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NFL Power Rankings Week 13

The NFL 2013 season is drawing to a close, and the final week of the year sees some big matchups with playoff implications. The Houston Texans are looking for their first ever win against Tom Brady’s Patriots as well as home field advantage in an AFC Championship Game rematch between Denver and Cincinnati.

The “nfl power rankings week 14” is a weekly ranking of the best teams in the NFL. The rankings are based on how well each team has performed during the week and over the course of the season.

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The NFL Power Rankings and confidence go hand in hand. While we’re usually confident in our weekly rankings, we’ve decided to go it a step further at NFL Nation and issue weekly confidence ratings to let fans know how we feel about each team following each game. With two-thirds of the season over, it’s time to assess how each reporter’s confidence rating have changed.

We first did this six weeks ago, with the reporters tackling the topic of “how it started vs. how it’s going,” and we now have even more information (though no meme nearly as convenient). So, we’re taking a look at how reporters ranked their teams after Week 6 and comparing it to how confident they are today. Some are pleased with how the season has progressed (listen up, New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs fans), while others are not so pleased with the teams they cover (sorry, New Orleans Saints fans). Others show comparable levels of confidence to those they had six weeks earlier, but there are significant differences amongst them (Raider Nation, we feel ya).

The following is how we rate our Power Rankings: Our power panel, which includes over 80 writers, editors, and TV personalities, assesses how teams perform during the season.

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Previous position: 21619581573_739_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 7.5 What’s going on right now: 8.0

On most days, the Packers will be the favorites as long as Aaron Rodgers is on the field, even if he has a fractured toe. The offensive has a lot in common with the one that led the NFL in scoring in 2020. The Packers have scored more than 30 points in each of the last two weeks, and they now have a bye week to rest up before a stretch of just two road games, one of which is in winless Detroit. — Demovsky, Rob


1st place previously1619581576_849_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6’s confidence rating is 9.4 out of 10. What’s going on right now: 8.5

Losing two of three games may shake a team’s confidence, but Arizona restored much of that confidence by defeating the 49ers and Seahawks with backup quarterback Colt McCoy. The Cardinals’ Week 8 defeat to the Packers, on the other hand, is reason for worry, especially because Arizona is certain to face Green Bay in the playoffs. Josh Weinfuss (@JoshWeinfuss)


Previous position: 61619581573_739_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 8.0 What’s going on right now: 8.0

Despite being devastated by injuries and suffering on the road, the Bucs continue to find ways to win games. In the one hand, on a team with multiple aged veterans, injuries are sure to occur. However, the experience of players like Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Ndamukong Suh, Leonard Fournette, and Lavonte David in come-from-behind victories in double-digit deficits, such as the one they overcame against the Colts on Sunday, cannot be understated. Jenna Laine is a writer who lives in New York City.


Previous position: 81619581573_739_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6’s confidence level is 9.0. What’s going on right now: 8.0

The Ravens have the best record in the AFC, but they haven’t looked particularly impressive in their ascent to the top. With Lamar Jackson as the starter, Baltimore has experienced its greatest margin of defeat (a 24-point loss to the Bengals at home) and has generated its two lowest point totals (10 points in Miami and 16 points against the Browns). If Jackson can get back on track, the Ravens might be a dangerous team down the stretch, thanks to an improved defense and a dependable kicker in Justin Tucker. Jamison Hensley (Jamison Hensley)


Previous position: 91619581573_739_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 5.0 What’s going on right now: 6.6

New England has won six games in a row. Consider this: According to Bill Belichick, no statistic correlates more with winning than turnovers. The Patriots were minus-3 in turnover differential after Week 6, when they were 2-4; today, they are plus-10 for the season, which is second best in the NFL. When considering how the Patriots have turned their season around and why my confidence rating has risen, that’s a good place to start. — Reiss, Mike


Previous position: 71619581573_739_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

6.0 confidence rating for the sixth week What’s going on right now: 9.0

Over the last four games, the Chiefs’ defense has allowed less than 12 points a game, which has helped them win games. Earlier this season, it seemed like the Chiefs would be years away from being competitive on defense; but, if this trend continues, every game they play the rest of the way will be winnable. It’s concerning that the offense has only scored more than 20 points once in the last five games; if this trend continues, one poor day for the defense may derail all of the Chiefs’ plans. Adam Teicher’s remark


Previous position: 121619581573_739_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

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Week 6 self-assurance rating: 7.8 What’s going on right now: 7.9

Outside of a Week 5 victory over the Chiefs, the Bills haven’t beaten a big-time opponent, therefore the rating hasn’t altered much. The Bills have been up and down since their Week 6 defeat to the Titans, losing to the Jaguars and Colts (both in blowouts) while beating the Dolphins, Jets, and Saints.

