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80+ of the Best Minecraft House Ideas & Blueprints for 2022

Looking for some inspiration for your next Minecraft build? Check out our roundup of the best Minecraft house ideas and blueprints for 2022. From cozy cottages to grand castles, there’s something here for everyone.

List of 80+ Minecraft House Ideas & Designs

Minecraft home designs come in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from little cottages to magnificent medieval castles. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re wanting to create a new house in the creative sandbox world of Minecraft.

Here are some of the greatest Minecraft house designs available, including contemporary residences, classic rural houses, medieval castles, and more. You may build your own ideal home by simply following the step-by-step directions in this collection of 80+ Minecraft house ideas. This article covers everything from simple constructions like a treehouse or shed to full-fledged mansions with many bedrooms and swimming pools. There are so many various ideas that you can bring to life with just a few clicks of your mouse, with lots of comprehensive plans accessible for free on the web and some wonderful tutorials available as well.

So, get inspired and start designing your ideal Minecraft house now?

#55 Survival Base with Farm

This Minecraft House design is ideal for dedicated gamers and those who wish to be near to nature. This is a terrific method to secure food and supplies no matter where you are in the Minecraft world, complete with an inside farm.

The Survival Base is divided into five major sections:

  • the main home, a storage space, a fishing cottage, the entranceway, and the farm itself.

The main home, which has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, offers refuge. There is also a simple locking mechanism built in to ensure the security of your storage space.

The fishing cottage has three enormous tanks inside it, allowing you to go fishing right in your own garden.

Finally, the farm part has a variety of crops planted in rows so that you may provide your own food supply. All of these portions are linked together via tunnels, making them simple to access when needed.

#54 Aesthetic Cottage House Blueprint

This popular Minecraft home is an excellent example of an aesthetically pleasing cottage design. It has flowerpots, miniature trees, and flowers, as well as a stone and wood combination design. This wonderful home is likewise situated on a vast grassy area surrounded by huge trees. The residence has a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. There is also a lovely outside eating space, which is ideal for hosting visitors.

This Minecraft house design incorporates both contemporary and cottage elements to create a welcoming abode for the user. It will look fantastic no matter what style of scenario you create.

#53 Starter House with Mine Entrance

This Minecraft beginner home is an excellent choice for individuals who are new to the game. This house’s entrance is on the side, with two cobblestone walls and one mine entrance. The inside is constructed with an open floor layout, with one main room for a bed and heater and several smaller alcoves for storage.

This is an excellent design for folks who are just starting out in Minecraft since it has lots of room to store goods, construct on top of, or utilize as a refuge from aggressive mobs. Furthermore, its tiny size makes it simple to change if you later decide you need additional room or want to create something altogether different.

#52 Survival Japanese House

The#52 Survival Japanese House Minecraft design is ideal for anybody wishing to construct a traditional Japanese-style house. This house has several windows and balconies, as well as an arched doorway with sliding doors. This house’s major draw is its peculiar Japanese architecture, which gives it a distinct appearance and feel.

This house likewise has two levels, allowing the user to create their home in whatever manner they choose. The#52 Survival Japanese House is outfitted with all of the requirements for Minecraft survival and is readily customizable. This home, in addition to its classic design, offers players with a solid framework from which to create their own distinctive vision of the game.

#51 Survival Farm House

The#51 Survival Farm House is a massive, multi-leveled building perfect for Minecraft players looking to create a farm in their world. This home style has two bedrooms, a kitchen, and lots of land for farming. The outside is finished with dark oak wood blocks and stone bricks, which contribute to the rustic atmosphere of this home style.

This structure also contains an adjacent barn with two animal cages and numerous chests full of crafting resources such as wheat, eggs, bread, leather, and other things. Its inside walls are covered with artwork of various rural settings. With its central position in the Minecraft universe and authentic agricultural atmosphere; this home type is ideal for anybody searching for a one-of-a-kind challenge and pleasure in the game.

#50 Equilibrium City 2.0

Equilibrium City 2.0 is a novel Minecraft housing design that provides a lot of food and other resources at your fingertips. This city’s centerpiece is an urban hydroponics tower, which is surrounded by various kinds of farms, an animal enclosure, a tiny airport, and more, all of which function in perfect harmony with the environment.

Equilibrium City 2.0 also has a variety of housing choices, ranging from standard homes to flats and even treehouses. The architecture and layout are designed for agricultural efficiency and sustainability, so you may create your city with confidence that it will be sustainable in the future.

