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Faker and T1 surrender to ShowMaker and Damwon in Worlds semifinals

Faker and T1 had a rough day at Worlds on Saturday, as they lost to ShowMaker (CM) and Damwon (T2). The loss is an indicator that the world of professional League of Legends has changed.

The “damwon gaming” is a team that has been dominating the League of Legends scene for quite some time now. They have won over 100 championships in total, and are considered one of the best teams in the world. On July 3rd, they finally met their match in ShowMaker and Faker.


Two League of Legends powerhouses meet in an all-Korean Worlds semifinal. T1 was defeated 3-1 by Damwon Gaming (DWG) in the LCK Summer finals. T1 vs. DWG: T1 vs. DWG: T1 vs. DWG: T1 vs. DWG: T1 vs. DWG: T1 vs. DWG: T1 vs. DWG: T1 vs. DWG: T1 Damwon defeated T1 in a thrilling five-game series, earning his way to the Worlds finals.

Semifinals of the World Championships: T1 2-3 DWG

Damwon must take care of business and neutralize Gumayusi in order to attack first.

At initially, the two teams exchanged blows, as one would expect from the LCK titans. To offer Kim “Canna” Chang-Jayce dong’s a little edge, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok teleported onto top lane for first blood to try to shut down Kim “Khan” Dong-ha early.

On the other end of the battlefield, Lee Sin of Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu provided immediate value for the Rift Herald, capturing the game’s first turret. Within the first 10 minutes of the encounter, Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun had gained roughly 2k gold over T1 carry Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong.

Heo “Showmaker” Su’s LeBlanc got a vital opening pick on Canna in the mid lane at the 24-minute mark, busting the Jayce down easy on LeBlanc. Damwon then pursued T1 into the upper jungle, while Ghost used the Jhin ult on Ryu “Keria” Min-seok.

DWG then activated the baron. T1 attempted, but failed, to halt them. They were already too far ahead in the game, annihilating the remaining players when Oner attempted to steal the game with Gumayusi’s Miss Fortune ult. T1 quickly lost their mid and bot inhibitors, while the Faker split pushed for the top second-tier turret.

Damwon then advanced into the base, eliminating all of T1’s players in under 30 minutes to win game one. Despite T1’s early kills, they were unable to maintain their lead. The final score was 15 kills to four. With 3/0/7 and 4/0/9 KDAs, ShowMaker and Ghost both dealt roughly 14k damage and went deathless.

T1 puts an end to Damwon’s unbeaten Worlds campaign.

For the first ten minutes, both sides’ volatile champions—Yasuo Canna’s and Ghost’s Draven—were able to farm away rather comfortably. This meant that any major mid-game brawl may blow the game wide open and strongly favor one side.

Until 24 minutes into the game, both LCK clubs were neck and neck. T1 discovered a large brawl at the dragon pit, with top and bottom lanes pushing each other. This time, Ghost wandered too far forward, and he was immediately punished by a Rakan flash-ult and a Yasuo ult.

Meanwhile, Khan and Canyon worked hard to keep the battle tight. Faker, on the other hand, flanked Lissandra, hitting a key Frozen Tomb on ShowMaker before assisting Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon in defeating the Graves. The renowned mid laner demonstrated how excellent he is still, with his placement assisting in the creation of space in engagements.

Both sides fought back and forth around the baron pit. The defending champions started to assault the baron after 35 minutes. However, Oner, an 18-year-old jungler, swooped in for the enormous baron grab, winning the smite fight against Canyon, perhaps the finest jungler in the world. T1 then finished the battle with a triple kill from Gumayusi. Damwon’s 10-game undefeated run came to an end at Worlds 2021, thanks to T1’s youthful guns.

T1 is shifted by Keria’s Zilean Chronoshift to match point

On Zilean, Keria had an outstanding performance. T1 was kept in the game by revive after revive, which kept the skirmishes tight. T1 had gained the upper hand in a protracted struggle by the 20-minute mark. It began in the bot lane, with Faker’s Ryze teleporting in to root ShowMaker on a one-for-one basis. Canna charged Kennen and was knocked out by Syndra’s Unleashed Power, but Ryze was able to complete the job.

