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Everything You Need to Know About Modern Firearms in Fallout 4

A comprehensive guide to all the different types of firearms you’ll find in Fallout 4, from pistols to energy weapons.

What Is the Fallout 4 Modern Firearms Project?

The Fallout 4 Modern Firearms Project is a Fallout 4 mod made by modder Sduibek. It includes assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, handguns, and revolvers, among other contemporary weapons and ammunition types. The Contemporary Guns Project also introduces new bullet types, such as 5.56mm/.223 caliber and 7.62mm/.308 caliber rounds;, as well as new magazines and ammo types, allowing players to realistically reproduce most of the real-world modern firearms arsenal in Fallout 4.

The mod tries to “enhance immersion via realism” by making certain weapons difficult to get and rarer goods more difficult to obtain in terms of crafting or areas where they may be obtained. It also modifies the damage output of select weapons to make them more in line with their real-world equivalents. The mod also introduces two new factions to the game:

  • The Minutemen Militia Group (MMG), which is made up of various militia groups from across the Commonwealth;,
  • The Brotherhood Of Steel (BOS), which is dedicated to finding and preserving technology from before The Great War, the war that ended the world.

Top 13 Best Fallout 4 Modern Firearms mods

Fallout 4 has been out for a while, but the modding community is still active. With so many fantastic Fallout 4 modifications to select from, it may be difficult to know which ones are worth installing. Modern Firearms modifications are an incredible assortment of mods that have grown in popularity over the years. These modifications bring a large variety of realistic and contemporary weaponry to the game and are among the greatest Fallout 4 gun mods available.

This article will look at some of the greatest Fallout 4 contemporary guns modifications, analyzing what sets them apart from other weapon mods and how they may improve your game. From sniper rifles and automatic shotguns to pistols and assault rifles, these Fallout 4 modern firearms mod provide a whole new arsenal of weaponry to your game that you may employ in a variety of settings, providing you more flexibility whether constructing your character build or confronting an in-game challenge.

How to Install Fallout 4 Modern Firearms?

Installing Modern Firearms in Fallout 4 is a simple procedure. Simply download the Modern Firearms mod from the Nexus Mods website and add it into your game files. Locate your Fallout 4 installation location and drag the mod into the game’s data directory after downloading it. After installing the mod, you may play Fallout 4 and discover that your game now contains more realistic weaponry for usage in-game.

Modern Firearms adds approximately 40 new weapons to the game, each with authentic models, sounds, and damage distributions based on real-world weapons such as rifles, shotguns, handguns, and submachine guns. The mod also includes an immersive UI with weapon customization options such as muzzle flash color and skin texture type. There are also new armor components that integrate with these new weaponry to create even more realistic results while battling foes in-game.


The contemporary weaponry in Fallout 4 are stunning. These weapons come in a variety of forms and sizes, ranging from the most simple to the most advanced. The heavy-hitting .38 caliber pistol. Anti-material rifle with a caliber of .50. Each contemporary weapon provides a distinct fighting experience and distinct benefits over its rivals.

Before purchasing a weapon for your character in Fallout 4, examine what sort of weapon best matches your playstyle and provides the greatest combat performance. The decision between lightweight and heavy rifles is mostly personal preference, although each offers benefits when used correctly. With careful thought, you may discover the ideal contemporary handgun for your Fallout 4 character, regardless of class or build.

Fallout 4 Modern Firearms Everything You Need to Know

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