Equilibrium City 2.0 is a fantastic Minecraft home design with lots of food and resources to enjoy – it’s really worth investigating.

#49 Large Fort Survival Base

The #49 Large Fort Survival Base is a Minecraft plan for a large, contemporary, and roomy fort-style home. Built from rough cobblestone stones, this rustic but magnificent design adds a unique twist to the traditional huge fort concept. This robust construction was designed with both defensive and cozy elements in mind, making it suitable for survival mode.

It has two secure entrances with iron doors and windows, as well as a large hall with two floors of balconies, bedrooms, a kitchen, and a handicraft area. The roofing is made of glass blocks and spruce wood planks, which allows you clear views of the sky, which is useful if you need to keep an eye out for any dangers or foes. The unique combination of aesthetic and practicality makes this home design one that every Minecraft player would appreciate.

#48 The Dragon Palace Idea

Minecraft’s #48 The Dragon Palace Idea is one of the greatest methods to demonstrate your originality while creating a home in the Minecraft universe. This concept includes a magnificent castle-like edifice with unique Chinese design components. The main construction is encircled by a vast moat filled with flowing lava, and access to the full-size palace is through bridges.

Inside, there are two enormous courtyards with two tall dragon sculptures guarding the entrance. It also contains various rooms that are lavishly furnished with flags, chairs, and rugs. It also has a secret subterranean section full of hidden treasures. To top it all off, the roof has four Chinese dragon tile patterns that look really magnificent. This is great if you want something unique in your Minecraft environment.

#47 Ultimate Survival House

The #47 Ultimate Survival House is an excellent method to make your Minecraft environment more fascinating. This home has a fortified tower, netherite walls and blocks, iron security doors, and a panic chamber to keep you safe in dangerous situations. It also has lots of storage capacity, ensuring that you have the resources to get through the challenging days ahead.

The inside has a large open living room where you can relax and enjoy the views of your domain. You will be able to effortlessly repel mob invasions and experience the thrill of adventure with this design.

#46 Japanese Underwater Castle

The Japanese Underwater Castle is a one-of-a-kind Minecraft home design and plan for 2022. This castle not only has an outstanding underwater design, but it also has the particular beauty of traditional Japanese construction. The smooth stone walls are ornamented with sculptures of dragons, waterfalls, and samurai warriors.

The castle’s interior has a two-story great hall with a raised dais at one end, as well as a central pond that connects the various portions of the structure. To offer a realistic atmosphere of traditional Japan, wood paneling and tatami mats may be added to provide an even more immersive experience. This, together with the effects produced by the surrounding water, creates a very compelling experience while exploring this underwater fortress.

#45 Ultimate Japanese Pagoda House Idea

The Japanese Pagoda House is a striking design that will quickly become the focal point of any Minecraft settlement. This traditional pagoda home has a spacious living area and a garden courtyard surrounded by smaller flowers, trees, or shrubs. It has two huge entrances and two intertwining pathways down the side. The roof is traditionally constructed in three levels, with intricate embellishments evocative of ancient eastern styles, and the inside has vast bedrooms and wide balconies.

This design has been meticulously designed to produce an exquisite structure that would stand out in any setting.

#44 Cyberpunk Noodle Shop

The Cyberpunk Noodle Shop Minecraft House Blueprints provide players with a fresh perspective on a traditional construction type. This property has an open eating room with a noodle store and tables and stools. A big neon sign in the middle of the room indicates the shop’s operating hours.

There are two distinct living quarters on each side of the dining space, each with its own bedroom and bathroom. The whole structure is contemporary and futuristic in appearance, with slick surfaces, robotic-looking appliances, and sophisticated electronics everywhere. The whole facility is also ringed by bright street lights, which adds to the cyberpunk vibe.

This noodle shop home is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for any Minecraft lover, with lots of room for hosting friends or just resting in private.

#43 Mediterranean Style House

The Mediterranean Style House#43 is a timeless design for any Minecraft world. It has various levels of terrace gardens, balconies, and outdoor lounging areas. The inside of the home is enormous, with lovely archways, hardwood and stone flooring, and cobblestone patterns on the walls. You can see all the way to the sea from the top level.

This Mediterranean-style home is ideal for hosting parties or resting with friends on a sunny day. This house’s plans are accessible online, so you may simply reproduce it in your own game and alter it to your liking.

