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Make Minecraft a Horse Game with These Pferde-Mods!

Minecraft is a great game, but sometimes you just want to add a little bit of extra flair. That’s where mods come in! Check out these mods that turn Minecraft into a horse game.

#20 Minecraft bessere Pferde-Mod

These Minecraft better horse mods will transform your Minecraft experience into a horse game. Whether you want to ride or race, these mods will allow you to have realistic and one-of-a-kind equestrian experiences in Minecraft. With these mods, you may travel with your horse in Minecraft’s vast universe and discover its mysteries more successfully.

You may personalize and improve your horse with a range of colors, equipment, and talents to adapt the game to your preferences. You may also participate in sports such as show jumping or go on an expedition with other riders as they explore the huge landscapes of this great game.

These #20 Minecraft better horse-mods will undoubtedly elevate your experience and turn it into a pleasurable equestrian journey.

#19 mcMMO Pferde-Mod

The #19 mc The MMO Pferde-Mod for Minecraft, created by Modder Aleski Gaming Backpfeifengesicht, transforms Minecraft into a horse game. This mod gives the player the feeling of riding a wild horse in the game. It enables you to produce horses and train them to increase their performance in war or racing contests.

The mod also includes:

  • an arena and scoreboard system that monitors horse statistics in contests,
  • an enormous library of unique breeds that can be discovered both randomly generated in the wild and bought from stables,
  • additional equipment such as saddles, horseshoes, bridles, and more that can be used to personalize the look of your horse.

All of these features combine to make this mod one of the most complete horse mods accessible to Minecraft gamers.

#18 Handwerkliche Pferderstung & Sattel

#18 Handwerkliche Pferderstung& is an abbreviation for #18 Handwerkliche Pfer Sattel refers to two separate mods for the popular computer game Minecraft. The first mod is ‘Handwerkliche Pferderstung,’ which adds an AI horse that listens to orders and reacts to its surroundings to provide a realistic horse riding experience. The AI horse may be domesticated and used for transportation or combat, as well as bred to produce certain features in progeny. This mod also includes new armor and saddle recipes, allowing the player to customize the appearance of their steed.

The second patch, ‘Sattel,’ enables users to create bespoke saddle designs for their horses, giving them distinctive looks. Both of these mods enable users to take their Minecraft experience to the next level by transforming it into a full-fledged Horse Game.

#17 Pferd Optimierungen Minecraft Mod

Pferd Optimierungen is a mod for the well-known sandbox game Minecraft. This patch, as the name implies, concentrates on horses, making them quicker and more pleasurable to ride. Improved horse AI, bespoke horse spawners, and mob horseriding animations are among the mod’s features. You may also personalize the look of your horses with unique armor and saddle designs.

Pferd Optimierungen also includes a number of additional commands to enhance your experience. You may tame horses with a single command and adjust their stats and qualities individually or in bulk, allowing you to construct really unique horses with amazing skills capable of transforming any Minecraft area into horse paradise. Pferd Optimierungen makes it simpler to enjoy your favorite horses in Minecraft’s gorgeous blocky environment with these features:

  • Improved horse AI
  • Bespoke horse spawners
  • Mob horseriding animations
  • Unique armor and saddle designs
  • Ability to tame horses with a single command
  • Ability to adjust horse stats and qualities individually or in bulk

#16 Netherite Pferderstung-Mod

The Netherite Pferderstung-Mod is a mod for the popular game Minecraft that adds a range of horse-friendly features. It adds new horse breeds, new horse-related products like as saddles and bridles, updated saddle and riding controls, improved horse noises and graphics, and more. It also has an enhanced Horse Breeding system with better breed selection. Players may customize their horses’ armor, weaponry, collars, and even decorations like flowers or flags.

All of this adds to the excitement of the Minecraft gaming experience by allowing players to immerse themselves in the world of horses. It allows customers new ways to connect with their virtual equine friends, giving them more ways to enjoy the game.

#15 Hwyla Addon Pferde Info MOD

The Hwyla Addon Pferde Info MOD is a mod for Minecraft, a popular sandbox game. This patch expands the game’s horse-related information and functions, making it much simpler to manage and care for horses in the virtual environment. Horse breeding and genetics, buying and selling horses, identifying horses with personalised tags, establishing riding schools and contests, and much more are among the services available.

Players may use this mod to turn Minecraft into a genuine horse-simulator game. Furthermore, since this mod is an extension for Hwyla, Minecraft’s modding interface, you won’t have to worry about compatibility concerns while using it with other mods. As a result, Hwyla Addon Pferde Info MOD is an excellent approach to enhance your Minecraft experience.

