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Must-See Minecraft Decoration Mods for Your Next Build!

Looking for some inspiration for your next Minecraft build? Check out these must-see decoration mods! From decorative blocks to fancy furnishing, these mods will help you add some extra flair to your construction.

Top 25 Best Minecraft Decoration Mods

There are several decorating modifications to select from when it comes to sprucing up your Minecraft area. You may create your world as creative or wild as you like, from altering the aesthetic of your world with gorgeous blocks, products, and furniture to designing unique monsters and people. There are hundreds of Minecraft decorating modifications available, and more are being released on a daily basis.

For your next construction, here is a selected list of the top 25 finest Minecraft decorating modifications. This collection can help spark some inspiration and get you started on your next project, whether you’re searching for something distinctive to liven up a present design or want to create an altogether new style. These modifications will allow you to take control of what makes up your Minecraft world, from charming creatures and decorations like fences, pots, paintings, and furniture sets to mod bundles that redesign the appearance of the whole game.

List of the Best Decoration Mods

The finest Minecraft decorating modifications may drastically change the appearance and feel of your projects. They may add intriguing elements, color schemes, and textures to the surroundings to make it seem more diverse and engaging. Decoration modifications are an interesting way to transform your buildings from ordinary to extraordinary.

Blocks, furniture, plants, food items, artwork, brilliant colors and textures, new structures such as buildings and monuments, and other objects will be added by decoration modifications. Some of the most popular decoration modifications include:

  • Decocraft, which adds a large variety of ornamental blocks;
  • ExtraBiomesXL, which includes a number of biome-themed blocks;
  • Chisel adds many decorative building objects;
  • Painterly Pack adds an extensive library of gorgeous paintings;
  • FurnitureCraft adds realistic furniture pieces;
  • Decorations+ adds curtains, carpets, and many other items to dress up your builds in style; and
  • Entities+ adds NPC villagers with unique trades or decorative mobs.


MCDecorations is a must-have mod for any Minecraft player wishing to personalize their constructions. This patch expands the game’s creative options by include additional decorative objects such as paintings, ceramics, sculptures, and more.

The new ornamental elements vary in size from tiny to enormous, allowing users to construct distinctive landscapes in the Minecraft universe. The mod also includes a plethora of furniture, wallpapers, and décors to give your projects a distinct appearance. All of these decorations may be applied to any sort of building, from castles to villages to contemporary dwellings.

If you want to add some flare to your next construction, MCDecorations is a must-have mod. You may design an immensely complex environment that looks genuinely amazing with its large assortment of ornamental elements and furniture parts.

WTBW Decoration

WTBW Decoration is a mod that improves the look of your Minecraft buildings. The mod adds a variety of beautiful blocks, walls, and materials that may be utilized to construct fantastic structures. From blocky plants and trees to exquisite decorations like chandeliers and chairs, WTBW has it all.

This mod is ideal for anybody looking to add character or realism to your construction without learning how to texture or model 3D designs. With this mod, you can take Minecraft’s building creativity to a whole new level.


Minecraft mod Magical Decorations adds a range of ornamental things to the game. Players may adorn their constructions with special blocks, enchanted decorations, vivid lights, and other items in Magical Decorations. Players may even modify the color of their buildings by combining various magical substances.

This mod is ideal for Minecraft builders that wish to stand out from the crowd. Players have considerably more creative flexibility when creating their own constructions by adding these mystical ornaments to a project. The options are almost limitless, from sparkling mansions to lighthouses built of LED blocks.

Ender Portal Decoration

Ender Portal Decoration is a must-have mod for every Minecraft enthusiast. It provides a distinct and eye-catching feature to your projects by allowing you to design and decorate Ender Portals. Extend on what started as a single obsidian block, building elaborate patterns and structures that enable gamers to design their own Ender Portals.

You may use this mod to construct numerous levels of portals and fill them with a variety of teleporters so that your players can move about your environment swiftly and effortlessly. You may even include other buildings, such as fortresses or towers, within the portals itself for added flair. Check out this mod if you want to make an incredible Minecraft construction.

[1.8][Forge] World Overhaul Mod! Weapons – Armor – Tools – Decorations – Siege Weapons and Much More!

This must-see Minecraft decorating mod is ideal for adding a plethora of new items, weapons, armor, and tools to your next construction. The World Overhaul Mod adds a plethora of new items for you to craft in-game, such as:

  • Siege weapons such as catapults and trebuchets.
  • Tools such as pickaxes and shovels.
  • Weapons such as swords and maces.
  • Armors of various styles and designs.
  • Decorations such as flags and banners, statues, bookshelves, and more.