Since the beginning of October, Buffalo hasn’t been able to put together a winning streak. The offense has to solidify its identity and demonstrate that it is capable of being productive game after game. Two future games versus the Patriots, as well as a game in Tampa, will be crucial. Alaina Getzenberg is a writer who lives in New York City.


3rd place before.1619581576_849_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 7.5 What’s going on right now: 7.5

Injuries have undoubtedly been the most significant change for the Titans. This season, they had a total of 86 players on their roster, which is an NFL record. The strategy of “next guy up” can only take you so far. The last two weeks have been very trying. Back-to-back defeats are a formula for zero takeaways and nine turnovers. However, the Titans’ 270-yard rushing performance against the Patriots gives them reason to be optimistic. Tennessee’s foundation is running the ball even without Derrick Henry. Getting wide outs A.J. Brown and Julio Jones back on the field will also help a lot. The defense has also shown to be game-changing, which will be even more so once Bud Dupree returns. Turron Davenport (Turron Davenport)


Previous position: 131619581573_739_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 7.0 What’s going on right now: 6.7

After an upset loss to the Jets and a blowout loss to the Browns, Cincinnati went from one of the hottest teams in the AFC to one with a lot of questions. For a squad with postseason hopes, it was a serious stumbling block. Cincinnati, on the other hand, has won back-to-back games following an off-week and seems to have rediscovered its early-season form. Coach Zac Taylor is well aware of this: “We’ve regained some of the momentum we had early in the season and thought we could have. We experienced a little hiccup, but these people are quite confident.” – Ben Little


Previous position: 51619581576_849_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 9.1 What’s going on right now: 7.9

NFL-2021-team-previews-Bold-predictions-breakout-candidates-biggestThis week’s essentials include: • Check out the full schedule » | Check out the standings » • Every team’s depth chart » • Injuries » | Transactions » • Rankings of the Football Power Index » Additional NFL coverage »

When you lose three out of four games, your confidence drops. With defeats to Denver, Kansas City, and Las Vegas, it’s a good thing the Cowboys don’t play in the AFC West. The offense, particularly the ground game, has become stale. Defenses have disrupted the pass game with aggressive play outside, causing Dak Prescott to hold the ball for lengthier periods of time.

The Cowboys’ defense has given up far too many huge plays this season, and now it is unable to make crucial stops and has far too many penalties. Against the Raiders, Greg Zuerlein failed a PAT and a 59-yard field goal attempt struck the upright. He needs to be more consistent in his actions. All of the happy vibes that came with a victory over Minnesota on Halloween sans Prescott have slowly trickled out of the balloon. Todd Archer is a writer.


Previous position: 41619581576_849_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6’s confidence rating is 8.4 out of 10. What’s going on right now: 7.0

The Rams have a 1-4 record versus winning teams and a 6-0 record against everyone else. For the second time in Sean McVay’s five seasons as coach, they’re on a three-game losing run. During the losing skid, quarterback Matthew Stafford has thrown three interceptions that have been returned for scores, as well as committing six turnovers. On defense, opponents have devised strategies to prevent any Aaron Donald, Von Miller, or Leonard Floyd rushes while also keeping plays away from Jalen Ramsey, the cornerback. And special teams’ season-long run of disappointing, if not expensive, performance continues. With six games left, a squad designed for the Super Bowl is unquestionably on the decline. Lindsey Thiry (Lindsey Thiry)


14th place before.1619581573_739_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 5.8 What’s going on right now: 6.5

In Week 9, the 49ers reached rock bottom against Arizona, but that defeat is long gone. The Niners have won three straight games and four of their last five, putting them in sixth place in the NFC playoff standings. It would be surprising if they didn’t reach the playoffs, given their schedule and the way things are breaking around them, so this confidence level should only climb. Nick Wagoner is a writer.


