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Top 20 Cute Small Minecraft House Ideas to Inspire Your Builds

Looking for some inspiration for your next Minecraft build? Check out our top 20 picks for the cutest small houses you can create in the game!

#20 Farmhouse for Survivalists

By merging features of a farmhouse with a survivalist’s approach, #20 Farmhouse for Survivalists brings together the finest of what modest Minecraft homes have to offer. It’s an excellent home for playing Minecraft in survival mode, but it may also be utilized for more casual gaming.

The house’s overall size is very tiny, making it ideal for gamers who don’t have a lot of area to work with. It also has all of the necessary amenities, such as:

  • A chest room
  • An underground bunker
  • Lots of storage and sleeping space

With its two-story form, the design also considers practicality and economy by utilizing available space. It also has an entrance on two floors, allowing you to swiftly and easily reach any portion of the property.

#19 Riverfront House

The #19 Riverfront House is ideal for individuals who desire something more secluded and away from the din and bustle. This little but pleasant Minecraft home looks to be carved into the bank of a river, with a slanted roof stretching down to meet the rushing waters. The light brown stone blocks fit the riverfront landscape while still providing a beautiful presence on their own.

This structure has three windows, two doors, and no balcony. However, it is rather roomy on the interior, with four rooms in all, one of which is devoted to storage. One bed, two chairs, and an oven are provided for preparing your meals. This little yet cozy cottage has lots of storage space for everything you need to keep:

  • Three windows
  • Two doors
  • No balcony
  • Four rooms
  • One bed
  • Two chairs
  • One oven

#18 Sturdy Stone House

The #18 Sturdy Stone Home is a fantastic Minecraft house design from which we may all learn. This structure is simple to make and needs no additional materials other than stones and a few logs or boards.

The two-story home has a conventional appearance. The entry is an arched gateway with stairs going up to it, and the windows are enclosed with two stone blocks, giving an intriguing appearance. The roof is composed of logs or planks to provide both beauty and weather protection.

You may add furniture items such as chairs, beds, and tables for your character to add extra realism within the structure. This Minecraft home design fulfills its goal effectively by offering basic shelter for your character without being too elaborate or, in the case of zombies, too modest.

#17 Cute House with Cherry Blossom

This eye-catching Minecraft home is ideal for anybody who appreciates nature’s beauty. A home built of cobblestone stones and tinted clay sits beside a magnificent cherry blossom tree. The cobblestone walls surround an outside patio ideal for spending summer days, while the cherry blossoms provide a level of beauty not seen in other constructions.

This release also has auto-planting forest technologies for a more realistic appearance and feel. The trees are planted mechanically by dispensers and linked to a redstone circuit to accelerate their growth, ultimately forming a beautiful forest surrounding the adorable home.

This property’s blend of natural beauty and home comfort makes it a great option for anybody who enjoys both nature and spending time inside.

#16 Soft Pastel Pink House

This Soft Pastel Pink House is an excellent first Minecraft house construction. It is a tiny two-story home with a gentle pink facade. The house features two windows and a single wooden door, enabling lots of natural light to enter. There is also an outside space at the rear of the home where you can put up some outdoor chairs and soak up some sun. The roof is built of tiny strips of wood, giving the home a cute appearance.

On the second level, you’ll discover a modest living area with two sofas, as well as a kitchen and bathroom. This adorable Pink House will undoubtedly become one of your favorite constructions.

#15 Cute Red Barn

The #15 Cute Red Barn Mod is ideal for those looking to add a rustic touch to their Minecraft home. This patch adds a charming red barn made of wood and stone blocks to the game. The barn has two storeys, with the bottom floor containing hay bales and the top floor containing feed bins and chicken coops.

In the rear of the barn, there’s even a little dining area with tables and chairs where you may have supper while watching the sunset. It’s a terrific option if you want to construct your own unique home design and want something a little different from regular build ideas.

#14 Hobbit House

Hobbit House is the most popular pick among the Top 20 Cute Small Minecraft House Ideas to Inspire Your Builds in the Pferdestatistiken Mod.

This sort of house, as the name implies, is inspired by the hobbits from J.R.R Tolkien’s renowned book, The Lord Of The Rings, and has a warm, earthy design that’s ideal for gamers searching for an appealing abode in their Minecraft world.

Building a Hobbit House requires a fundamental grasp of architectural concepts, since it entails erecting supporting walls as well as rounding arches and curving ceilings. Furthermore, players may need to employ a variety of constructions, such as wood logs and cobblestones, to finish their Medieval-style Hamlet.

While creating a Hobbit House will take time, it will be well worth your efforts.

#13 Fantasy House

#13 Fantasy House is a Zwei Spieler ein Pferd Mod (English: “Two Players One Horse Mod”). This mod allows two players to ride the same horse in the Minecraft universe. It works by attaching a saddle to the horse, after which both players take control of either side and ride together.

The mod also includes various decorations and items to enhance the immersion of your Minecraft environment. With this mod installed, you may, for example, add:

  • Ladders
  • Cauldrons
  • Furnaces
  • Flags
  • And other decorations

This enables you to completely personalize your creations and create one-of-a-kind structures that will stand out in the gaming environment.

#12 Small House in The Forest

This Minecraft home design is constructing a modest cottage in the midst of a beautiful, deep forest. To build the walls of the house, use blocks such as wood planks, logs, and cobblestones. Include windows for natural light and several entrances for convenient access from the outside. Decorate with colorful beech leaves, mushrooms, and vines to provide a magical touch.

Include a fireplace so your character may remain warm by the fire throughout long evenings. Finally, build a furnished bedroom and kitchen inside the home so you may replenish as needed or have some alone time away from the clamor and bustle of city life.

