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2022: Don’t Miss Out on the Best Minecraft Horse Mods!

Looking for the best Minecraft horse mods in 2022? You don’t want to miss out on these great mods! Check out our list of the top 20 mods for horse lovers.

List of the Best 20 Minecraft Horse Mods

Minecraft Horse Mods allow users to include horses in their Minecraft environment. These Mods provide a wide range of horses with varying coat colors, personalities, and abilities; Furthermore, some Mods enable you to ride your horse or even race it against other users.

With so many Horse Mods for Minecraft accessible, it might be tough to select the finest ones. To help you out, we’ve produced a list of the best 20 Minecraft Horse Mods available in 2022. This collection covers both ancient modifications like Mo’ Creatures and Better Horses and contemporary mods like Decorative Horse Armour and Equine Proportions. Each mod has its own set of features, ranging from simply cosmetic to gameplay-enhancing alternatives like breeding systems and enhanced racing dynamics.

Whether you want additional personalization choices for your horse or simply want to add some flare to your environment with a variety of various breeds and coats, this list has everything for you.

#20 Minecraft Better Horse Mod

Better Horses Mod adds a large number of horses to Minecraft. It introduces new breeds, textures, kinds, stats, and other features. The mod also contains a variety of horse equipment items that may be used to modify your horses in a variety of ways. Saddles, bridles, armor, and other equipment are examples of these items.

With this mod, you may breed your horses to produce the greatest progeny possible. If you’re patient enough, you may even tame and teach wild horses using grain or rewards. This mod is ideal for users who wish to personalize the game and make it seem more like a genuine horseback riding experience.

#19 mcMMO Horses

The mcMMO Horses Minecraft Furniture mod adds additional, colorful horses to your game. This mod adds over 16 different horse varieties, each with its unique set of attributes and skills. There are additional eight breeds, ranging from Arabian horses to Clydesdales. Furthermore, the mcMMO Horses mod includes a Riding skill that will assist you in taming and managing your horses.

This is an excellent mod for Minecraft gamers that wish to diversify their horse collection. This fantastic mod’s download link may be available on a variety of websites. Some of these websites may provide the download for free, while others may need a little fee as a tribute to the developer’s effort. Make sure to thoroughly read all of the directions before downloading it so that you don’t have any problems installing it.

#18 Craftable Horse Armour & Saddle (1.17)

The 18 Craftable Horse Armour& Saddle mod for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is a fantastic way to spice up your horseback riding excursions. This patch enables you to make horse armour and saddles from of materials collected throughout the game, providing players with a much-needed feeling of ownership over their horses.

This mod’s Mod Menu is extensively customisable, enabling you to equip your horse with any equipment you choose. Furthermore, the mod menu is built with security in mind, so you won’t have to worry about nefarious intent while downloading or using this mod.

Overall, the 18 Craftable Horse Armour& Saddle mod for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is a fantastic method to improve your gameplay experience and ensure that your horse is properly equipped.

#17 Horse Tweaks Minecraft Mod

Horse Modifications Minecraft Mod is an excellent mod for Minecraft 1.17.1. This mod gives players greater control over their horse’s statistics and skills in-game. The patch introduces new skills including “Roar” and “Butterflies,” which may be used to tame horses, offer buffs, change health and speed, and even breed horses. It also includes new horse breeds including Skeleton Horses, Donkeys, Mules, Llamas, and Unicorns.

Players may equip various armor pieces and gadgets to each horse kind to improve their fighting defense. Furthermore, the patch includes a GUI panel with over 100 settings, allowing players to personalize their horses without having to input any instructions or codes into the game.

#16 Netherite Minecraft Horse Armor Mod (1.17)

The Netherite Horse Armor Mod is an excellent solution for individuals who want to enhance their Minecraft experience with a sleek and eye-catching style. This patch enables players to create netherite horse armor, the game’s strongest sort of defense. The armor is made by fusing four netherite pieces together in a furnace and has a defense rating of 6, compared to iron armor’s protection rating of 5. It also has an added function that grants players more health while worn, making it very useful for those who combat often.