Previous position: 101619581576_849_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 4.8 What’s going on right now: 3.7

If you give the Colts a team with a losing record, they will almost certainly win. When they play against a team that has a winning record, things change dramatically. The Colts have won five of their six games against opponents with a losing record. Indianapolis has only defeated one club with a winning record this season: Buffalo. Against Baltimore, Tennessee, and, most recently, Tampa Bay, the Colts have squandered double-digit leads. The Colts’ chances of making the playoffs are dwindling as the weeks pass, particularly because three of their last five games are against teams with winning records. Mike Wells’ remark


Previous position: 201619581573_739_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 7.5 What’s going on right now: 7.0

Sure, the Raiders are coming off a heartwarming Thanksgiving victory in Dallas — a game in which QB Derek Carr seemed to shake over a post-bye depression by hitting the Cowboys’ defense more aggressively. However, although the NFL season is really a week-by-week issue, Carr and the Raiders, who have appeared more lost as their three-game losing skid has grown, will need to put together a couple more strong weeks to regain confidence. The next step should be for Washington to offer that chance. Should be spoken once more. Gutierrez, Paul


22nd in the previous ranking1619581573_739_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6’s confidence rating is 5.5 out of 10. What’s going on right now: 5.5


• Patterson’s return to action energises ATL • The Bengals’ offense finds its stride behind Mixon • Why has Dallas’ run game stalled • The Jaguars (finally) adapt their offense to Lawrence • Reagor confronts a pivotal moment following his drop • Takeaways from Week 12: What We Learned

After Week 6, the Broncos were 3-3 and looking to finish 3-4 in Week 7. After winning three of their last four games, they are at 6-5. If Denver continues to keep the quarterback under center about half of the time, employs more play-action, and commits to the run game, the club will remain in the postseason hunt. Another example was Sunday’s victory against the Chargers.

The Broncos are 6-0 when their quarterbacks are 50-50 under center vs shotgun, averaging just over 30 running attempts per game. In those games, they also had all of their pass completions of at least 40 yards during the season. When the team lines up in the shotgun the majority of the time, it is 0-5 and runs the ball an average of 18 times a game. Legwold, Jeff


Previous position: 111619581576_849_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6’s confidence rating is 5.7 out of ten. What’s going on right now: 5.5

The Chargers’ up-and-down season is coming to an end. They’re terrific one week and terrible the next. They won 27-24 against Philadelphia, then lost 27-20 to Minnesota, won 41-37 against Pittsburgh, and then fell 28-13 to the Broncos on Sunday. One obvious need is for someone to step up at running back. There was no one to step in for Austin Ekeler while he was in the concussion protocol. Justin Jackson has 103 yards on 14 runs this season, while Larry Rountree III has 87 yards on 36 attempts. With 243 yards on the ground, quarterback Justin Herbert is the team’s second-leading rusher. He needs alternatives. They could reach the playoffs, but their chances of going far are slim. Shelley Smith says:


15th place before.1619581576_849_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

6.0 confidence rating for the sixth week What’s going on right now: 4.9

The offensive has teetered on the edge of disaster. The Browns’ offense has dropped to 24th in efficiency, 25th in anticipated points added (EPA), 19th in yards per play, 24th in third-down conversion rate, and 26th in first downs per game since Week 6. Baker Mayfield’s injuries have had a noticeable influence on his play throughout the season. The running game is now starting to falter as well. Cleveland is mathematically still in contention for a postseason berth. However, with the Browns’ current offensive, it’s tough to envision them making a meaningful push. Jake Trotter’s remark


Previous position: 161619581576_849_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 5.0 What’s going on right now: 6.0

Minnesota’s playoff prospects have decreased from 78 percent to 40 percent after a 34-26 defeat to San Francisco, according to ESPN’s FPI. Because the Vikings have completed the toughest stretch of their schedule and are in strong position for the No. 7 seed, my confidence rating in Week 12 is a point better than it was in Week 6 — with games remaining against the Lions, a struggling Steelers squad, and two meetings with the Bears. Even with a manageable final stretch, nothing seems totally steady with a squad whose narrative shifts from playoff contender to group in desperate need of a thorough revamp with each victory and defeat. Courtney Cronin (Courtney Cronin)


