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Outfit Mods for Fallout 4 – A Comprehensive List

Looking for the best Fallout 4 mods to change up your game? Check out this comprehensive list of the best outfit mods available!

The Best Outfit Mods for Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has a large number of clothing modifications, allowing users a broad variety of personalization choices. There’s something for every Fallout 4 enthusiast, from complete body armors to historical outfits and other unusual designs. Here are some of the most popular clothing mods:

  • Set of Mechanics – This post-apocalyptic suit comprises radiation-protective armor, cowl, and gauntlets.
  • German Uniform During WWII – This mod adds a full World War II German uniform, complete with shoulder pads and boots.
  • Survivor Set from Vault 111 – With this outfit, you may experience what it’s like to be a genuine survivor, complete with power armor, helmet, jumpsuit, and boots.
  • Visual Apparel – Stand out in style with this futuristic sci-fi ensemble, which includes an agile armor suit and a techno-tinted helmet.
  • Overhaul of Power Armor – This mod enables you to modify your appearance while still protecting yourself from the post-apocalyptic environment, so you may enjoy playing with any sort of power armor.

Style Up with These Outfit Mods for Fallout 4

Mods are essential for enhancing your Fallout 4 characters’ wardrobes. Outfit modifications include a host of additional garment pieces, enabling you to further modify your wards’ appearance. With so many amazing outfit modifications available, it might be difficult to choose the appropriate ones for your character.

To make things simpler, this list features some of the greatest Fallout 4 clothing modifications. Each mod has its own own style, with new clothing pieces ranging from casual daily wear to opulent evening dress. Furthermore, they all have excellent textures and realistic designs that complement the game’s theme. There’s certain to be an outfit mod that matches your style, whether it’s traditional or hip and distinctive.

1950s Feminine Outfits (Vanilla EVB CBBE)

Fallout 4 1950s feminine ensembles based on the Vanilla EVB and CBBE body types. These clothes include iconic vintage apparel from the 1950s, such as long dresses, skirts, and blouses. Each costume is meant to be compatible with either the vanilla EVB or CBBE body type, and each item has special textures to give it a distinct aesthetic.

Furthermore, all of the clothing pieces are entirely compatible with Ryu-Outfit gi’s Mods mod for Fallout 4. This implies that when an outfit is dressed, it will immediately detect any extra modifications made by the user, such as eye color or hair mods. The combination of these elements results in an immersive experience that will make any player stand out in a throng of post-apocalyptic survivors.

True Reporter Piper Outfit Redone CBBE Vanilla Bodyslide

Piper True Reporter Outfit Fallout 4 has a mod called Redone CBBE Vanilla Bodyslide. This mod enables users to design an outfit for Piper’s character. The outfit is based on the game’s original True Reporter costume, however it has been updated with new textures, meshes, and color schemes. It also offers choices for both CBBE and Vanilla Bodyslides, enabling players to further personalize their character’s appearance.

Furthermore, this mod includes an optional “tails” option that may be attached to the rear of your character’s armor. This mod is ideal for gamers who want to personalize their Fallout 4 experience by giving their main character a whole new appearance.

Agent Outfit

The Agent Clothing is a one-of-a-kind Fallout 4 outfit that provides the player exceptional perks and benefits to increase their character’s fighting ability. The Agent Outfit is an excellent option for individuals wishing to boost their damage output or survivability.

The Agent Outfit enhances your Damage Resistance against Energy Weapons and grants you more Action Points while participating in V.A.T.S assaults when donned. These bonuses are particularly useful for individuals playing on higher difficulty levels or who want to cause more damage in a short period of time without having to reload often.

Additionally, the Agent Outfit also grants you a bonus to your accuracy when using any weapon except shotguns and melee weapons, making it ideal for long-range combat as well as close-quarters engagements.

JC Shirt and Jeans

In Fallout 4, the JC Shirt and Jeans are ideal beginning clothing for training your character, Ryu. This suit is light enough not to limit Ryu’s agility and mobility while also offering enough protection from strikes and radiation. A snug brown shirt with black stripes and basic pants make up the JC Shirt and Jeans. The shirt can be discovered in the backroom of Arturo’s Hair & Accessories in the Diamond City Marketplace. Doc Crocker’s Jeans are available at Diamond City Surplus Store.