And it all works with Forge 1.8+. So, whether you’re a beginner or an expert builder seeking for something new to spice up your creations, this is the mod to try.

Decorations with only one command block

A must-see Minecraft decoration mod for your next construction is Decorations with just one command block. With the use of only one command block, the player may instantly construct unique and stunning structures. Players may build anything from massive walls and towers to complex routes and roadways by entering a precise set of instructions.

This mod also enables users to personalize their creations with different blocks and colors, which adds an added degree of creativity to a player’s environment and helps it stand out. This mod is guaranteed to offer something that may help you reach your vision, whether you are searching for something basic but spectacular or something more sophisticated. All players may take their constructions to the next level with only one command block.

Decoration Building Pack

The Decoration Building Pack is a must-have for anybody looking to upgrade their buildings. This multi-mod collection contains a variety of modifications that provide unique and fascinating ornamental pieces for your creations.

This pack’s modifications enable you to make devices like colorful torches, ladders, buttons and levers, and even animated gear blocks that move when stomped on. These decorations provide a lot of life to your buildings and may be utilized in a number of ways to improve the appearance and feel of your projects.

The Decoration Building Pack is a fast and simple solution to add much needed flair and aesthetic appeal to any structure. Furthermore, it is compatible with the majority of popular Minecraft modifications, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility difficulties.

Mine and Decoration

Minecraft decorating modifications are an amazing way to personalize and enhance your gameplay experience. These Mods enable you to construct one-of-a-kind and imaginative creations, such as sculptures and furniture, to enhance the aesthetics of your Minecraft environment. There’s a Minecraft Mod for anything, whether you’re building a fortress or a hamlet.

There are several options available, ranging from large packs containing hundreds of decorations to smaller packs containing just a few pieces. Here are some of the most popular Decoration Mods available today to ensure you get the most out of them. Each Mod has something special to offer; Whether it’s ornamental blocks, new textures, or improved aesthetics, you’ll find all the tools you need to create stunning structures.

Whatever sort of decorating you’re searching for, from chandeliers and bookcases to picket fences and marble flooring, one of these Mods will offer something for you:

  • Large packs containing hundreds of decorations
  • Smaller packs containing just a few pieces
  • Ornamental blocks
  • New textures
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Chandeliers and bookcases
  • Picket fences
  • Marble flooring

Extreme Decorations

Extreme Decorations are an excellent method to give your construction a distinct and eye-catching appearance. These unique decorations offer exaggerated or bizarre motifs that will catch attention from all directions. These modifications will make your Minecraft environment stand out from the crowd, with anything from steampunk light fixtures to Art Deco window frames.

Extreme Decorations provides a variety of interior and exterior design possibilities, allowing you to completely express yourself in your constructions. You’ll find everything you need to create the right environment, whether you’re designing an industrial chic loft or a medieval castle. With these decorations, you can easily add a bit of design and flair to even the most mundane of projects.


Immersive Decoration 1.12.2 has been one of the most popular Minecraft decoration modifications since its release in 2017. This mod is a must-have for any expert Minecraft builder since it makes your constructions appear more realistic and adds a new degree of intricacy.

Players may customize their buildings or add pizzazz to an already unique masterpiece by selecting from a vast range of furniture, decorations, lighting, and other materials. Ambient noises and weather effects are also included in Immersive Decoration, adding extra levels of immersion and ambience. Crafting, building, and planting trees and flowers are all made simpler by this fantastic mod, which is also available for 1.12.2.

Winter Decorations

This holiday season, Winter Decorations are a terrific way to add a festive touch to your Minecraft projects. Here’s a collection of must-have modifications and special textures to help you incorporate the holiday spirit into your creations.

  • The Winter Block Pack is a collection of creative blocks with festive themes including snowmen, Christmas trees, adorned windows, and more.
  • The Snowy Torch mod adds snowflakes that flutter around the torches in your environment for some dynamic decorations.
  • The Ice Spikes mod adds massive slabs of ice with illuminated colorful spikes protruding from them, ideal for adding drama to an icy blizzard or winter storm.
  • The Light Festival mod offers experience benefits when specific buildings’ lightbulbs are lighted up throughout the holiday season.

There are several possibilities for making your next Minecraft project appear particularly spectacular during winter.


BluDecorations is a must-have Minecraft decorating plugin that improves the appearance of your constructions. The mod adds additional blocks, objects, armor sets, and other stuff to make crafting easier. With high-quality textures and models, BluDecorations brings all of the conventional decorations to life.