#14 Minecraft besseres Pferde Hud

Minecraft’s superior horse Hud is a Minecraft mod that makes the game more horse-centric. This patch adds a completely new method to play the game: horseback riding. The patch includes new configurable horses that can be bred, fed, and trained for riding.

In addition, players may unlock exotic saddles with particular skills and qualities, enabling them to improve their horses’ statistics as they continue through the game. Players may now experience an even more immersive version of Minecraft and explore it from the back of their beloved horse thanks to this mod.

#13 MeinPferd Minecraft Pferde Mod

The #13 MeinPferd Minecraft Pferde Mod adds horses to the Minecraft game. It comprises horses of diverse breeds, colors, and temperaments. Players may use the mod to stage horse exhibitions, construct and care for their horses, and even ride them about their environment.

This mod also gives you access to extra features such as a stable where you may keep your horses, various saddles and bridles, feeds, hay bales, and more. The mod also features an in-game store where you can purchase additional horse-care goods. This mod turns Minecraft into a genuine horse game for everyone.

#12 Abrufbare Pferde Mod

Abrufbare Pferde Mod is a Minecraft mod that gives players access to a range of horses and other equines. Arabian horses, Thoroughbred horses, and even wild horses like Mustangs are included in this mod. Saddles, bridles, and other horse accoutrements may be crafted by players. The appearance and feel of the horse may be further altered by using dyes to re-color their coats.

Abrufbare Pferde Mod also includes additional goods like horse treats, unique riding gear, and horse-related blocks such as hay bales. Players may use this mod to add these lovely creatures to their Minecraft landscapes, bringing them to life.

#11 Minecraft Pferdestlle Mod

Minecraft Pferdeställe Mod is a mod that adds a range of horse-related features to the popular sandbox game Minecraft. This patch gives gamers wider access to new horse breeds and features.

The update adds new horse breeds to the game, including warmbloods, Friesians, and Shetlands. It also helps gamers train their horses by giving detailed instructions on everything from how to saddle and bridle animals to how to clean and care for them. Additionally, the mod includes a range of equestrian equipment such as saddles and bridles, enabling users to personalize the appearance of their horse. Finally, the mod includes a variety of goods such as carrots and sugar cubes that may be used as horse treats.

#10 Pferde-Mod

The#10 Pferde-Mod is a Minecraft mod that converts the game into a horse simulator. This patch includes over 18 different horse breeds, as well as additional saddles, armor, and movement features to make your horse stand out in the game. Each horse also has its unique set of attributes and abilities, enabling you to tailor your horse to your precise specifications.

Furthermore, you may ride horses for a variety of objectives, such as racing against other players or fast exploring an area. The#10 Pferde-Mod is ideal for any player wishing to improve on Minecraft’s already enjoyable gameplay.

#9 Netherite Pferderstungs Mod

The Netherite Pferderstungs Mod enhances Minecraft with unique and exciting horse characteristics. This mod adds additional blocks, armor, equipment, and food for horses to employ in combat to boost their strength and effectiveness. One of the most intriguing aspects of this patch is the “Pferderstun” class of horses, who are very strong animals capable of withstanding large amounts of damage before dying.

The Netherite Pferderstungs Mod also includes a plethora of horse modifications that you can use to make your horses seem as distinctive as possible. Custom meshes, textures, and colors are a few examples. You may also customize their speed, jump height, and health regeneration rate. There is also a long list of equippable accessories for your horses, such as saddles and horseshoes, that you may use to improve their powers even more.

#8 Pferdestatistik Vanilla Fabric MOD

This Pferdestatistik Vanilla Fabric MOD is ideal for horse enthusiasts who wish to integrate their passion for horses into the realm of Minecraft. The mod introduces four new horse breeds: the Arabian horse, the Appaloosa horse, the Shire horse, and a unicorn horse. Each breed has its own distinct appearance as well as statistics such as speed and health.

The mod also includes a new stable manager and riders, as well as several customization options for users to make each breed appear exactly as they want it to. Finally, gamers may now nurture their own horses from newborn to mature adult in order to participate in races or exhibits. Your Minecraft experience will never be the same after installing this mod.

#7 Dummes Pferd steht still

The#7 Dummes Pferd steht still Minecraft mod is a must-have for every horse fan. This mod allows users to explore the world of horsemanship from inside the confines of their Minecraft game. It includes a large range of horse accessories, such as saddles and bridles, as well as the option to breed and train your own unique horses. Players may also construct stables, alter the appearance of their rides, and collect resources on their loyal steed.