Previous position: 171619581576_849_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 5.0 What’s going on right now: 2.5

The Steelers’ shortcomings were on full display in their Week 12 thrashing by the Cincinnati Bengals. They can’t run the ball or stop it from running. In Week 6, the Steelers struggled to stop the run, but they still managed to upset the Seahawks due to a strong game from running back Najee Harris. The Steelers have given up an average of 180 yards per game to their past four opponents after stopping the Browns to 96 running yards in Week 8. The Steelers’ own run game is dwindling as well. They have the fourth-lowest running yards and the third-lowest yards per carry average in the league. With six difficult games remaining, including two against the division-leading Ravens, there’s little reason to believe they’ll be able to turn things around. — Brooke Pryor is an actress who plays Brooke Pryor.


Previous position: 181619581576_849_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 7.0 Right now, it’s a 4.5.

I believed the Saints had made it through the hardest part of their season at this point, but I was mistaken. With a victory against the Buccaneers, they improved to 5-2. But then the Saints lost Jameis Winston to a season-ending ACL tear, learned Michael Thomas wouldn’t come returning from an ankle injury for the rest of the season, lost Alvin Kamara for three games, and suffered a slew of other crucial ailments, leading to their current four-game losing skid. The one consistency throughout the season has been a mediocre passing offense (27th in the NFL). However, the roster is improving, and the schedule isn’t too difficult down the stretch, so there’s still reason to be optimistic. Triplett, Mike


Previous position: 251619581573_739_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

4.0 confidence rating for the sixth week What’s going on right now: 8.0


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Consider the impact of a four-game winning run. Tua Tagovailoa remarked after the Dolphins’ rout of the Panthers that they’re now looking like the team they were supposed to be. Miami has returned to become one of the league’s finest defenses after surrendering the most yards in the NFL during its seven-game losing run. Over the last four weeks, it ranks second in the NFL in defensive EPA, following only New England. The Dolphins will almost certainly need some assistance to reach the playoffs, but they should be able to handle the Giants and Jets in their next two games. — Louis-Jacques Marcel


Previous position: 231619581573_739_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 3.7 What’s going on right now: 5.9

The defense and the run game both performed well. Early in the season, neither player was consistent, and the defense was atrocious. Washington, on the other hand, has won three consecutive games thanks to a combination of great defense and a hard running game. In fact, the defense has limited each of its opponents to fewer than 300 total yards in the last four games. The rushing game has accumulated 334 yards in the last two weeks. During this span, Washington quarterback Taylor Heinicke has also done an excellent job of controlling the game. The degree of confidence is rising. ‘John Keim’


Previous position: 211619581576_849_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6’s confidence rating is 3.9 out of ten. What’s going on right now: 4.1

Since our previous check-in, the Eagles have developed an offensive identity centered on a dominating rushing assault. Since Week 8, they’ve picked up 1,078 yards on the ground, far and away the most in the NFL. (The Colts are in second place with 841 points.) Before a costly 13-7 defeat to the Giants on Sunday, in which Jalen Hurts threw a career-high three interceptions, the Eagles had won three of four utilizing that method. According to ESPN’s Football Power Index, Philadelphia’s playoff prospects have dropped to 26% as a result of the loss. The Eagles, on the other hand, have the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL, and they should have more good Sundays than bad to conclude the regular season — if they can limit turnovers. Tim McManus, Ph.D.


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Previous position: 191619581576_849_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 5.0 What’s going on right now: 4.4

Despite the return of important players like as running back Christian McCaffrey and linebacker Shaq Thompson, the Panthers have gone 2-4 since Week 6. Poor quarterback performance has been the most serious concern, among many others. Sam Darnold was the first, with 0 touchdown passes and four interceptions in three games before being placed on injured reserve. Prior to then, he seemed unsteady. Then Cam Newton was added to the mix. His game went apart on Sunday in Miami after a strong start. The confidence level will continue to fall until that situation stabilizes. David Newton is an author.


Previous position: 241619581576_849_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 5.0 What’s going on right now: 3.6

The Falcons are still hovering around.500 and in the wild-card chase, but a lot of it has to do with who they’ve defeated. All five of the Falcons’ victories have come against teams with winning records below.500, including two that would be drafted in the first five if the season ended today. Atlanta’s consistency has been an issue, and when they face excellent opponents, it has resulted in poor outcomes. In addition, the remainder of the schedule isn’t fair, with games against Tampa Bay, San Francisco, and Buffalo among the last six. Michael Rothstein is a writer and producer.