#42 Lovely Fox House

#42 Lovely Fox House is a Minecraft Hardcore Questing Mode mod pack that takes players on a trip through a magical land. Custom quests, NPCs, buildings, and sceneries are included in this mod pack for players to explore and finish.

  • Custom resource packs, original music and soundtracks,
  • enhancements to the waybuilding construction system,
  • a large and unique item crafting system, and
  • much more are included in the mod pack.

Players may expect to be challenged throughout their trip as they battle to fulfill goals while battling the hazardous environment in which they find themselves. With over 80 distinct layouts to choose from, this mod pack provides a one-of-a-kind experience rich in creativity and adventure.

#41 Fantasy Minecraft House

#41 Fantasy Minecraft House is a stunning, huge, and ornate Minecraft mansion made to resemble a classic fantasy or Medieval castle. The structure is made up of an exterior building with four wings that expand outward, each with its own set of doors. A fortified wall surrounds the main structure and is accessible by two towers, one from the east and one from the west.

Inside, there are huge courtyards with lush green grass and flourishing flora. There are lots of windows on the interior walls of this castle to allow in natural light while still providing enough protection. Overall, this Fantasy Minecraft House is guaranteed to brighten any player’s environment.

#40 Gracium Modern Minecraft House

The Gracium Modern Minecraft House has a contemporary style with huge windows, white walls, and a noticeable roof. The black stone blocks on the façade contrast wonderfully with the light-colored gracium blocks on the inner walls. The door is likewise made of gracium blocks, which gives it a unique look.

Inside, you’ll find plenty of storage and living space, as well as an open floor plan that lets in plenty of natural light. This Minecraft home also includes large balconies on two stories for relaxing or entertaining visitors. This design has a lot of visual appeal while still being practical and functional, making it ideal for any Minecraft house.

#39 Giant Cat House

#39 Giant Cat House is one of many items you may place in your Minecraft home. Cats can be wonderful companions and pets, so adding a particular cat house to your home can make your feline buddy feel especially special.

This Giant Cat House template accommodates two cats on two stories, making it ideal for best friends or siblings. The design is visually appealing, with a combination of colors and textures that provide an unusual visual appearance while also contributing to a comfy environment for cats to cuddle in.

The massive tower has broad walls, making it simple for cats to climb to the top and stare out the windows at their favorite views. There’s also plenty of room within the home for your cats to explore, from tunnels and cubbies under the ground to towers above where they may rest their paws in luxury:

  • Tunnels and cubbies under the ground
  • Towers above where they may rest their paws in luxury

#38 Minecraft Beautiful Cathedral/Church

This 17th-century cathedral was created in a classic style, with numerous beautiful windows, doors, spires, and gothic architecture. The cathedral is divided into two wings, with four spires in the center. The structure has a massive center tower as well as one at each corner. Inside, there’s an ornate altar, stained glass, and various levels of seats.

A magnificent landscape surrounds the façade, replete with hedges, walkways, and water features. This is a wonderfully magnificent masterpiece to gaze at at any time of day or night. This minecraft church is guaranteed to surprise those who visit with its exquisite designs, traditional architecture, and beautiful gardens;.

#37 Lighthouse

The Lighthouse mod is an excellent way to brighten up your Minecraft environment and give a distinct nautical element to any dwelling. This mod adds lovely lighthouses with a variety of characteristics, ideal for the maritime explorer.

The lighthouses are available in a variety of sizes, from little to enormous, allowing you to create your own lighthouse design. They also provide a variety of illumination choices for the night sky, ranging from candles to blinding spotlights. This mod also includes an optional realistic storm animations function, which includes lightning flashes and thunder booms to make your lighthouse appear even more genuine.

The Lighthouse mod is guaranteed to light up your night, whether you’re seeking for a coastal home or simply want to add a bit of ambiance to your environment.

#36 Fairytale Cottagecore Tower

This Fairytale Cottagecore Tower combines old world beauty with contemporary sensibility. This Minecraft home plan makes advantage of a unique ancient atlas overlay minimap to give your game a genuinely gorgeous aesthetic.

It is a multi-level red brick structure with circular turrets and walls that is surrounded by lovely green gardens and trees. Stained glass accents the windows, bringing a sense of refinement and beauty. The roof is finished with a terrace for spectacular views, grilling, or holding outdoor activities for your guests.

With its one-of-a-kind map overlay, this Minecraft home is really unique and will undoubtedly provide a fantastic gameplay experience.

