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5 Devices for PC Gamers

If you are just beginning your journey to the heights of eSports and have recently assembled a gaming PC, it’s a good time to think about supplementing your powerful system with accessories and components that will help you play with pleasure. After all, that’s what gamers’ devices are for.

Here’s what additional accessories can help you see and hear more in games, communicate comfortably with friends and teammates, and simply raise your skill level at any game, from baccarat online to harder games, like Sims 4 or even Cyberpunk 2077. And there are some accessories you didn’t even know existed.

Gaming Monitors

Gaming monitors are different from the usual office monitors that you might have been used to before the idea of building a gaming PC. First, it concerns performance. The screen refresh rate of such models can reach both 144 Hz and 260 Hz, and the response time is measured in fractions of a millisecond. The higher the refresh rate and response time, the faster the monitor reacts to signals sent to it by the system. This means that your every movement and keystroke in the game will be reflected almost instantly on the screen.

Gaming Keyboards

Gaming keyboards are about as different from regular keyboards as gaming monitors are from regular monitors. But, especially when it comes to mechanical models, thanks to the use of different types of switches, you can find the perfect keyboard for the game genres you like. Some of them literally work with a light touch, and you don’t have to press the key all the way down. Others are silent.

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Plus, most gaming keyboards come with stylish RGB lighting and extra keys for playing macros or controlling multimedia. And some even come with replaceable keycaps for some of gaming’s most popular keys, WASD, which are made from a different color or texture. This is done so that you can always find the keys you want by feel.

Game Surfaces

Don’t underestimate the importance of simple accessories such as gaming surfaces or mouse pads. Many users who are used to ordinary mousepads may find them strange. But it provides excellent glide ability for different types of mice, and the backlighting gives a unique style to your gaming PC.

Besides standard-sized mats, you can also look at larger gaming surfaces on that you can put both your mouse and keyboard. This helps the keyboard not to slip and creates a huge space for free control in games with the mouse.

Gaming Headsets

If you like multiplayer games or just prefer to chat with friends while you play, it’s better to forget about phone headphones and think about buying a real gaming headset. They’re all designed to give you maximum comfort during even the longest gaming sessions. Large, soft ear cushions help achieve good sound isolation, and many modern models have a three-dimensional sound mode that tells the player from which side his opponents are running up to him.

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Specialized gaming headsets often have certification for popular gaming voice communication platforms such as Discord. This means that the quality of communication and microphone performance in them are at the highest level.

Gaming Chairs

A computer chair is as important a part of your gaming PC as a powerful graphics card or large hard drive. You may not have thought about it, but a gamer usually spends many hours a day near their computer. And those hours need to be spent with maximum comfort. Modern gaming chairs have everything you need to do this. They are equipped with adjustable soft armrests, “breathing” fabric, or eco-leather back and seat, and often come with special pillows for the neck and lower back.