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Exploring the Best Fallout 4 New Vegas Shotgun Mods

In this post, we’ll be exploring some of the best Fallout 4 New Vegas shotgun mods currently available for the game. Whether you’re looking for a new look for your shotgun or some new functionality, these mods have you covered.

Best Shotgun Mods

Fallout 4 and New Vegas are two of the most popular role-playing games of all time. Both games have a variety of weapon modification options that may dramatically improve the experience. Because of its flexibility, the shotgun is one of the most popular weapons. It can become a powerhouse in both games with the correct modifications, capable of performing effectively at close and medium ranges.

We’ll look at some of the greatest shotgun modifications for Fallout 4 New Vegas in this post. We’ll also offer you some pointers on how to utilize them efficiently in game, so you can make the most of your weapon. We have something for everyone here, whether you’re looking to enhance your old weaponry or just starting off with a new shotgun setup. So keep reading to find out which modifications you should pick for your next game.

Single Shotgun Re-Retexture

The Single Shotgun Re-Retexture mod is a small yet powerful patch that alters the texture of Fallout 4’s single-barrel shotgun. It gives the shotgun a darker, more serious appearance, making it more realistic and similar to what you’d see in Fallout New Vegas. The deeper hue draws attention to the gun’s finer elements, from its paneled body to its dark grip and trigger guard. Texturing is also quite detailed, with bumps and ridges on various areas of the shotgun.

This mod not only improves the appearance of your single-shotgun, but it also improves your gameplay experience by making your weapon feel more like one found in the world of Fallout New Vegas.

Combat Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun is a strong weapon in Fallout 4 New Vegas, and the Aldebaran Combat Shotgun is one of the greatest Fallout 4 shotgun modifications for this weapon. This patch introduces a whole new shotgun model, as well as several other sophisticated tweaks that have a significant affect on how it functions. It also has an excellent real-time reload animation for the gun, so you can see as your character feeds rounds into the magazine tube.

This mod also includes a broad selection of high-caliber ammunition types, such as explosive rounds and buckshot, for those wishing to deliver maximum damage with their Combat Shotguns. With these modifications, you may transform your shotgun into an effective anti-personnel weapon capable of dispatching foes in a single close-range shot.

Mossberg 590 Shotgun

The Mossberg 590 Shotgun is one of the finest shotguns in Fallout 4 New Vegas. With respectable damage and a larger magazine capacity, this shotgun may serve as a close-range or mid-range weapon. It may also be customized with a sight, bayonet, rifle stock, and silencer. Although it is far from a flawless shotgun, it is one of the most dependable weapons in the game.

As a result, if you’re seeking for a dependable shotgun with decent damage and range capabilities in Fallout 4: New Vegas modifications, you should really consider this one.

Caravan Shotgun Retextured

The Caravan Shotgun Retextured is one of the greatest Fallout 4 New Vegas Shotgun Mods available and is an excellent option for anyone wishing to customize the look of their firearms. It replaces the original Caravan Shotgun model with high-resolution and detailed textures while retaining the feel and appearance of an old-school weapons, giving it a distinct flavor.

The update also changes the sound effects of shooting, giving an audible “punch” to your chest that you can practically feel. This mod also includes some wonderful new animations for reloading and drawing your weapon as a bonus. This shotgun retextured mod is highly recommended for gamers who wish to give their firearms a more contemporary appearance while maintaining immersion and realism.

The 00 Commando A Shotgun Lover Mod

The ‼ Commando A Shotgun Lover Mod is a powerful and comprehensive modding tool that streamlines the experience for Fallout 4 users wishing to improve their game. It includes the classic ‼ Commando shotgun, which is a favorite of Fallout fans worldwide.

This mod also adds key new features such as realistic reload times, enhanced damage, greater accuracy, and knockout power, as well as access to the gun’s assortment of scopes, silencers, and other accessories. Furthermore, it comes with its own own custom textures, allowing all Fallout 4 gamers to personalize their gaming experience. This is one of the greatest Fallout 4 modifications for those searching for a competitive advantage in their survival choices.

Hunting Shotgun Retextured

The Hunting Shotgun Retextured mod for Fallout 4 is a must-have. It’s an incredible texture improvement patch that significantly enhances the aesthetics of the in-game Hunting Shotgun. It not only makes the modeled weapon appear more realistic and intriguing, but it also makes the textures surrounding it look lot more bright. Its textures now seem considerably more realistic, allowing for amazing photos and movies.

