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Top 8 Mods for More Enemies in Fallout: New Vegas

Looking for ways to make Fallout: New Vegas more challenging? Check out our top 8 mods for adding more enemies to the game!

Fallout: New Vegas More Enemies Mod Top 8 Mods that Add More Enemies [Ranked]

The Fallout: New Vegas More Adversaries Mod is a player-created game modification that adds a slew of new enemies to the wasteland. This contains everything from robots to ghosts to mutants to aliens. The patch also includes more random encounters with these monsters, making Wasteland exploring more thrilling and perilous. Players may rate these modifications based on how much they contribute to the overall experience of the game, as well as how realistic or enjoyable they are.

Among these modifications are:

  1. NCR Veteran Rangers – Adds a high-level set of hostile NPCs that level up as you travel through the main campaign;
  2. Feral Ghouls – Adds extra ghouls that spawn in random locations and wander around;
  3. Fallout: Zion Wilds – Adds a large number of raiders, supermutants, robots, flying creatures, and other enemies spread across an entire area;
  4. Wild Wasteland – Introduces new creatures reminiscent of classic Fallout 1&2 with unique behaviors;
  5. 9th Legion Remnants – Reintroduce an ancient Roman Introduces a new bandit group with improved AI and stronger weaponry.


Finally, the modifications covered in this tutorial are the finest Fallout: New Vegas mods for adding additional adversaries. These modifications may help you achieve your objective, whether you’re playing in Survival Mode or desire a more realistic fighting experience. All of these modifications have unique features and settings, so try them all and find which one works best for your gaming style. Completing tasks will be more difficult and thrilling now that there are more adversaries.

Always make a backup of your data before making any modifications to your game files. Have fun with these incredible modifications.

Fallout: New Vegas More Enemies Mod Top 8 Mods

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