Faker then utilized the Realm Warp to move his crew to the river on the other side of the mountain, where they pursued Ghost. Keria detonated her bomb on the Baron, stranding Ghost in the middle of nowhere. Faker and Oner paired with Jhin’s Curtain Call caused damage up close as Damwon sought to assist the ADC. Keria utilized Chronoshift on Ryze once again, saving not only Faker’s life but also the bounty cash from DWG.

T1’s assistance propelled his side to victory in yet another game-changing teamfight. T1 was able to get rid of Damwon’s frontline quickly after Keria flashed in to double-bomb the Maokai. The defending champions were eliminated one by one, with Faker’s Ryze ulting through the mid outer turret and flashing ShowMaker to death. T1 took control of the baron and stormed towards DWG’s stronghold.

Faker had already reached level 18 35 minutes into the game, while Gumayusi had five items on Jhin. Jhin guaranteed vital kills while being hurried up by Zilean in another chaotic, but ultimately T1-favored battle in the mid lane, resulting to the baron and the game-winning push. Keria finished his fantastic—and deathless—Zilean performance with a 1/0/19 score, demonstrating a superb T1 pick.

ShowMaker appears and shuts down Faker, forcing a do-or-die situation.

In the fourth game, Damwon scored first. With the aid of Canyon, ShowMaker eliminated Faker’s Ryze, returning to his power choice LeBlanc. Oner, on the other hand, was close, avenging his mid laner by flagging and pulling DWG’s jungler.

The reigning champs kept up their aggressive approach and went up 3-0 against Faker only 15 minutes into the game. It not only put LeBlanc in the lead, but it also transformed him into an Ocean drake. T1 managed to hold on to their mid-outer turret, while Canna knocked down Damwon’s top-outer. T1 snatched their opponents’ bot tower as the mid turret eventually collapsed.

With his back to the wall, DWG’s emerging star ShowMaker demonstrated why fans should give him the same attention as Faker. Gumayusi launched Lucian’s culling at 20 minutes into the game, but Damwon returned fire, and LeBlanc killed T1’s bot pair. ShowMaker landed his distortion-chains combination to blast down Canna in the mid lane, gaining a triple kill. Later, he single murdered Faker in the top brush—the legend couldn’t stand a chance against the fed LeBlanc.

Damwon’s mid prodigy had a gold advantage of almost 5000 over League of Legends’ all-time greatest player. He finished off his incredible effort with a triple kill in T1’s base. In the 30-minute dominance, the LeBlanc finished with a stunning 11/0/3 KDA. DWG dominated T1 like a well-oiled machine, racking up 18 kills and four drakes to force the series to a fifth game.

T1’s Worlds dreams are shattered by Damwon.

DWG’s long-range poke from the likes of Zoe and Ziggs chunked out their opponents and caused vital ult and flash cooldowns as the two teams exchanged blows. The defending champions gained micro-advantages, which they turned into drakes and used to gain control of the map.

T1 has been fighting in the bot jungle to mid lane for the last 20 minutes. Slicing Maelstrom flanked Canna to eliminate Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee. Faker was poised with the Azir ult to knock down Damwon’s top laner when Khan teleported in. ShowMaker hit a vital Zoe poke on T1’s opponent, dissuading them from grabbing the nashor, just as T1 was about to move to baron.

T1 battled back to reclaim the baron after DWG captured the mountain soul. The defending champions, on the other hand, pursued them, capturing an ace and pushing them into the base. Despite the fact that T1’s carriers respawned in time to save the series, their opponents discovered the game-winning battle around the Elder Dragon only a few seconds later.

They began by slicing Faker out of ShowMaker’s Zoe bubble and Ghost’s Ziggs ult. Damwon, pushed to the limit, annihilated T1 and their aspirations of competing in Worlds this year. Faker and his colleagues got close, but eventually came up short.

The T1-DWG semifinals went just as we had predicted. Fans were treated to an absolutely thrilling—and historic—series by the two LCK clubs. DWG must now wait for the results of the second semifinal, which will be played tomorrow between EDward Gaming and Gen.G, to see whether they can take the Worlds crown.

Damwon now has the chance to win back-to-back World Championships, a feat that has only been accomplished by one other group, T1. Meanwhile, Faker and T1 will miss the Worlds finals for the sixth year in a row.


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