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The 10 Best Minecraft Mods For Windows 10

Looking for the best Minecraft mods for Windows 10? Check out our list of the top 10 mods that will make your Minecraft experience even better!

List of The Top 10 Best Minecraft Mods for Windows 10

Minecraft mods are additions to the base Minecraft game. They enable gamers to personalize their gaming experience and make adjustments to the game. Mods may vary from minor cosmetic changes like texture changes and block refinements to major game-altering changes like additional characters, crafting choices, and creatures.

Because Windows 10 is the most popular operating system among gamers, it stands to reason that a vast range of Minecraft mods have been made for this platform. There are several possibilities for customizing your game experience, ranging from texture packs to shaders.

The following list features ten of the greatest mods for Windows 10 that may assist you in creating a fantastic Minecraft environment personalized precisely to your preferences:

#10 Iron Chests

Iron Chests is a mod that enables players to improve their storage chests to contain more stuff, such as the diamond chest, which can store up to 54 stacks of items. This is particularly beneficial for those that like constructing massive constructions or need larger storage units outside of their main base. The chest is also available in a number of colors and metals to accommodate various builds and aims.

With this mod, players may customize their chests with iron, diamond, copper, and other metals according on their needs. Iron Chests also introduces various new sorts of blocks, such as glass walls, block dividers, and even platform slabs, making it much easier to customize your structures.

#9 Storage Drawers

Storage Drawers is an essential mod for Minecraft users that want to arrange their inventory. This mod adds storage drawers for storing objects and organizing them into various categories. It works with any sort of block, enabling you to create personalized storage solutions that are both attractive and functional.

The Storage Drawers mod also includes modifications such as complex sorting systems and craftsman drawers, which allow you to manufacture new blocks from old ones, such as converting cobblestone into stone bricks or logs into planks. Because of the variety of features, this is one of the finest mods for Windows 10, whether you’re playing alone or with buddies.

#8 Biomes O Plenty

Biomes O Plenty is one of the greatest mods available for Minecraft users wishing to spice up their landscapes. This patch includes over 75 additional biomes, as well as various sub-biomes such as mesas, savannas, and woods. Along with these biomes comes a slew of new blocks, objects, and creatures not seen in vanilla Minecraft.

Biomes O Plenty may also be used to create personalized horses with unique hues, markings, and tails. This mod is an essential must-have for anybody wishing to both visually and functionally extend their environment.

#7 Just Enough Items (JEI)

Just Enough Items (JEI) is a must-have mod for everyone who wants to get the most out of their Minecraft gaming experience. You may swiftly make stuff without having to search up recipes with this mod, and you can readily locate what you’re seeking for in the Inventory menu. JEI also has search capabilities and other useful utility features.

This mod is an excellent addition to any Minecraft game since it greatly simplifies the crafting process, allowing you to spend more time playing and less time searching out item recipes. JEI is accessible in single player and multiplayer modes, and it is compatible with the most recent version of Windows 10.


WAILA (What Am I Looking At) is a Minecraft mod that enables users to determine the name and attributes of blocks, creatures, and NPCs by pointing at them with the cursor. When looking at any block or creature in the game, the WAILA mod displays a thorough tooltip, enabling users to quickly and readily identify what they are looking at rather than having to look it up manually.

The WAILA mod also includes a variety of aesthetic enhancements such as:

  • Fishing advice
  • Biome overlays for ocean monuments
  • A depth meter to rapidly determine how far down you are in caves and tunnels.

Minecraft will be more entertaining than ever before with the WAILA mod installed on your Windows 10 device.

#5 GraveStone

GraveStone is an excellent mod for people who want to add realism to their Minecraft settings. This mod includes tombstones and gravestones, as well as realistic lettering, broken artifacts, and even funeral music. When a player dies in-game, grave markers emerge and may be gathered as stuff.

The tombs include gravestones that may be interacted with to discover more about the individual who died, as well as tasks and prizes. GraveStone not only adds a darker touch to the world of Minecraft, but it also allows users to keep track of an in-game character’s journey by saving their accomplishments in the grave markers.

#4 Waystones

Waystones is a Minecraft mod that adds a new sort of magical waypoint to the game. After crafting this waystone, a player may use it to teleport between places. Traveling and exploring in Minecraft has gotten lot simpler thanks to this patch.