Both pieces offer good protection for Ryu, but their actual benefit is their capacity to boost Charisma, which determines how NPCs respond to him throughout gameplay. You may persuade NPCs to act on your side or perform more favorable actions during talks or combat encounters with an improved Charisma score.

Just another Piper Outfit

“Just Another Piper Clothing” is a Fallout 4 mod that adds a new outfit to the female protagonist, Piper Wright. This mod adds an outfit that is based on Piper’s original clothing from the vanilla game, but has been improved to be more distinctive and fashionable.

The costume consists of a pair of greenish-brown boots, a brown leather jacket, blue pants, and various other accoutrements such as spectacles and an assault weapon holster. There is also an optional hoodie⁠r version of the jacket, which is ideal for those chilly evenings in post-apocalyptic Boston.

Many people have praised this mod for its excellent quality and attention to detail. Especially in comparison to other modifications that may have texture, clipping, or size problems. Furthermore, due of the better aesthetics and heightened immersion element, it enables players to experience the game in ways they never had before.

K-Girl outfits

K-Girl clothes are among the most well-known and popular Fallout 4 modifications. They are very adaptable and may be used in almost any gaming scenario. Each K-Girl costume is essentially a full outfit consisting of a shirt, trousers, shoes, and a few accessories. There are several types to pick from, so you’ll have lots to consider while constructing your ideal character.

If you want to make your character stand out from the crowd with style and flare, then K-Girl clothing should be your first pick. They not only look beautiful, but they also give some protection against various forms of harm, which might come in useful if you find yourself in a tricky position.

TheKites MilitiaWoman Outfit

This Fallout 4 costume mod gives your female characters a distinctive and elegant appearance. The Kites MilitiaWoman Outfit consists of a hooded military-style blouse, khaki trousers, and combat boots. This mod not only looks beautiful, but it also adds more protection to your character in the game, making it an excellent option for anyone playing on survival difficulties.

As an added bonus, this mod includes a variety of hairstyles to pick from, enabling you to create the ideal appearance for your character. This mod is compatible with both Skyrim Special Edition and non-Special Edition versions of the game. Simply download the outfit mod file and edit it in your chosen mod manager before playing the game.

Troublemaker Outfits Collection Standalone CBBE Bodyslide

Troublemaker Outfits Collection is a popular achievement mod for Skyrim SE. It includes a large number of independent CBBE Bodyslide outfits for Fallout 4. The clothes are based on famous fantasy figures and are available in both male and female versions. The mod also contains unique textures, models, and physics effects to provide authenticity and immersion to each outfit.

You may bring troublemaker feelings to your game with this mod’s distinctive clothing items that precisely imitate the look of the old Fallout games. You may make them at any armor workshop or buy them from merchants around the Wasteland. If you want to improve your Fallout 4 experience, the Troublemaker Outfits Collection is a terrific place to start.

Femsheppings Light Brawler Outfits (Vanilla Body and CBBE Bodyslide)

When it comes to Fallout 4 clothing modifications, Femsheppings Light Brawler Outfits is one of the finest. It includes a variety of clothing meant to be worn with both the Vanilla body and the CBBE Bodyslide. This patch includes a number of new armors and costumes, such as biker jackets, light armor, battle armor, leathers, and more. It also includes various different color and paint schemes for each outfit.

The patch also fixes several clipping problems that existed in original versions. It provides meshes that are particularly tuned to the Fallout 4 body type, ensuring that users do not suffer any unexpected clipping from the various body kinds. It is quite simple to install Femsheppings Light Brawler Outfits; simply:

  1. Extract the files using 7zip or Winrar.
  2. Store them in your Fallout 4 game directory’s “Data” folder.
  3. Enjoy all of the new clothes from this fantastic mod.

Clothing Of The Commonwealth Mega Outfit Pack (VANILLA-EVB-CBBE) (AWKCR-AE)

Commonwealth Clothing Mega Outfit Pack VANILLA-EVB-CBBE is a massive collection of Fallout 4 clothing modifications. It includes over 500 new outfits that are all compatible with the Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) and Armor Extension (AE) modifications. This mod is ideal for people who want to personalise their characters or add some variation to the population of the Commonwealth.

The mod provides a variety of apparel, offering players a variety of possibilities for personalizing their attire for any given occasion. Everything from fitted suits to kung fu attire and much more is on the vast list. With so many alternatives available, you’re likely to discover something that matches your own taste.