What’s more, this patch may be combined with other modifications to provide even bigger results. When combined with other mods, this mod may bring your gaming experience as near to reality as possible. Before downloading, make sure you have the most recent version of Fallout 4 installed on your computer or gaming device.

USAS-12 Automatic Shotgun

The USAS-12 Automatic Shotgun is a Fallout 4 weapon mod. It was made by modder SirWaffle and produces a new version of the game’s famous sawed-off shotgun. The USAS-12 is built on iconic Japanese-made semi-automatic arms, but with a stylish black finish and some aggressive texturing to match the series’ new environment. It looks amazing when combined with any of the game’s camos, and although it may not be as strong as some other shotguns, its adaptability makes it one of the greatest Fallout 4 New Vegas Shotgun Mods.

Its tremendous firing rate of 20 rounds per second makes it an excellent option for any circumstance. With its massive damage output and magazine capacity, along with its almost non-existent recoil, this weapon is guaranteed to make quick work of any opponents you come across while exploring post-apocalyptic Boston.

Riot Shotgun retex

The Riot Shotgun retex mod is a Fallout 4 modification that alters the graphics of the Riot Shotgun. This is one of the most popular weapons in Fallout 4, and this mod enables users to customize it to their liking.

The patch adds additional textures to the body, handle, stock, and magazine, providing users more personalization possibilities. The textures are compatible with ENB lighting modifications as well as other texture mods, allowing players to get the most out of their game’s visual experience. It also contains a file with accurate marks from the original Riot Shotguns used in New Vegas.

Fallout enthusiasts may take their gaming experience to the next level by giving their favorite gun a whole new look with this mod.

Single Shotgun Retextured

Single Shotgun Retextured is a mod that transforms the player’s single-barrel shotgun. This retexturing patch replaces the single-barrel shotgun’s default, low-quality graphics in Fallout 4 with higher resolution textures that make it seem more realistic and detailed. Through an easy-to-use in-game interface, users may also personalize their single-barrel shotgun by changing its color, adding distinctive patterns, and adding accessories. For a comprehensive armor overhaul, check out Fallout 4 & New Vegas Overhaul Mods for the best in armor overhaul waste overhaul.

Single Shotgun Retextured is one of the most popular Fallout 4 modifications and is highly recommended for anyone searching for a comprehensive experience.

Sawed-Off Shotgun Retexture

One of the finest Fallout 4 New Vegas modifications is the Sawed-Off Shotgun Retexture mod. This mod greatly enhances the appearance of your pistol and adds a lot of immersion to the game. Players may now equip their weapons with either two realistic graphics or a plain black texture. Aside from that, the update boosts the damage output of sawed-off shotguns, making them even more lethal at close range.

It should be noted that this mod only works with unofficial patches, so make sure you have them installed before trying out this fantastic mod. Overall, if you’re searching for a great retexture for your sawed-off shotgun, this is one to check out.

Classic Combat Shotgun

The Classic Combat Shotgun is a legendary energy weapon upgrade available in Fallout 4 that gives your shotgun an additional punch. This mod is ideal for anybody wishing to boost the power of their shotgun by adding +1 damage to each shot fired. It sports a sleek black finish with a stock that can be adjusted for better accuracy and recoil. The Classic Combat Shotgun also has a custom painted barrel and receiver, which allows players to personalize their weapons with unique patterns and motifs.

Furthermore, when compared to other shotguns in the game, this weapon mod has a faster firing rate. This makes it perfect for close-quarters fighting, when quick reloads are critical to survival.

Steam-Punk Shotgun

The Steam-Punk Shotgun is a Fallout 4 New Vegas shotgun mod that has been hailed as one of the greatest modifications available by the gaming community. This mod adds to your inventory a completely customisable, vintage-style, heavy-hitting shotgun. This weapon has a distinct appearance and feel, with distinct wooden and steel components, making it a fantastic addition to any post-apocalyptic America-themed game.

It also has a number of custom improvements ranging from decreased spread to increased ballistic performance. This mod not only adds realism to your experience, but it also increases your damaging capabilities. Overall, this is an excellent Fallout 4 New Vegas shotgun mod that blends in well with the game’s surroundings and is definitely worth considering if you need some more firepower.

Remington 870 Wingmaster Shotgun

The Remington 870 Wingmaster is one of the most recognizable and dependable shotguns ever made. It is a pump-action shotgun with a smoothbore that is mainly used for hunting and self-defense.