This stunning armor mod’s design is both elegant and protective, giving your horse an advantage in online engagements.

#15 Hwyla Addon Horse Info (1.17)

The Hwyla Addon Horse Info 1.17 Minecraft mod adds realism to the game by giving players more information about their horses. It has a number of features, including the ability to monitor your horses’ pace, health and other data, illness immunity, and more. Players that have this mod loaded will also be able to examine extensive descriptions of their horses’ breeds, kinds, and qualities.

It also includes new horse equipment such as saddles and barding with many customization possibilities. The Hwyla Addon Horse Info 1.17 makes it simpler for players to identify and manage their horses in-game, making it a must-have tool for all horse enthusiasts.

#14 Better Horse Hud

Better Horse HUD is a Minecraft horse mod that allows you to show your horse’s information in a more accurate and exact manner. This patch adds a whole new HUD to your game that shows your horse’s health, weariness, and hunger levels in real-time.

You may even offer your horse goods from your personal inventory via the HUD, providing you additional choices while interacting with horses in-game. This version is also compatible with other modifications and may be used for aesthetic reasons, since it includes new textures for the improved horse HUD. With this mod, you may have an even better in-game experience with horses while also making them appear more authentic by giving them with the greatest visuals available.

#13 MyHorse Minecraft Mod

The MyHorse mod for Minecraft adds a number of additional horses to the game, as well as several equipment and objects to assist you in managing and caring for them. The mod also includes horse breeding, with genetics determining the characteristics of each new foal. With so many horse breeds to pick from, you may have precisely the sort of horse you want in your life.

In addition, the MyHorse mod includes a HorseWindmill House design that users may build on their farms. With an exterior frame for the base and many windows to guarantee lots of natural light, the design is simple but functional. The windmill portion of the structure is powered by four sails that provide enough energy to keep all of the house’s gear working properly. It’s likely to turn heads with its sleek but rustic design.

#12 Callable Horses

Horses are a popular method to cross the landscape and discover new locations in the world of Minecraft modifications. Callable Horses is a mod that lets you call horses from your inventory. This mod also adds numerous new horse varieties and allows you to arrange your stables, making it simpler to manage them.

You may also give your horse exceptional skills like leaping or flying, add certain markings or colors, and even breed them to create hybrids. You may use these attributes to create the ideal horse for your Minecraft environment.

#11 Minecraft Horse Stables Mod

The Minecraft Horse Stables Mod is ideal for horse enthusiasts who want to create and manage a stable full of horses. This mod enables users to buy, breed, feed, and name horses. It also increases the intensity and challenge of a player’s game experience.

Players may simply keep track of the best statistics for each horse in their stable using the addon. Upgrades are also available for those wishing to take your stable to the next level.

The Minecraft Horse Stables Mod is a fantastic way to add a new level of depth and delight to your Minecraft experience.

#10 Horse Modifiers

Horse Modifiers, sometimes known as Cats, are among the most popular Minecraft modifications for gamers of all ages. These modifications provide a new level of involvement as well as creatures that may be employed to liven up an environment.

There are several Horse Modifiers that may be added to the gaming environment to increase realism and intricacy. Simply Cats is one of the most popular Horse Modifiers available, allowing users to build their own cats with distinct features and skills. This mod enables users to change the color, gender, and even behavior of their cat using Minecraft instructions. This mod also includes a variety of cats, including:

  • Lions
  • Tigers
  • Panthers
  • Cheetahs

Each with unique qualities that may be employed during gameplay. Players that have this mod loaded may interact with these virtual cats as part of their game experience.