TIEs Vanilla Outfits CBBE Bodyslide Re Conversions

Vanilla TIE Outfits In Fallout 4, CBBE Bodyslide Re Conversions are a form of loose file. These files are used with the Bodyslide and Outfit Studio applications to build unique clothes or character models.

TIEs (Thematic Integrated Surroundings) are aimed to give users with detailed and diverse environments, which may be accessed through their website. The phrase “vanilla” refers to the fact that no changes have been made to the original items or models, which means they preserve their original textures, colors, forms, and sizes.

CBBE (Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer) is a Fallout 4 modding application that lets you to adjust your 3D character model’s body form, size, and scale using a range of variables such as body mass index (BMI), and so on.

Bodyslide allows you to tweak each individual slider in your 3D model as well as create conversion packages from other modifications that utilize different kinds of sliders. Finally, Re Conversions allows users to convert their unique costumes back into Fallout 4 files using Bodyslide’s ‘Convert Object’ option.

Tomb Raider Outfits (EVB-CBBE) (AE-AWKCR)

Tomb Raider Outfits for Dogmeat in Fallout 4 are a collection of armor modifications inspired by the legendary Lara Croft. These modifications aim to make Dogmeat appear like a genuine buddy, as if he arrived right from one of the Tomb Raider games.

Several different breastplates and helmets are available, as well as other component armor sets such as Hunter Leathers and Commando Suit. This outfit mod’s parts are all compatible with EVB-CBBE body types and AE-AWKCR armors. Dogmeat may also equip weapons that fit his new appearance, such as a bow and arrows or kukri blades.

With all of these components accessible, real Tomb Raider fans may create their own version of this popular Tomb Raider companion.

Colorful Leggings

Enabling loose files is a vital step in installing Fallout 4 modifications. Colorful leggings are a popular Fallout 4 mod that requires the user to activate loose files. When you allow loose files, any mod you download from the Nexus Mods website may be installed straight into the main Data folder of your game. This enables all modifications to be correctly utilized without the need to explicitly include them in the game’s plugin.txt file or make changes to the game’s root properties such as “read only” status.

Enabling loose files provides simple access to pleasurable stuff that might otherwise be unavailable, such as colorful leggings. It is essential for installing modifications and ensuring their success in Fallout 4.

4K Silver Shroud outfit retexure

The 4K Silver Shroud clothing retexture is one of the modifications available for customizing your character in the video game Fallout 4. This mod is intended exclusively for the R91 Standalone Assault Rifle, giving it a unique silver hue with a glossy finish and unusual texture features. The update also alters the weapon’s sights and barrel, making it seem more realistic and impressive. If you’re looking for something a bit more powerful, check out the rust free minigun option.

With this mod installed, your handgun will be more visible in low-light situations, giving you an edge while exploring perilous places or participating in heated gunfights. Furthermore, this retexture patch improves the degree of detail, giving gamers a more immersive gameplay experience.

Military Outfit CBBE

The Military Outfit CBBE is a Fallout 4 outfit mod that provides players with an aesthetically pleasing and competent military-style alternative to the regular Vault Suit. It is tailored to CBBE body types and looks fantastic on both male and female characters.

It’s made up of four separate pieces: a black hoodie, tan pants, dark olive boots, and a Rifleman’s Drum Style Utility Belt. The parts used to make the outfit give exceptional armor rating advantages as well as small improvements to Charisma, Perception, Endurance, and Agility ratings.

This mod also contains entirely new AARP 2.0 [Alternative Assault Rifle Properties] for even more customization while using a ranged weapon like an assault rifle or shotgun, such as the 501 sniper rifle standalone. Improved accuracy from decreased recoil, quicker reloads from enlarged magazines, higher bullet velocity from improved barrel length, and much more are among these benefits:

  • Improved accuracy from decreased recoil.
  • Quicker reloads from enlarged magazines.
  • Higher bullet velocity from improved barrel length.
  • And much more.

K-Girls Shoes CBBE

K-Girls Shoes CBBE is a Fallout 4 Outfit Mod that adds a new pair of shoes to the game. This mod swaps out the standard shoes with a pair of K-Girl’s Shoes. The sneakers are fashioned after the iconic K-Girl brand and look great with any outfit.