Previous position: 262021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 1.8 What’s going on right now: 4.0

The Giants have won three of their last five games, defeating the Panthers, Raiders, and Eagles. Even if it hasn’t been beautiful, that’s not horrible. The Giants have only lost twice since Week 6: at Tampa Bay and Kansas City on Monday nights. How? During that period, they had the second-highest defensive EPA (36.96). Jordan Raanan is a writer.


Previous position: 272021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 4.8 What’s going on right now: 3.5

As you can see, I have a low level of faith in the Bears. The Bears are 4-7 and technically still in contention for the playoffs, but when tiebreakers are taken into account, they rank 14th out of 16 NFC clubs. I would give the Bears a tiny boost anytime they won, but the Bears never earned a high number on the weekly confidence ratings due to the quality of opponent (or lack thereof). Is it appropriate for me to organize a parade in honor of the Bears’ razor-thin victory against winless Detroit? Dickerson, Jeff


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Previous position: 282021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6 self-assurance rating: 5.0 What’s going on right now: 2.0

With a 3-8 record, a broken offense, and a 1% chance of making the playoffs, the Seahawks have little reason to be optimistic, according to ESPN’s Football Power Index. When Geno Smith took over for an injured Russell Wilson against the Rams, they couldn’t finish on offense, and the same thing occurred in their two defeats with Smith as the starter. The thinking at the time was how much Wilson, one of the finest closers in the NFL, was missing. However, since his return from finger surgery, their offense has been just as poor, scoring just 28 points in three consecutive defeats. Wilson claims his finger is healthy and free of rust, but he is missing throws that he normally makes. Their defense is performing well, but it isn’t enough to save them from a disappointing season. Brady Henderson’s quote


Previous position: 31 1619581573_739_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6’s confidence level is 3.0. What’s going on right now: 4.0

On offense, the Jets have improved from 31st to 21st in total yards. However, rookie quarterback Zach Wilson, who was out for four games during this period, had nothing to do with the improvement. They need to bring him up to speed since he is the future of the company. On the negative, the defense plummeted from 22nd to 32nd, including a four-game losing streak, which was historically terrible. The defense made a few small strides in Sunday’s 21-14 victory against the Texans, but it still has a long way to go. Cimini, Rich


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30th in the previous ranking2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6’s confidence level is 3.0. What’s going on right now: 1.5

The Jaguars’ offense has deteriorated substantially, and it wasn’t very good in the first six weeks. In their last five games, the Jaguars have averaged a league-low 11.4 points per game and have only accumulated 283 yards (176 passing). During that time, rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence has thrown two touchdown passes and two interceptions, with a QBR of 25.6 (second lowest). Mike DiRocco’s remark


Previous position: 291619581576_849_2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6’s confidence level is 1.0. What’s going on right now: 0.8

For a Texans team that has only won one game since Week 6 and already had a poor confidence level, not much has changed. Houston surprised Nashville in Week 11 with a victory, but the Texans couldn’t build on it Sunday, falling to the Jets by a score. After having just one first-round selection since 2018, the Texans’ greatest issue now is where they will choose in the draft. According to ESPN’s FPI, Houston has a 97.3 percent probability of receiving a top-5 selection and an average draft position of 2.6. Sarah Barshop is a writer.


32nd in the previous ranking2021-mens-college-basketball-recruiting-class-rankings

Week 6’s confidence level is 2.5. What’s going on right now: 2.0

I honestly don’t have much faith in this group. Winning a single game remains a mystery. It has a lot to do with the offensive playcalling since coach Dan Campbell took over, as well as the roster’s general skill. Even though the Lions are 0-10-1, they continue to play hard, but I don’t trust them to finish games. With self-inflicted blunders and fouls at important times, even quarterback Jared Goff said after the Thanksgiving Day loss to Chicago that this squad has to “learn how not to lose.” Eric Woodyard’s remark

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The “NFL Power Rankings Week 13” is a weekly article that ranks the NFL teams from top to bottom. The rankings are based on a number of factors, including recent performance and strength of schedule. Reference: nfl rankings week 13.

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