This mod includes everything from tables and chairs to cushions and bookshelves. You may also make unique objects like a bamboo tree or an automated cake dispenser using BluDecorations. Individual blocks or things may also be customized with varied colors, materials, and effects. Finally, BluDecorations is simple to install and needs just a few steps to get started, allowing you to get started immediately.

TFC+ Addon: TFCDecorations

TFC+ Addon: TFCDecorations is a must-have mod for Minecraft players who want to add more diversity and personalization to their constructions. The mod adds a slew of new ornamental blocks and features, enabling users to construct more appealing and stylish custom buildings.

Some of the blocks included in this mod are:

  • Stairs
  • Pathways
  • Pillars
  • Shrubs
  • Carpets
  • Tables and chairs
  • Streetlamps
  • and many more ornamental blocks.

All of these blocks have been designed with ease in mind; they may be readily put in any area on the map and are simple to tweak to one’s liking. Minecraft users may use this mod to construct magnificent buildings that will wow their friends.

Tamriel Treasures Decorations

Tamriel Treasures is a Minecraft decorating mod that provides a range of design choices inspired by the universe of The Elder Scrolls. This mod was created to give users with a variety of objects to assist them in creating unique buildings in whatever style they like, such as decorating a castle or a village.

Decorative sculptures, banners, and artifacts from the Elder Scrolls games come in a variety of sizes and hues. Tamriel Treasures also offers a number of “pure decorating” pieces that are ideal for bringing ancient beauty to any Minecraft project.

Installing the mod is as simple as downloading it from the official website or CurseForge and inserting it in your resources folder for usage with Fabric Loader and Fabric API.

Christmas decorations & snowy biome generator with only one command block

With only one command block, you may create a snowy biome in your Minecraft game. It adds a number of Christmas ornaments to your base as part of the process, giving you the ideal winter-themed outside aesthetic. Trees with snow-covered branches, Christmas lights, and festive placards may be put anywhere in the game as decorations. The mod also adds snow particles to make it seem to be snowing.

Furthermore, the AutoBiomeGenerator command block is accessible, allowing you to automatically produce multiple biomes, giving your Minecraft world a distinct flavor. With this mod loaded, you may begin working on the ideal winter theme for your next construction.

Survival and Craft v1.2 (Decoration update)

Survival & Craft is a Minecraft mod that adds a range of ornamental things to your Minecraft environment. In 2018, the version 1.2 upgrade was launched, bringing with it a slew of new ornamental blocks for users to employ in order to construct one-of-a-kind building designs and buildings.

This contains anything from new blocks inspired by the Elder Scrolls to real-world things like park benches, street lighting, and fire hydrants. This update also adds twelve distinct paint colors that may be utilized on walls and floors, giving you even more possibilities for customizing your constructions.

Survival & Craft has quickly become one of the most popular Minecraft decorating modifications, with its offers providing an exceptionally detailed degree of complexity that players may apply to their buildings. With the current version 1.2 update, it’s no surprise that this mod is still popular among Minecraft players trying to add individuality and visual appeal to their buildings.

Simple Decoration (Datapack)

Simple Decoration is a very popular Minecraft datapack mod. It enables gamers to simply and rapidly customize their environment with gorgeous constructions, products, and decorations. The mod allows players to design complicated paths, ornate gardens, or just tidy up the appearance of their works.

The mod is also useful for adding flavor to custom maps or just making something that looks lovely with little effort. With this mod, you may make items for your own builds as well as decorations for survival worlds and creative maps. Simple Decoration offers lessons and tools to users who want assistance building their in-game creations, allowing newcomers to rapidly learn how everything works.

Christmas Decorations for Minecraft

Christmas Decorations for Minecraft are an excellent way to give a festive feel to your next construction. With the help of these modifications, you may transform your home and outside spaces into Santa’s workshop or a magical winter wonderland.

There are many of alternatives for making your virtual environment appear like it’s from a holiday movie, whether you want to add snowflakes, a Christmas tree, or even a whole town of elves. Christmas-themed blocks such as snow, ice, and evergreen trees are among the most popular decorations. Mods that create Christmas-themed things such as gifts, candy canes, and wreaths are also available. You may also discover modifications that allow villagers to dress up in Christmas attire and participate in seasonal activities like caroling or snowball battles.

You may simply make your environment festive and bright this Christmas season with these wonderful modifications.

