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5+ best music transcription software [Free, Paid]

Music transcription is a really specialized career, and a career that can be extremely profitable. When you’re transcribing music, you’re not just transcribing words, you’re transcribing the song as a whole—the melody, the chords, and the lyrics. You can transcribe your favorite songs for free using a simple tool, but the best practice is to go to a website like and purchase a license so you can transcribe music for clients.

For a variety of reasons, you might want to transcribe a song. The process is a bit involved, but the benefits are huge. Here’s a quick rundown on how to transcribe music.

Shortening a song is a great way to improve your listening skills and to learn how to use different tools to get the result you want. Unfortunately, there are not many good tools that will help you shorten a song. In this article, I have reviewed 5+ best music transcription software [Free, Paid] to help you shorten a song.


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23rd of August, 2021

Originally published in November 2019

  • As with improvised solos, music transcription entails writing down the notes of a specific piece of music.
  • Professional software is required for these complicated procedures to be completed effectively.
  • You’ll discover a broad variety of applications to assist you in trancribing music here.
  • Check out their official website and go through the list of features.


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Automatic music transcription is a mathematical analysis of an audio recording (often in MP3 or WAV format) and its translation to musical notation (typically in MIDI format).

This is a really complicated procedure that AI does.

There are many applications that automatically transcribe music, and we selected five of the finest to highlight their key features and assist you in selecting one.


Transcribe! is a piece of software that allows users to transcribe recorded music. This is a tool for individuals who wish to learn a piece of music from a recording so they can play it or write it down.

This software is a customized player program that has been improved for transcription. It will not perform the transcription for the user.

Take a look at some of its finest features below:

  • Play-along practice is also possible.
  • Allows you to save and retrieve any number of named loops while changing the pitch and speed instantaneously.
  • You’ll be able to practice in any key, and you’ll be able to speed up and slow down your practice.
  • It’s possible to utilize it for speech transcription.
  • If you’re dealing with a video file, this application can also show it.
  • It is not compatible with MIDI files, however it is compatible with audio sample data files.

In the software’s help area, there is some advise regarding the play-along practice, which you should also read.

Even though a software can play and record audio files, it isn’t always an audio editor.



You may trust Transcribe if you want to make a music out of a recording.


Sibelius includes Ultimate AudioScore, which is a full-featured version of the program known as AudioScore Lite.

You may use this program to convert recorded audio, live mic performances, or MIDI files into written notation.

Take a look at some of the most interesting features featured in this program:

  • To offer more music information and accuracy, the audio identification engine has been entirely re-engineered.
  • Multiple overlapping notes may now be recognized more easily.
  • Ability to reduce the amount of interference produced by percussion and drum sounds.
  • Superior note separation and pitch recognition.
  • All instrumentation is automatically detected, and a score with staves identified for each section is created.
  • Transcribing a CD track or an MP3 file to a score is simple.
  • Convert up to 16 instruments or notes into numerous staves at the same time.

You may compose musical scores using AudioScore Ultimate by playing or singing on your computer with just a microphone.

You don’t need any prior musical experience to get the most out of this software.


AudioScore Ultimate

Analyzes sounds, either your own playing an instrument via a microphone or an audio file recording, and turns them into a masterpiece!


NCH TwelveKeys is a music software application that helps musicians transcribe music recordings. The gadget works with several instruments playing at the same time.

Here are a few of this fantastic tool’s most noteworthy features:

  • Play music recordings while keeping an eye on the notes in real time.
  • The use of a tone-enabled piano keyboard makes it easier to identify notes.
  • Music may be slowed down without altering the pitch.
  • Recording portions may be looped.
  • Monophonic and polyphonic recordings are graphed.
  • Configurable options for the most readable graphs
  • A built-in ripper allows you to extract audio straight from CDs.
  • Foot pedals are supported for hands-free control.
  • Operation is simple and quick.

This software is ideal for musicians who want to learn how to play a piece of recorded music without having access to the sheet music, as well as for musicians who want to keep track of other compositions and improvisations.

Obtain NCH TwelveKeys.


One of the finest programs for mechanically transcribing music is Akoff Music Composer. The complex technique of automated music transcription is used in this application.

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A musician must identify the velocity, pitch, and length of each note performed in order to generate a MIDI sequence for a tune that is recorded in audio format.

Those settings must be recorded as a series of MIDI events by the user.

Polyphonic music is typically transcribed by Akoff Music Composer using one instrument or voice.

Take a look at the major features of this software:

  • The ability to maintain a particular pace when recording or playing back
  • It examines auditory signals.
  • Capacity to discern the dynamics and frequencies of notes
  • It converts all data to MIDI events and generates a typical MIDI sequence.
  • Editing piano-roll notes is a feature.

Download Akoff Music Composer now.


This is a music notation program that is suitable for both novice and expert users. The software promises to be similar to Google Translate, but with a focus on music.

ScoreCloud can quickly convert your tunes to sheet music, and the process is painless.

Take a look at some of the most amazing features featured in this software:

  • Instantly generate a score from audio or MIDI files.
  • You may also arrange and modify your score.
  • Your work may be printed, exported, and shared.
  • Songs may be sunk via the internet.
  • It’s simple to use.
  • Sharing songs, managing lists, and collaborating on arrangements with your band, class, and choir are all possible.

When you update your score, the program may automatically save your music online so that your modifications are immediately synced across all of your devices.

Obtain ScoreCloud


This is software that generates sheet music from audio files such as WAV, MP3, and others.

To achieve a high degree of accuracy and precision, the software employs a neural network that has been trained on millions of data samples.

Check out AnthemScore’s key features:

  • Produces sheet music in the MusicXML format, which may be seen and edited in any standard music software program.
  • Viewing a frequency/time map, playing on a virtual keyboard, slowing the pace, and saving the sheet music in a different key are all options.
  • All of the instruments’ notes will be merged into a single section.
  • A music is processed quickly.
  • You may use the Staffs option to shift all notes to the treble or bass clef without changing their pitch.

The pitch adjustments choices will change the pitch of all notes by a certain number of octaves and semitones up or down.

Obtain AnthemScore

These are six of the finest applications for mechanically transcribing music.

We suggest that you visit each of their official websites to see the full list of features before choosing which is the best fit for your requirements.

Please feel free to offer any further ideas or questions in the comments area below.

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Transcription is key to the music industry, but it’s also time consuming and requires many hours for each project. There’s no shortage of music transcription software to choose from, although some of them are not free. Here are some of the best music transcription software for you.. Read more about automatic music transcription and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best software to transcribe music?

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How can I transcribe music for free?

You can use a program called Audacity to record yourself playing music and then export it as an MP3.

What is the best free music writing software?

There are many free music writing software available for download. Some of the most popular ones include Audacity, GarageBand, and Reaper.

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