#9 Netherite Horse Armor

The release of Netherite Horse Armor was one of the most anticipated modifications for Minecraft. Netherite Horse Armor is expected to be deployed as part of an upgrade in 2022. As a consequence, players will be able to use a new sort of armor that is strong and durable enough to live in a harsh environment. Players will be better protected against adversaries like Enderman and Blazes with this new armor in place. The armor will also protect you from fire, lava, and other harsh circumstances.

This mod is anticipated to be accessible for all versions of the game, so don’t miss out on this fantastic new feature for your horses.

#8 Minecraft Horse Stats Vanilla 1.17 Mod

Vanilla 1.17 Mod, the 8th Best Minecraft Horse Mod, is a terrific method to personalize your horses and boost their stats in a vanilla manner. This patch adds additional breedable horses to the game as well as the ability to customize the stats of each horse you breed. You may also equip your horses with armor and accessories to make them look even better and perhaps acquire additional power or speed.

The mod also includes a new method for feeding your horses, ensuring that they are constantly well-fed and do not starve if left outside for an extended period of time. Vanilla 1.17 Mod is ideal for enabling extensive customisation to your horses in a quick and simple manner with little work necessary to make modifications.

#7 Stupid Horse Stand Still Mod

One of the finest Minecraft horse modifications of 2022 is the Stupid Horse Stand Still Mod. This patch is intended to make your horses remain motionless regardless of what they are doing. Even if they move about, they will remain in the same place. This greatly simplifies feeding and grooming your horses without having to chase them over the globe.

This patch also allows you to access more realistic horse actions and animations, such as rearing and leaping. This may provide for a more immersive horse-riding experience in Minecraft, giving you the impression that you’re riding a genuine animal rather than a blocky fabrication.

#6 Horse Racing Plus

Horse Racing Plus is a popular and well-liked Minecraft mod that enables users to race horses. This patch adds a fun new feature to Minecraft by allowing users to breed, race, and modify their horses for greater performance. The mod also contains an integrated horse breeding system, in which horses of various breeds may be bred and the children will outperform their parents in stats.

Horse Racing Plus supports up to four players in a race at the same time, with configurable difficulty levels to offer a fun gaming experience for everyone. This mod is ideal for individuals who like racing their favorite pixelated steeds.

#5 HorseStats

HorseStats is a great Minecraft horse mod that allows users to create the perfect equestrian experience. The mod includes features such as horse health and stamina numbers, several horses, and a class system for horses. This enables players to personalize their horses so that they may fill various roles in the game. Players may also buy and sell horses in stores, as well as make saddlebags and stables.

HorseStats also includes realistic animal movement, with many animation styles available for each horse class. This mod will enhance the realism and pleasure of your game experience.

#4 Two Players One Horse

Two Players One Horse is a Minecraft mod that enables you to ride a horse with a buddy. This mod was built for the Don’t Miss Out on the Best Minecraft Horse Mods 2021 edition. It transforms your standard single-player horse experience into a two-player adventure. All you need is a saddle and two players to ride on the same horse. It’s ideal for spontaneous races or when you want to spend quality time with your pals. The saddles are free, so gather your friends and enjoy a day of riding together. You’ll never have to worry about not having enough horses with Two Players One Horse.

#3 AstikorCarts

TheNooblord’s AstikorCarts, or just Cats, is a 2023 Minecraft mod. This mod adds horses and carts to your game for transportation, exploration, and transporting stuff. AstikorCarts also features a selection of horse accoutrements such as saddles, armor, flags, and more. You can also use the breeding system to produce horses and improve their attributes such as speed and health.

There are also a number of collecting things such as intriguing books, mystical runes, rare jewels, and even legendary riches. Don’t miss out on downloading AstikorCarts now for an innovative spin on the traditional horse riding mechanic in Minecraft.

#2 Minecraft Horse Tack Mod

The Minecraft Horse Tack Mod adds a variety of new and unique weaponry, saddles, and armor for horses to your game. This mod is flexible enough to be used for almost any horse-related activity in the game. Individual items of equipment may be crafted or obtained from dungeons. All items exist in a variety of versions, each with its own set of stats and abilities.