#35 Wild West General Store

The Wild West General Store is the ideal way to include a touch of history into your Minecraft construction. This mod features a recreation of a Wild West general shop, complete with apparel and furniture, to make a completely genuine Western-style structure.

A huge porch wraps around the building and provides a relaxing spot to rest and gaze out over the town. The inside has been adorned with saloon components such as signs, barrels, and chairs. The main level has all of the requirements for living in the west, such as food, firearms, and hats, providing players with a genuine taste of life in the old west.

A modest upstairs section with extra storage space and an office room for managing company things are also included in the modification. This mod’s modest yet pleasant design serves as an ideal background for a variety of other intriguing projects.

#34 Treehouse

A treehouse may be the perfect approach to bring some life to your Minecraft foundation if you’re searching for a fun and quick method to do it. Treehouses are likely one of the oldest constructions known to humanity, having existed for generations.

This 3D minimap mod lets you build your own personalized treehouse in Minecraft. You’ll begin by constructing the tree itself using bricks and platforms. Then you may build several floors of the house by using stairs, ladders, vines, and other blocks. You may also personalize the style of your treehouse with new windows, doors, balconies, and other ornamental items thanks to the 3D minimap mod.

With all of these extra features, you’ll be able to design a genuinely one-of-a-kind house that stands out from the crowd.

#33 Minecraft Cafe Shop

The #33 Minecraft Cafe Shop is an excellent starting point for prospective builders wishing to construct an appealing spot to gather with friends and enjoy a cup of coffee. This layout is created with comfort in mind, with subdued colors, a traditional cafe feel, and lots of seats. The large living room space has plenty of sitting choices, and the coffee bar enables guests to prepare their own coffee concoctions.

This plan has all the components for an attractive coffee business that everyone may enjoy, with its spruced up interior and friendly ambiance.

#32 Large Spruce Mansion

This Large Spruce Mansion is a one-of-a-kind and exquisite design that will turn attention. The floor plan is two levels tall, with a spacious foyer leading into the main area, which provides plenty of space for furniture and decorating. The second story of this property has a balcony that overlooks the first floor and two more rooms that provide much-needed seclusion.

The house’s façade is constructed out of spruce wood blocks and glass panes, giving it a striking contemporary appearance. Sandstone bricks, cobblestone, redstone dust, and obsidian may be utilized to make this one-of-a-kind Minecraft house. This Large Spruce Mansion, with its traditional but contemporary style, is ideal for gamers wishing to add a touch of luxury to their Minecraft world.

#31 Underground Farm Base

This lovely and inventive Minecraft house concept revolves on a massive subterranean base that houses a sprawling agriculture. It begins with a massive door made of obsidian blocks that serves as the space’s entryway. After then, the player may descend down multiple tiers of mud and stone steps until they arrive at an automated farm.

Storage chests, agricultural equipment and contraptions, a library, a portal chamber, an enchanting table, furnaces, smelting pits, and other items are also housed in the area. It’s the ideal environment for a new Minecrafter who wants to experiment with sophisticated farming tactics. The entire design is innovative and functional, serving both utilitarian and entertaining functions.

#30 Modern Mansion House

A Modern Mansion House is number 30 on the list of the Top 20 Awesome Minecraft Mining Mods. This contemporary mansion home is ideal for gamers looking to add a touch of elegance and grandeur to their Minecraft experience. This design has magnificent landscaping, opulent living spaces and bedrooms, a spa and pool area, kitchens, study places, outside patios, and more.

Players may also personalize the home with other forms and designs such as pyramid roofs, stone walls, and tree houses using this mod. The blueprint offers instructions for constructing each component of the mansion home to guarantee that players get the intended result. With this mod installed on Minecraft servers, players will be able to experience living in a contemporary mansion.

#29 Flowers Shop

The #29 Flowers Shop Minecraft Mining Mod is a fantastic addition to the game that allows users to construct beautiful gardens and flower beds. This patch gives players access to a vast variety of flora, ranging from lovely roses and carnations to delicate orchids and hibiscus. Organic products and soil types with varying textures and hues may also be added by players.

This patch enables you to create your own flower store in the game, which is ideal for aspiring florists. It also has a new scoreboard system that keeps track of how many plants are sold each day. As a consequence, gamers can now run their virtual flower company in-game more easily than ever before.

