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Corepunk’s latest progress report video admits that beta testing will not happen this year

This year, Corepunk has taken on a new approach to developing games. With less time and resources than last years they have decided to create a smaller game with the same caliber of quality as their previous work.

The “corepunk release date 2021” is the latest progress report video from Corepunk. In the video, they admit that beta testing will not happen this year.


With Corepunk, the multiplayer ARPG from Artificial Core, we’re not quite at “Whatever Happened To” levels of silence, but we’ve had a lull in communication from the devs beyond a 15-minute chunk of PvE gameplay footage and word that the game’s closed beta has been pushed back from August to December. “We’re behind our timetable,” one of the game’s developers says right off the bat in the game’s newest video news digest.

The video begins by stating that the current alpha version requires further polishing before becoming a beta build, implying that beta testing will not take place this year. Nonetheless, the video states that all of Corepunk’s basic gameplay components are operational. Instead, December will be devoted to infrastructure testing, which will keep the beta running smoothly afterwards, with friends and family tests, bot tests, and external QA teams assisting in the network shakedown.

“We understand that you’re sad that you’ll have to wait a few more months, and we understand that, but we believe it’s the best way to go for the quality of the game, our community, and our team.” Artificial Core isn’t a studio with a lot of money. […] Every month of delay is difficult for us, both in terms of morale and business. But we are confident in what we do, as well as our mission and vision.”

Followers of the game may expect a report on how network testing went shortly, as well as news on polishing and beta dates somewhere in the middle to late spring. For the time being, you may watch the progress report video embedded below. Or, in the event of the delay, some dissatisfaction with the watching experience.


Watch This Video-

corepunk news” is a website that posts the latest updates from Corepunk. This week, they posted their progress report video which admitted that beta testing will not happen this year.

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