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Essential Things to Know About Josh Allen, the Buffalo Bills QB

When it comes to the NFL’s American Football Conference, there’s one name that has been dominating the conversation: Josh Allen. The quarterback for the Buffalo Bills has transformed a team that was bottom feeders in their conference not too long ago into legitimate contenders.

With an improved offensive line and many weapons around him, he’s got the tools to notch up wins – but how did we get here? It all started with his crafty management out on the field, a strong drive, and passion for leading his team forward.

Josh Allen Is A NFL Quarterback

The first thing to know about Josh Allen is that he’s a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills and joined the NFL in 2018. After playing one season at Reedley College, he moved on to the University of Wyoming. In his first year at Wyoming, Allen played in two games before breaking his collarbone – but he came back strong in 2016 and threw for more than 5,000 yards during his two full seasons there. He was drafted by the Bills as their starting quarterback of choice in 2018, succeeding Tyrod Taylor and Nathan Peterman.

His Pregame Playlist Is Not What You’d Expect

Josh Allen has a strange pregame ritual that sets him apart from many of his peers in the NFL. Before each game, he listens to a carefully curated selection of music that helps him relax and focus before the big game. His playlist includes classics from Sammy Davis Jr., Paul Anka (“Put Your Head on My Shoulder”), Billy Joel (“The Stranger”), Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra.

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The last song he listens to is “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra—a track that helps him find balance amidst the chaos of pregame jitters.  Allen believes this unique playlist helps prepare him mentally for what lies on the field, allowing him to stay loose and focused during such a high-pressure moment.

He Likes To Golf

Josh Allen has a passion for golf – so much so that he gave all his offensive tackles new golf clubs for Christmas in 2022. He loves to hit the links whenever he gets a chance and has expressed admiration for one of the game’s greatest players, Tiger Woods. “I am a big Tiger Woods fan,” Allen told the Buffalo Low Down. “He is likely one of the players who has had the most impact on me. When they were in a tough spot, he and Kobe Bryant were the two players who made my heart beat faster.

Josh Faced The Facts In 2023

In the 2023 season, Josh Allen faced the fact that he would need to balance his passing and running game to lead the Buffalo Bills to success. He had proved himself a dual-threat quarterback with his impressive 95-yard run streak during the 2018 season, but this was only a glimpse of his capabilities.

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His 3,000-plus rushing yards and 38 rushing touchdowns entering the 2023-24 season were a testament to his skill. However, leaving the pocket endangered him and exposed him to more significant risks on the field.


Josh Allen has shown to be a tremendous asset for the Buffalo Bills, from his morning soundtrack to his golf fixation and how he altered his Buffalo Bills gamelines in 2023. He is undoubtedly one of the most exciting quarterbacks in the NFL today – and with continued success on both sides of the ball, we can expect great things from him in years to come. With a strong offensive line supporting him and many weapons around him, there’s no telling what Josh Allen will do next! His skill set proves that anything is possible when you combine passion with hard work – something all fans should watch