#28 Giant Suburban Mansion

The Giant Suburban Mansion is a magnificent Minecraft mansion, ideal for people seeking grandeur in the game. This magnificent home has a huge footprint and lots of opportunity for upgrades and changes. With a stone front, the inside may be anything from a corridor lined with beds to a lavish kitchen. The possibilities are almost as limitless as your imagination.

Inside, there are five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a library with two levels of balconies, and a massive main hall with numerous above balconies and plenty of space for decorations or furnishings. Its ground level is great for constructing a big basement in which to conceal all those hidden projects you’ve been working on or fill it with unique treasures you’ve acquired along the way – whatever your heart wants.

#27 Japanese Tea Shop

With Minecraft’s expanding popularity, it’s no surprise that there are many inventive and helpful modifications available to help modify your playing experience. Here is a collection of some of the top Minecraft home designs and plans for 2022. From traditional Japanese tea shops to underwater castles, there are lots of ways to liven up your base this year.

You may build large communities focusing on natural aspects such as rivers, valleys, and seas in addition to typical buildings and mansions. You may modify the regular appearance and feel of the game with objects such as custom fences, automated doors, hidden chambers, and much more using the power of mods installed on Mac OS X PCs. Whether you want something basic or extravagant, these 80+ Minecraft home ideas and plans have you covered for 2022.

#26 Medieval Small Spruce House

One of the greatest Minecraft mods for Mac that everyone can use is this charming and tiny medieval pine home. This mod is designed to seem like a classic European home and includes many of the aesthetic aspects that you would expect to find in such a home. The mod’s outside and interior design both include exquisite elements like lampposts, cobblestone walks, and even a fountain.

Furthermore, the inside wall texturing and light fixtures are both quite realistic. When playing in survival mode, the mod also offers a roof-top balcony for viewing the great night sky. This Medieval Small Spruce House mod will undoubtedly elevate your creations to new heights.

#25 Dark Academia Minecraft Starter House

This Dark Academia-inspired Minecraft home is ideal for those who want to add some academic flair to their game. It has two stories with a library, fireplace, and Study Corner on the main floor, as well as a kitchen and dining room. The external design is understated yet attractive. The sloped roof provides an intriguing element, and the use of sandstone bricks gives the building a lovely texture.

Inside, there are beautiful elements such as bookshelves around the fireplace and a cauldron in the Study Corner. This lovely Minecraft house has enough of space for all of your crafting requirements without taking up too much server space. This Dark Academia-style starting residence is guaranteed to wow, whether you’re prepping for exams or simply want to show off your scholarly acumen.

#24 Bee Dome House

The Bee Dome House is one of the greatest Minecraft Mods for Windows 10 and is ideal for anybody who like bees. This hack for Windows 10 enables users to build a bee dome home full with bee-related objects such as bee hives, bee wax, honeycomb, and even pollen.

The mod also allows you to regulate the quantity of bees in your hive and make a variety of various kinds of honey. This mod also gives players with a number of recipes, such as those for making royal jelly, beeswax candles, mead, and other bee-related things. The nicest part about this patch is that it allows you to care for your bees while still having fun.

#23 Cross Underground Base

This unusual Minecraft home concept is ideal for those who want to create a foundation that combines numerous design components into one. This subterranean base is divided into four sections: the bridge in the middle, the entry minecart area, and two side platforms with routes linking them.

The Cross Underground Base has a very distinctive design, with an open space at its heart connecting two major entrances on opposite ends of the facility. This middle section acts as a bridge and meeting area, with two walkways leading to separate portions of the foundation. A single modest cottage aboveground gives additional storage space. There are lots of rooms inside for the gamer to furnish and decorate as they see fit. To top it all off, a minecart track goes from outside to inside, so you’ll never be trapped out in the woods during night-time mobs.

#22 Nintendo Switch House

The #22 Nintendo Switch Home is a Minecraft house mod that allows users to reproduce the appearance of Nintendo’s popular gaming console. This mod includes a charming 8-bit home design inspired by the famous NES gamepad, which players may decorate and personalize with special accessories, furniture, and other items. It also has a virtual console where players can access their favorite vintage games as well as special editions with unique homescreen designs.

The mod also includes a new music track that adds to the project’s retro atmosphere. This hack allows Nintendo lovers to incorporate their favorite system into their favorite game.

#21 Modern McDonalds House

The contemporary McDonalds home is a one-of-a-kind two-story structure inspired by the well-known fast food chain. A crimson façade with the characteristic golden arches at the top and an open first floor layout are part of the design.