Waystones may also be used as respawn places and to create specific goals in the game. The mod is also compatible with other mods, enabling players to use Waystones to create even more powerful buildings. It also supports a diverse set of biomes and blocks, such as Ores and Trees. Players may also alter the appearance of their waystone by changing its color or form to their desire.

#3 Ice and Fire: Dragons

The Ice and Fire: Dragons mod is a fantastic way to spice up Minecraft. It adds Ice and Fire Dragons, as well as countless dragon monsters, to the game. They may be found in a variety of biomes, including snow, woodland, and jungle.

Dragons, like one would assume in a fantasy environment, are aggressive and will attack players if provoked. They also have unique skills such as breathing fire or ice depending on their species. Taming them with dragon charms allows players to ride about on their own personal dragon mount.

This mod immerses players in the realm of dragons, offering an interesting element that brings the fantasy genre to life.

#2 The Aether

The Aether is one of the most well-known and often used Minecraft random loot mods. Almost every container in the game now has randomized treasure thanks to this mod. This contains chests, dungeons, trade, fishing, and mining, among other things.

By default, The Aether provides players with the opportunity to get uncommon things such as nether stars as well as bespoke items such as weapons or armor. The mod also increases the likelihood of finding strong things such as enchanted and rare weapons or armor. The Aether also includes a large globe generator that constantly generates new buildings and biomes to explore while looting.

While you install this mod, you may anticipate a considerably greater degree of diversity when playing with Minecraft’s huge content.

#1 Travelers Backpack

Travelers Backpack is an excellent mod for Windows 10 users that like exploring and collecting items with their horses. This mod introduces new horse-related things including saddlebags, backpacks, and even horse armor. It also grants your horses exceptional powers such as leaping higher and running faster.

With this mod, your ponies may accompany you wherever in the game and assist you in storing all the things you discover along the journey. The backpack inventory is customizable, allowing you to store just the goods that are essential to you. You may even create bespoke recipes for your horse’s special affects or bonuses when he wears particular items of equipment.

This mod is lightweight, making it an excellent alternative for people looking for something that will not interfere with their gaming experience.

Does Minecraft for Windows 10 have mods?

Yes, Minecraft for Windows 10 has mods, and there are several ways to improve the experience. Mods utilise in-game assets from the original game, such as characters and graphics, to create additional experiences ranging from minigames to adventure maps and more. Shaders, texture packs, skins, and entire overhauls are all popular mod types. Many of these mods are available on websites such as Curseforge and PlanetMinecraft.

Players may personalize their experience with anything from better horses to greater visuals and performance with the correct changes. OptiFine, Optifabric, RTX Texture packs, and Better Horses are a few of the most popular Minecraft mods.

  • HUD is a mod that adds horse breeds such Appaloosas and Clydesdales
  • Biomes O’ Plenty is a mod that adds several dozen additional biomes
  • Too Many Items is a mod that allows for infinite crafting.

Can you use Curseforge mods on Minecraft Windows 10?

Curseforge mods may be used on Minecraft Windows 10. The Curseforge website has a vast selection of downloadable mods. MeinPferd, a patch that enables users to ride horses about the globe, and Biomes O’ Plenty, which adds lots of new biomes to explore, are two of the most popular mods. Both of them have Minecraft Windows 10 versions that you can simply download and install from the website.

Curseforge also has a plethora of other mods available, such as Decocraft and Pam’s Harvestcraft, that provide more material for users to enjoy.

Where is the mods folder in Minecraft Windows 10?

The Minecraft Windows 10 Edition mods folder is in the same location as all other Minecraft files. Simply launch the game and click Help& Options to locate it “from the main menu. Then, choose Open Folder “from the submenu. This will take you to the Minecraft folder “which includes all of your saved worlds, settings, resource packs, and so on.

This folder contains the Mods folder, which may be accessed by choosing Mods “from the toolbar at the top of the screen. Inside, you’ll discover all of your installed mods, ready for usage or modification.


The ten greatest Minecraft mods for Windows 10 mentioned in this post give an amazing gaming experience by enhancing the game with a range of features. You may use these mods to customize your environment, change game mechanics, create new objects, and increase your options in the game. Each mod has its unique set of features and benefits, so you must determine which ones are most suited to your playing style.

Whether you want greater realism or a more creative experience, these Minecraft mods for Windows 10 are guaranteed to wow.

10 Best Minecraft Mods For Windows 10