The mod also includes a few unique goods that can only be obtained via special events or missions. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a broad assortment of armor sets ideal for providing the maximum protection for your army of steeds.

#1 Realistic Horse Genetics

Realistic Horse Genetics is one of the greatest Minecraft Horse modifications you can get. It enables users to breed horses in-game based on their own distinct horse DNA. Players may customize their horses’ coat colors, mane and tail styles, and breeds. The mod even features an interactive horse gene pool, where each gene combination results in a new horse with its own distinct appearance.

This mod is ideal for anybody who wants to design their own unique horses since it enables them to express themselves via realistic horses that genuinely represent their particular style and taste.


Q&A is an area where you may ask and answer questions regarding the finest Minecraft Horse Mods for 2022. This is an excellent resource for novice players or those who wish to learn more about the many possibilities for customizing your Minecraft horses.

The Q&A section addresses frequently asked questions about the many available modifications and what makes them distinctive. It also discusses how to install modifications on your computer, which mod packs are the most popular, and how to make custom horses that look exactly like real-life horses. Players may make educated selections about which Horse Mods to utilize in their game if they have this knowledge.

Which horse is the fastest horse in Minecraft?

The white, uncommon horse is the quickest horse in Minecraft. This horse has a top speed of 60 blocks per second and is very tough to capture. The White Horse can be found exclusively in the Extreme Hills Biomes and cannot be bred. You must breed two donkeys with a gold apple or golden carrot to produce a White Horse. They have the largest leap height of any horse, as well as a considerably quicker rate of health regeneration than other horses.

They are also resistant to almost all potions’ effects, with the exception of Blindness, Weakness, and Mining Fatigue. The white horse is a tough but extremely rewarding mount to get in Minecraft, and it provides gameplay chances that no other horse kind can equal. By modifying the game, you may:

  • add new breeds
  • make other changes that will improve your horse experience even more.

How do you install Minecraft horse mods?

Installing Minecraft horse modifications is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few stages.

  1. The first step is to locate the mod that you wish to install. This is usually obtained by searching for “Minecraft Horse Mods” on the internet.
  2. After locating the appropriate mod, you must download it to your computer or gaming console. Most modifications may be downloaded by simply clicking on a link or downloading it straight from a website to your device.
  3. Once the mod has been downloaded and stored on your device, you must find it inside your game directory, which is normally placed on My Documents, and transfer it into the Minecraft\Mods folder.
  4. Launch the game and activate the mod from the game settings menu, allowing users to access their new horse modifications.

How do you make your horse super fast in Minecraft?

Making your horse move quickly in Minecraft might be tricky. Fortunately, there are several excellent modifications available to assist you in achieving this aim. You’ll need to install some of the best dimension modifications available to make your horse crazy fast.

These modifications let players to equip their horses with unique equipment, potions, and weapons that boost their horse’s speed. You’ll also be able to enhance your horse’s armor and even place additional control blocks on the saddle to make it go faster. You’ll be able to take use of all of the additional features provided by the modifications and make your beloved steed quicker than ever before after you’ve loaded them and correctly customized your settings.


As Minecraft’s popularity grows, so does the need for increasingly fascinating and complicated modifications. Horse modifications for Minecraft are among the most popular, enabling users to add a variety of horse-themed objects and features to their games.

Some of the greatest Horse mod developers aim to release fresh new modifications in 2022 that will provide gamers with an even more immersive experience with their horse-related stuff. From personalized horses and breeders to unique skill sets and powers, these modders are ready to take Minecraft gaming to the next level.

Don’t pass up this fantastic chance by failing to download the greatest Horse Mods in 2022. With these excellent Horse Mods, you may have a smoother gameplay experience and leave your imprint on the world of Minecraft.

Minecraft Horse Mods You Need to Look at in 2022!

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