The downstairs living area has an open kitchen, living room, and dining area, all of which have a contemporary clean appearance. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an extra room on the second floor with access to a balcony facing a pool or garden.

This house also has mcMMO Pferde-Mod, which adds interactive components like air cannons, horse jumps, and other games that can be implemented into rides around the house. It also features changeable furnishings to create an interior design tailored to the demands of each household.

#20 Minecraft Fantasy Mansion

Once you’ve mastered building with basic blocks, it’s time to take your abilities to the next level by creating a dream home. This Minecraft Fantasy Mansion has over 80 ideas and plans for 2022, providing you with everything you need to enhance your game experience and make it more detailed, rewarding, and fun.

You can convert any random plot of land into a gorgeous castle, an awe-inspiring dwelling, or simply a modest rural hamlet with the aid of this house construction guide. Whatever sort of fantasy home you wish to create in-game, this guide will provide you with all of the required tools and expertise.

Your players may dig for rare materials and power up their horses for speedier expeditions over large distances with the mcMMO Pferde Mod loaded on your server. Players may use the mcMMO Pferde Mod to breed their horses with certain qualities and skills, making them even more ideal for their chosen builds.

Our tutorial will teach you ways that will elevate your Minecraft Fantasy Mansion from good to great.

#19 Medieval Tavern/Inn

A Medieval Tavern/Inn is a popular Minecraft home building option. This structure is designed in the style of a historic tavern, complete with an attached stable and saddlery for horses. This construction is ideal for horse enthusiasts who want to breed, train, and care for horses.

The tavern’s main structure contains:

  • Two stories
  • Four bedrooms
  • Two kitchens
  • Three communal spaces
  • An outdoor patio area

The stable features four stalls, each of which can hold one horse, as well as space for a saddlery, which will store all of the equipment needed to maintain your horses in peak shape.

This construct will appeal to anybody seeking an immersive role-playing experience in their own Minecraft environment.

#18 Minecraft Modern Church

The Minecraft Modern Church has an unmistakably lovely design. This church is made of light gray masonry and has two huge stained glass windows that lead to a well-lit and spacious interior. The steeple is constructed of dark gray masonry and is topped with a crimson cauldron.

The Modern Church’s interior has seats, an altar, and a modest wooden crucifix in the rear of the room. This is not just a place of worship, but it is also ideal for events such as weddings or simply admiring the beauty of its design. It might also be converted into a contemporary house or office space with a few simple changes.

#17 Boat House

This Boat House is an excellent way to add a whimsical touch to your Minecraft scene. Boats, which are generally utilized for transportation, are used to build the foundation and walls of this home. Inside, there are beautiful seats and tables, as well as chests with random goodies. Furthermore, the roof features several windows, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful view while securely ensconced inside your new house. The front porch is also great for some outside leisure from time to time, and it has plenty of room to be decorated way you choose.

If you’re seeking for a unique and cute Minecraft home, this Boat House could be ideal for your world.

#16 Minecraft Aesthetic Fantasy Cottage

Look at this lovely Minecraft Aesthetic Fantasy Cottage. This magnificent home combines contemporary and medieval design elements to give you the best of both worlds. Despite its tiny size, the house has intricate textures, such as stained-glass windows and wood carving patterns. It also features lots of outdoor seats for unwinding after a day of exploring. It also includes its own Minecraft Random Drop Mod, which adds excitement and unpredictability to your gaming.

This is one of the most innovative and distinctive designs available, including 80+ Minecraft House Ideas& Blueprints for 2022.

#15 Underwater Mountain House

The Underwater Mountain House in Minecraft is a novel spin on the traditional mountain house concept. The construction includes an underwater mountain with a variety of mushroom varieties, pets, and mobs. In addition to the mountain residence, the house has a large balcony and smaller underwater cave spaces.

This Minecraft build is ideal for players searching for a unique perspective on aquatic buildings, as well as for experienced players looking for some fun and intriguing exploring. When finished, this underwater home will also employ diverse blocks to create an aesthetically beautiful exterior and inside. Furthermore, users may personalize the building by adding their own lighting patterns or by adding additional animals or stuff to make this home their own.

#14 Minecraft Modern Pink House

#14 Minecraft Contemporary Pink Home is a one-of-a-kind Minecraft house concept ideal for folks who like pink and modern style. This home has a striking design, with a big entrance roof and two symmetric construction blocks. The primary living area is on the second story, and there are two big balconies for sunbathing. The third floor has a large patio with a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

This Minecraft mansion also has a large swimming pool on the bottom level and pink stained glass windows around the walls. It’s the ideal area to create your Minecraft house.