This gun may be modified in Fallout 4 New Vegas to increase its power and accuracy. The mod adds an adjustable stock and a new high-capacity magazine, increasing the firing rate of the Remington 870 Wingmaster while keeping its iconic appearance. You may also modify the rifle with additional skins that unlock as you continue through the game.

The Remington 870 Wingmaster shotgun is one of the top Fallout 4 New Vegas weapons for gamers looking for a dependable but elegant weaponry for any occasion.

Mossberg 590 Special Purpose Shotgun

One of the most popular Fallout 4 New Vegas shotgun modifications is the Mossberg 590 Special Purpose Shotgun. It’s an excellent all-purpose shotgun that can be utilized in almost any circumstance. It boasts strong stopping power, accuracy, and a fast firing rate.

This mod has a top rail for adding optics and lights, as well as a polymer magazine well for increased dependability in hard situations. Furthermore, this mod is completely compatible with the Fallout 4 New Vegas weapon modification system, allowing you can easily modify it with different stocks, grips, and other features.

The Mossberg 590 Special Purpose Shotgun is one of the greatest weapons modifications for Fallout 4 New Vegas, because to its mix of stability, accuracy, and customizability.

Heavy Assault Shotgun

The Heavy Assault Shotgun is a famous Fallout: New Vegas heavy shotgun, and is an excellent alternative for anybody searching for strong close-medium range weaponry. The 14 l96a1 Ruger SR is a powerful weapon, capable of doing a lot of damage and firing up to four bursts before having to be reloaded. Its high-velocity blasts can provide catastrophic damage to any adversary unfortunate enough to be in your line of fire, making it a great choice for close-range combat when its spread is most effective. For more information on Fallout 4 and New Vegas weapon mods, check out this link.

There are various unique upgrades available for the Heavy Assault Shotgun that assist make it a really powerful weapon, such as increased magazine size and better accuracy. This makes it an excellent pick for those that appreciate both strength and accuracy while battling adversaries in the New Vegas wilderness.

12 Gauge High Explosive Shotgun Shells

The 12 Gauge High Explosive Shotgun Shells are a variant of the normal shotgun shell seen in Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4. This mod enhances the damage dealt by shells, allowing for more devastation on impact. Furthermore, it does greater splash damage, which means it may impact more than one adversary at once.

This mod is very beneficial when dealing with big groups of foes since it enables you to kill them all with a single shot. While this mod is strong, it also increases the likelihood of your rifle jamming and makes reloading time significantly longer. It is crucial to note that these rounds are not included in standard ammo, thus you will have to discover them in-game or make them at a workshop.

Preorder Shotgun Perk Fix

The Preorder Shotgun Perk Fix is a Fallout 4 New Vegas mod that resolves an issue with the Preorder Shotgun’s perk not being utilized. An in-game glitch created the problem, which meant that the Preorder shotgun perk was never activated and was always set to 0%.

This mod enables users to properly utilize the preorder shotgun perk, as well as all of its intended perks. It, for example, boosts damage done by 20% while decreasing reload time by 50%. This patch also adds a few new benefits for players, such as improved rifle and handgun critical damage.

The mod is quite easy to install and can be completed in a matter of minutes. This makes it ideal for individuals who need a fast solution to the preorder shotgun problem.

Improved Shotgun Performance

The Ruger SR-556 is one of the greatest Fallout 4 New Vegas shotgun modifications. This semi-automatic shotgun has a capacity of 5+1 and a UTG Pro Super Slim handguard for increased accuracy. Players will benefit from enhanced shotgun performance as a result of greater stability and decreased recoil while using this patch.

Furthermore, the handguard offers a pleasant grip and keeps your hands from tiring out during lengthy gaming sessions. Furthermore, the Ruger SR-556’s polymer design and steel barrel guarantee that it is lightweight while yet being sturdy enough to withstand even the harshest of situations.

Overall, this shotgun patch is intended to assist players get the most out of their Fallout 4 New Vegas experience by improving performance and reducing recoil while shooting adversaries or completing missions.

Italian Double Barrel Shotgun

The Italian Double Barrel Shotgun, also known as the TOZ-34 and AKS74U, is a medium-capacity shotgun in Fallout 4: New Vegas that is heavily subsidized. It features a two-shot capacity, a modest spread, and a long range, making it an excellent option for close-range fighting. The real-life TOZ-34 was designed by Italian weapons company Tula Arms and has an external stock for quick reloading.

