model. It also contains a sight for long-range shooting and a variety of color choices for customizing.

To top it all off, this rifle has more precise reloads and sound effects, making it seem immensely immersive in-game. Overall, if you want an assault rifle that stands out from the crowd, this mod is well worth considering.

AARP [Alternative Assault Rifle Properties] 2.0

AARP 2.0 is a Fallout 4 revamp update that replaces the vanilla assault rifles with new weapons that have greater damage, better accuracy, more components, and more customization possibilities. The new assault weapons come with a range of ammunition, including armor-piercing and explosive bullets. This mod improves the fighting experience by giving the user the impression that they are utilizing heavy artillery rather than a conventional gun. The 501 Sniper Rifle Standalone is a great example of a weapon that can be found in this mod, providing players with a powerful and customizable weapon.

The aesthetics have also been upgraded, and the modified weaponry now have high-definition textures that contribute to their realism. There are also extra sound effects that fully use the possibilities of each firearm and make them seem threatening.

Overall, AARP 2.0 is one of the greatest modifications for Fallout 4 if you want to improve your assault rifle experience even further.

Alien Assault Rifle

In 2021, one of the top Fallout 4 assault rifle replacer modifications is the alien assault rifle. This mod pack replaces your vanilla assault guns with alien-themed ones, set in an entirely new and unique sci-fi setting. This mod adds a new degree of immersion to the game while also increasing the difficulty. Unique particle effects, special noises, and realistic models are included with the alien assault weaponry. There is also a downloaded version with extra customization possibilities.

This mod also includes an ammunition box, which can be used to store up to 99 rounds of ammo for your alien guns, and these rounds may also be used to create additional weapons. With so many fantastic features packed into one single mod pack, it’s no surprise that it’s ranked among the top Fallout 4 modifications for 2021.


The Fallout 4 Assault Rifle replacer modifications of 2021 provide a wide range of options for users wanting to modify or install whole new weaponry. These upgrades enhance both the graphics and functionality of this famous Fallout 4 weapon, ranging from substantial changes to the appearance and feel of the traditional Assault Rifle model to more stylish replacers.

Check out some of these high-quality assault rifle replacer modifications now for historical authenticity, realism, and current viewpoints on weapons design. With these upgrades, players may give their weapons additional strength and punch while also improving the game’s looks.

Fallout 4 Assault Rifle Replacer Mods in 2021

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