#13 Minecraft Fantasy Castle

A Fantasy Castle is the 13th Minecraft home concept on the list. This kind of home is ideal for anybody wishing to construct a stunning, grandiose structure that seems to have been transferred from an old planet. Using various kinds and colors of blocks, as well as a little ingenuity and imagination, one may build a gorgeous castle that will be the envy of all their neighbors.

Battlements or flags may be added to the walls and towers, and gates constructed of iron or gold blocks add to the royal ambiance. The inside should be richly adorned with bookshelves, furniture, paintings, and other regal amenities.

#12 Modern Apartment Building

The #12 Modern Apartment Building is a one-of-a-kind and elegant design ideal for bigger Minecraft communities. It consists of three different buildings linked by a central stairway. The main structure is two storeys tall, with seven flats on either side of the stairs. This design also has a balcony on the second story and a rooftop garden, making it ideal for entertaining guests or adding storage space. This structure is simple to alter and may be placed in any contemporary town or metropolis. This apartment complex is likely to wow with its clean, contemporary style and spacious living space.

#11 Advanced Survival Base

The#11 Advanced Survival Base is a one-of-a-kind Minecraft home concept that provides lots of security as well as all the conveniences needed to live in the wilderness. With its numerous chests, crafting tables, and furnaces, and a stunning dual-level structure, this base offers a secure area to keep stuff.

It also includes a slew of equipment including an outstanding mob grinder, a productive farmable tree farm, and even a minecart station. For your convenience, everything from magical tables to beds is available here. This house may easily serve as a home for both rookie and expert miners aiming for the ultimate survival experience, since it has adequate capacity for numerous humans or beasts.

#10 Among Us House

One of the most popular Minecraft home designs for 2022 is #10 Among Us House. It is inspired by the game Among Us, and it is ideal for any lovers of the game. This home has two stories and enough materials to imitate the colorful figure from Among Us.

The roof is composed of bespoke glass blocks, which gives a one-of-a-kind touch to this design. Inside, you’ll discover a variety of furniture and decorative objects, like a couch, lamps, rugs, and bookshelves, that you may use to personalize your own Among Us-themed house. Along with improving your Minecraft gaming experience, this home may also serve as a visually nice background while capturing screenshots or filming videos.

The #10 Among Us House template includes a thorough layout that may be readily replicated with blocks of any material type.

#9 Fantasy Wizard House

The fantastical wizard home is the eighth house concept on the list. This housing concept necessitates a quirky design with a magical twist. It has a distinct facade with pointed roofs, turrets, and wood shingles that approximate the classic appearance of a typical wizard’s mansion.

Inside, there are many floors with nice living areas and enough of storage for potions and magic books. The inside also has lots of windows for you to observe the wonderful auto-planting forest that surrounds your house. There’s even a hidden escape tube that takes you to your outside garden refuge, where lush flora awaits and a wonderful view of the surrounding environment awaits.

This Fantasy Wizard House, with its inventive aspects, can assist in making all of your wildest fantasies come true.

#8 Small Fortified House

For the most picky Minecraft players, this design provides a highly safe and modest yet fortified dwelling. The construction is divided into two floors, each with two chambers and chests for storage. There is also a crafting table, furnace, and bed. The home is encircled by a strong fortification wall ornamented with torches and sits atop an elevated masonry foundation with a view of the surrounding region.

Cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, and cobblestone steps are used on the outside, while birch boards are used on the walls and flooring on the inside. Mossy stone bricks and cobblestone slabs cover the roof. This is a wonderful choice for a safe house that can be constructed fast and enjoyed.

#7 Minecraft Mushroom House

The №7 Minecraft Mushroom House, which is part of the №8 Lumberjack Mod, is a stylish dwelling. This structure, which reaches incredible heights and has an eye-catching yellow mushroom design, is a must-have for every game player who wants to make their Minecraft world appear fashionable. The mod provides full plans and blueprints that enable users to simply build the Mushroom House as shown in the game.

This house is ideal for gamers who wish to unleash their inner lumberjack spirit in their constructions, thanks to its high walls and wood decorations. Furthermore, the blueprints are simple enough for even inexperienced builders to follow, making this house accessible to anybody with the time and means to create it.