#11 Cute Mountain House

This lovely mountain home design is a terrific Minecraft construct for daring gamers. This structure, with its modest form and surrounding trees, takes use of the natural terrain to create an exquisite residence. It has an elevated platform with four enormous trees around it that provide shade and make it seem to be a part of the mountain itself.

A little mountain cottage with two windows and an easily accessible wooden entrance sits on top of the platform, ideal for exploring or living in. The inside may be modified to suit the owner’s tastes, with furnishings added to make it seem more like a home.

This concept, which is one of the Top 20 Cute Small Minecraft House Ideas to Inspire Your Builds, is ideal for anybody seeking for something unique but comforting to make their own.

#10 Cute Cottagecore House

This modest cottagecore home in Minecraft is ideal for a pleasant, rustic atmosphere. It has a two-story structure with a thatched roof, window flower boxes, and a wooden entry door. The house’s façade is composed of wood blocks and cobblestone, and the inside may be furnished with comfy furniture and goods to create a warm rural environment.

With its adorable design and impeccable details, this cottagecore home will contribute to the lovely and attractive appearance of your Minecraft town.

#9 Small Greenhouse

A little Minecraft home is a terrific way to begin your journey and become creative in the game. As you explore various biomes and environments, attempt to use some of these concepts to build an attractive edifice. The No Tree Punching# Mod Small Greenhouse is one of the most popular solutions for small residences.

This design emphasizes conservation by using existing materials for building rather than cutting down trees. The little Gothic Castle style is ideal for a lovely entranceway or patio roof that doesn’t block your view. A tiny inside area with lots of natural light and ventilation, two wooden pillars framing the entry, a staircase to the rooftop, and diverse plants hanging from the ceiling are all part of the design. This patch provides one of the greatest balances of sustainability and beauty, making it a top pick for your Minecraft buildings. For more Gothic Castle ideas, check out this article.

#8 Fairytale Cottage House

This Minecraft subterranean home is modeled like a fairytale cottage. It has two levels and is embellished with little elements such as an oven, windows, a door, and even a chimney on the second story. The home is constructed into the mountain’s slope, which has been hollowed down to create an open-air interior. The walls are composed of cobblestone and seem to have been chiseled directly out of the rock.

Inside, you’ll discover a variety of warm furnishings and décor, including hay bales and ladders that lead to the second story. So, if you’re seeking for something genuinely unique and distinctive to inspire your next Minecraft construction, this style of subterranean home could be precisely what you’re looking for.

#7 Hobbit Hole

The Hobbit Hole is the fifth Minecraft home concept on our top 20 list. This kind of dwelling may be seen in J.R.R. Tolkien’s work The Hobbit and its film adaption series The Lord of the Rings.

A Hobbit Hole is a tiny, circular dwelling carved into the side of a hill or mountain, made of natural materials such as wood and stone. The façade has curving walls and a grassy roof, while the inside may be furnished with furnishings made of blocks such as sandstone, cobblestone, logs, and planks. Potted plants and trees will bring a touch of nature within, creating the comfortable and friendly atmosphere that hobbits are renowned for. To finish the effect, place some red mushrooms around the windows to represent wisps of smoke pouring out of a chimney.

#6 Wood and Stone House

The sixth little Minecraft home design is made of wood and stone. This sort of residence is ideal for gamers who wish to blend in with their surroundings while yet feeling comfortable and secure.

It begins with a boxy cobblestone base that is encircled by wood planks that create the walls, floor, and ceiling. The roof may be constructed from logs or slabs, with grass blocks added for an earthy effect. Add some windows to bring in natural light, and don’t forget to include some furniture such as seats and tables for a nice living environment.

#5 Desert Village House

The JEI Villagers Minecraft Hamlet mod adds a desert village to the game, complete with miniature desert-style dwellings. These charming homes come in a variety of sizes and have several windows, sculptures, and even sandstone structures. Furthermore, these small houses may be altered to meet your own requirements, providing you more possibilities for creating your own little slice of paradise in the Minecraft world.

This design would be ideal for any desert biome or imaginative environment. The open windows also give it an airy vibe while keeping troublesome mobs out. Overall, Desert Village Home is one of the most adorable Minecraft tiny house designs to inspire your creations.

#4 Mangrove Starter House

€234 Mangrove Starter House is an excellent choice for first-time Minecraft builders. The walls of this modest yet lovely structure are made from a few blocks of leaves and wood. The roof, floors, and windows may then be built using a variety of bricks like as planks, sandstone, cobblestone, and glass blocks.

Once you’ve completed the basic building, be creative and add extras like stairs, furnishings, or even crops in the garden. Players may utilize Mangrove wood to create tables and chairs with trading villagers in Minecraft’s jungle area for extra authenticity. This trading table will assist you in acquiring commodities such as eggs, which are required for higher-level crafting recipes.

#3 Cute Starter Brick House


You may further personalize this design by adding other colored blocks, decorations, windows and doors, and so forth. It exemplifies how inventive you can be when working under limited constraints.

#1 Cozy Igloo

The #1 Cozy Igloo little Minecraft home is a highly adorable and adaptable house concept that is ideal for any form of survival activity. The igloo is composed of snow blocks and has a bed, crafting table, chest, furnace, and lots of room to decorate with your favorite goods or add other features such as an enchantment table or brewing stand. If you like, you may change the design to incorporate an ice roof.

This useful small home will keep you safe from harmful creatures at night while also adding a distinct style to your Minecraft environment. The Cozy Igloo is an ideal alternative for anybody wishing to create a modest yet attractive Minecraft house due to its compact size and cozy vibe.

Top 20 Cute Small Minecraft House Ideas