GUI Decorations

GUI Decorations are a terrific way to add a personal touch to your Minecraft projects. You may alter your in-game user interface (UI) with modifications to make it more visually beautiful as well as practical. Inventory bars and item frames, as well as health bars and player information indicators, are examples of UI embellishments. GUI decorations may also be used to personalize user interfaces for bespoke plugins or shader packs.

These modifications will also improve the general aesthetic of your Minecraft constructions, allowing them to stand out from the crowd. You may combine multiple modifications to build a UI that is both visually appealing and practical. With so many choices, the potential for constructing a spectacular in-game setup with GUI decorations is limitless.

Halloween Decorations and Jumpscares for Minecraft

The Minecraft Decoration Mod Halloween Decorations and Jumpscares is a must-have. This mod adds creepers, skeletons, zombies, bats, spiders, witches, and more creepy decorations to your environment. Special Halloween products include pumpkins, candy buckets, skulls, and even Haunted Houses.

With this mod’s jumpscare features, you can make your environment even more terrifying. Experience the dread of mobsters spawning in front of you or concealed bombs that might detonate at any moment. With this mod, you can make your next construction extra creepy. With these terrifying decorations and jumpscares, you can turn your home into a haunted house.

[1.10.2][FORGE]Saracalias Random Stuff Mod! Extra Decorations for your Minecraft World!

Saracalias Random Stuff Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2 adds additional ornamental blocks, objects, and constructions to the game. This patch is ideal for adding a little flare to your Minecraft constructions. It features stained glass blocks, colored clay walls, and several types of stairs; furniture such as seats, tables, and bookshelves; and even some unusual ornamental blocks such as crystal stalagmites, stained glass windows, and more.

The mod also adds various additional decorative elements, such as colored wool blocks, wool banners, and more. With all of these changes, you can dramatically enhance the look of any structure in your world with little effort.

Futurepack Addon Decorations

Futurepack Addon Decorations is a set of Minecraft decorating modifications that provide users with a plethora of new methods to customize their in-game buildings. Over 130 ornamental blocks and creatures are included, as well as several new biomes, bespoke constructions, and decorative goods. These artifacts may be put anywhere in the world, and vary from ancient Egyptian sarcophagi to futuristic hoverboards.

Futurepack Addon Decorations also includes a variety of building pieces, including colorful stone bricks, colored glass blocks, stained clay blocks, and more. With this mod loaded, players have a plethora of creative decorations at their disposal to create unique designs for every sort of project they can imagine.

Element Animation Villagers+ Mod [The Decoration Update] (Forge)

Villagers+ Mod[ Element Animation The New Decoration] When it comes to adorning your Minecraft creations, Forge is a must-have mod. This mod enables gamers to personalize their worlds by including more decorative residents. The Villagers+ Mod provides a number of customization choices, including villager options for hair, eyes, skin color, clothing color and type, and even employment. It also adds additional ornamental components to the game, such as flowerpots and trees. With so many aesthetic choices to pick from, your next Minecraft creation will undoubtedly be memorable. The mod may be installed via Forge or by just dropping it into your game’s modifications folder.

Animated Decorations with only one command block

Minecraft decorating modifications may add rich features to your next construction fast and simply. Minecraft decoration modifications are a terrific way to give your world an interesting new appearance, whether you’re searching for eye-catching animated decorations, magnificent flora, or just a general visual pick-me-up.

The command block is a popular and adaptable tool for custom design. With only one command block and one specialty block, you may make unique and powerful decorations. Command blocks are very basic and straightforward to use, enabling anybody from inexperienced builders to skilled designers to produce astonishing effects with no effort. Almost anything is conceivable with this powerful instrument, from brilliant displays of light and color that dance over the sky at night to stands of trees that move in the air. You may have a whole globe full with attractive decorations in no time with only a single command block, so don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity.

Decorations Pack for Armourers Workshop Mod (WIP)

The Armourers Workshop Mod WIP Decorations Pack is a must-have for any player wishing to spice up their Minecraft environment. Hundreds of ornamental objects, ranging from blocks to furniture, are included in this mod. This decorating collection gives your Minecraft world a realistic appearance and feel, enabling you to make it as unique as possible. This mod contains everything you need to construct a spectacular fantasy kingdom or a simple rustic town.

The mod includes:

  • Banners, lights, fences, walls, tables and shelves,
  • Logs,
  • Torches,
  • New furniture such as sofas and chairs with customized textures and animations,
  • Culinary products like apples and cakes that produce realistic noises when consumed or interacted with,
  • Colored rugs that may be used to add flair to any area in your home.

Even the most ambitious builder may create gorgeous environments to be proud of with this mod.

Minecraft Decoration Mods you need to see!