#6 Deluxe Minecraft Wooden Cabin

The Deluxe Minecraft Wooden Cabinì is a visually appealing and adaptable design for any budding Minecraft builder. This cabin updates traditional timber cabin characteristics with a blend of aesthetic appeal, high-quality crafting materials, and functionality.

The two-story layout provides plenty of room for sleeping quarters, storage spaces, and entertainment lounges, while the unusual wood paneling adds individuality to the home. The Deluxe Minecraft Wooden Cabin is extremely charming, with huge windows that allow in lots of natural light and a spacious outside porch ideal for summer parties or late-night conversations. This cabin will not only wow guests, but also your other Minecraft builders.

#5 Medieval Mine with Mine Entrance

The Medieval Mine with Mine Entrance is ideal for Minecraft gamers wishing to construct a one-of-a-kind structure. This Minecraft home design is simple to build and has enough space for numerous people. The basis of the construction is to utilize a mine entrance as the main structure’s entrance. The whole structure has a very medieval” vibe to it, and it looks fantastic when put in a proper context, such as a mountainous backdrop.

The inside may be customized in any way you like, giving you lots of possibilities for style and customization. If you’re searching for a really unique Minecraft home design, the Medieval Mine with Mine Entrance is ideal.

#4 Modern House/Villa

This Astikor Minecraft Contemporary House/Villa mod provides 80+ amazing, unique homes and villas that you may use to give your Minecraft world a modern vibe. Each home has been meticulously built with its own distinct characteristics, allowing you to personalize the appearance and feel of your world. The styles span from classic to contemporary, giving you a variety of options based on your unique tastes.

This mod also includes a large library of blueprints for each each home or villa, enabling you to create complex buildings without having to hand manufacture bricks or search the internet for plans. These plans are simple to use and provide extensive instructions for each stage of the construction process. With this mod, you will be able to build stunning residences in a matter of minutes.

#3 Huge Stone Castle

One of the top Minecraft House Ideas & Blueprints for 2022 is the #3 Huge Stone Castle. It largely depends on the usage of Tree Chop Mod, a game that allows you to chop down and gather wood from trees in order to construct constructions and things. This castle is notable for its formidable appearance, since it entirely covers a wide amount of ground. The massive walls and towers make the castle seem to be from the Middle Ages, but the big windows that emerge along the front provide an intriguing contrast with the stone construction.

The inside is also spectacular, with large areas including:

  • bedrooms
  • living rooms
  • baths
  • libraries
  • dining rooms

This is a one-of-a-kind Minecraft home that demonstrates what is possible when utilizing the Tree Chop Mod to create greater designs.

#2 Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion Minecraft home is ideal for those that want to make their buildings more eerie and atmospheric. This themed home is made entirely of Minecraft blocks and does not need any tree punching.

The eerie atmosphere of this structure begins with the entryway, which has a scary stone archway covered with flames and cobwebs. There are scary decorations such as pumpkins, zombie skulls, spiders, and an unsettling fountain within. For extra excitement, the inside has several secret corridors, hidden chambers, and twisting stairs.

An intimidating tower looms in the center of the vast home construction, raising it to terrifying new heights. This Minecraft mansion is guaranteed to bring hours of pleasure for all game players, with its gloomy ambiance that appears like it might be right out of a horror movie scenario.

#1 Simple Dirt House Build

A Simple Dirt Home construction is one of the most basic and straightforward Minecraft subterranean house designs. This construction takes little materials, since you simply need dirt blocks, torches, and a pickaxe. While it may seem like a simple concept, this kind of subterranean dwelling may yield significant space savings.

A Simple Dirt House is best suited for gamers that like exploring underground or just require storage space or protection from the weather. This kind of house is great if you wish to blend in with the surroundings rather than stick out. You may design your subterranean abode to reflect your unique taste with the variety of block colors available in Minecraft.


With over 200 million monthly players as of 2021, Minecraft is one of the most popular video games. It gives players the ability to construct, explore, and create in a virtual environment. It has also inspired a plethora of spectacular residential constructions.

We have listed 80%+ of the top Minecraft home ideas and plans for 2022 in this guide. We’ve examined a wide range of housing types, from modest cabins to multi-story residences with contemporary facilities like swimming pools and movie theaters.

We hope this article has given you some useful ideas for your next Minecraft project. In this virtual world of blocks and creativity, you may build anything from primitive rural cottages to sophisticated palaces. Have fun constructing.

80+ Best Minecraft House Ideas & Blueprints [2022 Update]