The shotgun has been altered in Fallout 4: New Vegas to incorporate a unique magazine tube extension that raises its ammunition capacity to six rounds rather than two. Large sights on each side of the hammer and a beaver tail foregrip provide excellent control in both close range and hip shooting conditions. The AKS74U, with the correct upgrades, may become one of the most powerful weapons in Fallout 4: New Vegas.

Tactical Police Shotgun

In Fallout 4 New Vegas, the Tactical Police Shotgun is a potent short-range weapon. This shotgun has a fast-cycling gas-operated action and a rapid reload time, allowing it to swiftly knock down adversaries at close range. To make sure you don’t experience any crashes while playing, check out the NVAC New Vegas Anti Crashcreated for Fallout 4 New Vegas.

The Tactical Police Shotgun has integrated sights as well as a longer barrel and mag tube. You may personalize the rifle to your specifications by connecting more barrels. Furthermore, the front sling point on this shotgun lets you to connect a strap for further carrying ease.

Whether you’re seeking for a dependable and strong tool in Fallout 4 New Vegas or just something new to add to your arsenal, the Tactical Police Shotgun will not disappoint.

Classic Quad Barrel Riot Shotgun

The Classic Quad Barrel Riot Shotgun is a strong Fallout 4 New Vegas Shotgun mod that is ideal for both the XM37 Gauss Rifle and other automatic weaponry. This mod gives the shotgun four barrels, as well as improved damage and ammunition capacity. This mod also includes a configurable rate of fire, enabling you to take down adversaries more effectively.

The Classic Quad Barrel Riot Shotgun is accessible in both the vanilla game and modifications, and it can be discovered in Little Yangtze Camp’s Brotherhood Vault eleven. To receive this weapon, you must finish the “Present Danger” quest. After finishing the mission, you will be awarded with points that may be used to buy weapons from dealers at Little Yangtze Camp and The Strip, such as this strong shotgun upgrade.

Double Barrel Shotgun II

The Mateba Model 6 Unica is a Fallout 4 New Vegas Double Barrel Shotgun II mod. This one-of-a-kind pistol comes with its own set of distinctive and potent upgrades that will take your weaponry to the next level. This shotgun may be purchased from a variety of weapon shops in the Mojave Wasteland, as well as from specific merchants such as the Gun Runners or the Crimson Caravan Company.

This type has two barrels, each firing one pellet each shot; two trigger guards; and an integrated laser sight for improved precision. You may improve the firepower of this pistol by adding accessories such as a customized sight or an extended magazine. With its remarkable stopping power, this double barrel shotgun is ideal for close-quarters fighting and will offer you an advantage in battle.

Bolt Action Shotgun

One of the most popular Fallout 4 New Vegas Shotgun Mods is the Bolt Action Shotgun. This mod equips your Fallout character with a powerful bolt action shotgun akin to the Mosin Nagant from WWII. It has a high damage output and can pierce through numerous adversaries at close range.

This weapon has a level requirement of 25, so you will need to gain some experience before you can unlock and equip it. It also has two distinct variations, one of which having a faster rate of fire, enabling your character to fire rounds more swiftly and effectively.

This weapon is ideal for individuals who want to rush through the wasteland and easily knock out any opponents that go in their path.

Bioshock Shotgun

One of the greatest Fallout 4 New Vegas shotgun modifications is the Bioshock shotgun, a version of the famous Colt 1911. It has a large magazine capacity, a rapid reload speed, and greater damage. This weapon also has certain distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from the other shotguns in the game.

  • The first feature is its distinct alternative firing mode, which lets you to fire several rounds at the same time. This ability comes in handy while dealing with huge groups of foes or participating in long-range battle.
  • It also boasts an adjustable hop-up for fine-tuning pellet and slug tightness, making it suitable for both close range and long range engagements.

The Bioshock shotgun mod is ideal for any Fallout 4 New Vegas player looking for a strong and dependable shotgun for any occasion.

Improved Shotgun GLauncher Holorifle Reload Animation

This Fallout 4 New Vegas shotgun patch improves the Taurus Raging Bull’s GLauncher Holorifle reload animation and rifle textures scar. This patch changes the original reload animation with an updated animation that gives the weapon a more realistic feel. It also improves the gun’s accuracy and dependability, resulting in a significantly more powerful and efficient weapon than the vanilla version. The graphics enhancements are also obvious, making this mod even more appealing to game players who wish to enhance their gaming experience. For more information on rifle mods for Fallout 4, check out this link.

This mod is available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Allowing all Fallout 4 New Vegas enthusiasts to experience it.

Fallout 4 New Vegas Shotgun Mods