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Massive New World datamine hints at dungeon group finder, weapons, zone, and potential mounts

A datamine of the World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion, Battle for Azeroth hints at new content that is sure to excite any player. There are weapons and mounts hinted in the game files which could provide some really cool gameplay options if they come into fruition.

The “new world datamine weapons” is a datamine that was released by the developer of the game, which hints at new weapons, mounts, and zones.

People who have played New World have said that it still seems rushed out the door, with missing material, features, and other things (not to mention all of its bugs). A large datamined list of developing features for the MMO, many of which look to answer a lot of these criticisms, appears to be tamping down a few of those objections.

It’s worth noting that this list of features might still be in the early stages of development, so things could change. Furthermore, the release date for any of these improvements has yet to be determined, so many of these new enhancements might take months to arrive. Players may still expect a lot in the near (or far) future, including dungeon mutations that change current dungeon difficulty, six new dungeons, and development on a group finding tool for those dungeons.

The list also includes a greatsword, one-handed and two-handed maces, twin daggers, twin pistols, and a blunderbuss, as well as some rewards for earning experience after professions reach level cap, some early items related to a winter-themed event, and several new weapons, including a greatsword, one-handed and two-handed maces, twin daggers, twin pistols, and a blunderbuss. Finally, datamining has revealed three secret mount-related goods. Overall, it’s a very remarkable list of goods; the only issue is how far along any of these additions are in the development process.

Meanwhile, New World’s near future is bleak, since the game’s developers have been forced to disable wealth trade owing to yet another duping glitch. The developers pledge to re-engage wealth trade once the exploit has been discovered and addressed, but for now, gamers will have to keep their coins in their purses.


The “new world void gauntlet” is a massive datamine that hints at the possibility of new dungeon group finder, weapons, zone, and potential mounts.

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