This mod is ideal for individuals who want to improve the realism of their Minecraft experience. From inside the game, gamers may now experience the true sense of real-life horsemanship. This patch provides players with a complete equestrian experience that is both gratifying and engaging, from taming wild horses to caring for a wounded mount. Furthermore, all purchases are shared across servers, allowing you to enjoy your virtual horsing experiences with your buddies regardless of which server you choose.

#6 Pferderennen Plus Minecraft Mod

Pferderennen Plus is a Minecraft Mod that transforms the popular game into a horse racing simulation. Many features are added by the mod, including lifelike horses with their own personalities, movements, and behavior. Players may build their own stables, breed horses, and even compete against one another in a growing number of events. It’s an exciting approach to elevate the Minecraft experience.

Pferderennen Plus also has a plethora of customizing possibilities for your horse’s appearance. You may change the manes and tails, tweak the speeds and stamina, and pick from a variety of hoof shapes and color schemes. Every player’s stable will be unique with these possibilities. On top of that, the mod contains a plethora of horse gear, ranging from:

  • Saddles
  • Saddle bags
  • Tailored shoes to assist them run faster on the racecourse.

#5 Pferdestatistiken Mod

The #5 Pferdestatistiken Mod is a mod for the popular computer game Minecraft that adds horses to the game. The mod adds a plethora of options that allow users to personalize their horses, such as horse attributes like speed, acceleration, and leap height. Players may also customize the horses’ appearance by selecting various fur and eye colors.

The mod also includes several horse-related things such as bridles and saddles, as well as riding equipment such as stirrups and reins. Finally, using the mod’s unique breeders tool, users may develop new horse breeds.

Minecraft users may use this mod to transform their environment into a horse-filled adventure.

#4 Zwei Spieler ein Pferd Mod

The 𝄞 Zwei Spieler ein Pferd Mod, often known as the Two Player One Horse Mod, converts the popular sandbox game Minecraft into a horse game. This mod adds a horse to the game that two players may ride at the same time. This implies that one player controls the horse’s left side while the other controls the horse’s right side.

Other features of the mod include:

  • Configurable speed
  • Leap height
  • Climbing barriers
  • Carrying stuff in saddlebags
  • Herding animals

This mod is ideal for users who want to bring realism to their gaming experience. It’s also ideal for groups that wish to collaborate while exploring Minecraft’s environment with their new trusty horse. You may experience a whole new method of playing Minecraft with this mod installed.

#3 Astikor Minecraft Cart Mod

The Astikor Minecraft Cart Mod for Minecraft is a unique mod that introduces horse-drawn carts to the game. The Astikor Cart Mod adds draft horses and ponies to the game, as well as carts. In your world, after you’ve tamed a horse, you may connect a cart to it and start dragging items around.

The AstikorCart Mod also includes a plethora of modifications and cosmetic goods such as saddles, halters, and bridles. You may also make custom armor kits for your horse. This mod is ideal for anybody looking to add realism and challenge to their gaming experience. So, if you want to turn Minecraft into a horse game, get this Astikor Cart Mod immediately.

#2 Minecraft Pferdezaumzeug Mod

The Minecraft Pferdezaumzeug Mod is a Minecraft mod that enables users to make their own saddles and bridles, as well as introduce a new horse breed and customisable horses. The patch adds various items of equipment to the game, allowing you to design your own personal stable with whichever sort of horse you like. You can now make your Minecraft experience more realistic by customizing elements like color, textures, and bridle components using the patch. The mod is free and may be found on a variety of download sources.

This update, in addition to introducing gear, brings a new type of horse into the game. This breed was developed with an emphasis on beauty and grace while remaining balanced in terms of speed and agility. Different colors may be utilized to make personalized horses that are one-of-a-kind. Your own stable may also be customized so that everything appears great in your environment.

#1 Realistische Pferdegenetik

Realistic Horse Genetics is a Minecraft mod that alters the appearance and behavior of horses. When installed, gamers may design lifelike horses with individual coat patterns, eye colors, and personalities. All horses in the game were identical before to Realistic Horse Genetics, but this patch has introduced an additional degree of realism and personalization to the game.

This mod also allows you to breed horses with distinct qualities that may be passed down to their offspring. This mod also includes additional features such as horse shows in which users participate in dressage or show jumping events. Realistic Horse Genetics is intended to make Minecraft a more interesting game for horse enthusiasts by providing depth and realism to horse-related activities inside the game.

Minecraft Pferde-Mods: Mach Minecraft zu einem Pferde-Spiel!