The mod supports both CBBE body types and is compatible with Bodyslide and Outfit Studio for simple customization. With this mod loaded, you may easily distinguish yourself from the crowd by displaying your own unique flair. Overall, this is a fantastic method to make your character stand out without infringing any game restrictions.

Elegant Hardware A Jewelry Modification

Elegant Hardware is a Fallout 4 jewelry modification mod that adds a number of new jewelry items to the game. Over 30 new jewelry items are included in the mod, including armors, earrings, necklaces, rings, and more. The components come in a variety of colors and styles, and they may be combined with other modifications to create unique aesthetics.

One of the nicest aspects of this mod is its compatibility with the Far Harbor DLC; all of the items featured in it are Far Harbor compatible. Elegant Hardware allows players to elevate their characters’ clothing to the next level, making them even more fashionable and sophisticated than before.

Femsheppings Wasteland Drifter Outfits (For CBBE and Vanilla Females)

Femsheppings’ Fallout 4 Modern Firearms Project is a modification project. It includes current military-style uniforms made exclusively for female characters. The clothes, which were designed for both CBBE and vanilla ladies, are incredibly detailed and can be worn in a variety of ways. Body armor, pouches, and military gear are included in the ensemble costumes, which have a sci-fi/apocalyptic wasteland style.

The contemporary guns project also includes weapons to match with the costumes, enabling players to further personalize the appearance and feel of their character’s armor set. The mod also makes use of Fallout 4’s new crafting features to provide a variety of unique objects that may be produced from materials discovered in the wasteland. This contains scavenged bits from damaged weapons as well as pieces obtained via trade or robbing containers.

With its variety of styles, this mod allows users to build their own distinctive wasteland wanderer look.

Order of Fenrir Clothing Handler

The Order of Fenrir Clothing Handler mod adds a plethora of great contemporary weaponry to Fallout 4. You’ll be able to use the M4A1, AK47, M249 SAW, and other weapons. This mod also includes various outfit choices for your character to wear. All of them are based on actual military outfits and equipment.

You will be able to change various factors connected to the weapons in addition to the weapons themselves. This includes sights, muzzle attachments, and other accessories. With these additional weapons and wardrobe choices at your disposal, Fallout 4 might seem like a whole other game.

Overboss Outfit CBBE Bodyslide Conversion

The Overboss Outfit CBBE Bodyslide Conversion mod is a complete collection of outfit modifications for Fallout 4, a prominent postapocalyptic video game. This mod gives your Fallout 4 character the elegant clothing of the Mercenary Overboss. The mod is intended to work with the famous BodySlide Body Kit as well as Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer (CBBE) 3BBB body type.

To install this mod, make sure you have both Bethesda’s Fallout 4 game and the CBBE 3BBB body type loaded. Then, from its website, download and unzip the Overboss Outfit CBBE Bodyslide Conversion mod onto your PC. Once downloaded, launch BodySlide and go to the “Outfits” option in the upper left corner of the BodySlide window. Navigate to the location where you extracted your downloaded zip file and pick it in the ‘BodySlide’ left pane window. Finally, hit ‘Build Morphs‘ followed by ‘OK/Apply’ to make your modifications permanent.

Cass and Fink Inc Pilots Streetwear CBBE

Cass and Fink Inc. Pilots Streetwear CBBE is a Fallout 4 mod that provides a whole wardrobe of streetwear-style apparel to the game. Cass and Fink built this mod with the support of gamers who provided comments and recommendations on forums.

The mod’s CBBE component includes body sliders, enabling players to tailor their attire to their avatars. It includes a t-shirt, boots, pants, a cap, hat, a coat, a hoodie, a tank top, and other items.

In addition to the wardrobe items, the mod includes an animation that will play when you visit specified spots. All of this adds up to make this one of the most complete Fallout 4 clothing modifications available.

Synth Suit (Precursor Re-texture)

The Synth Suit Precursor Re-texture is a Fallout 4 mod. It was made by Ashal and is included in the Outfit Mods for Fallout 4 – A Comprehensive List.

This hack adds a synth suit to the game as an alternate starting point. It is a new synth-style outfit that replaces the Vault 111 jumpsuit. The details are sharper and more intricate in this re-textured version than in the vanilla edition. This re-textured version now has a darker color palette, making it appropriate for darker, post-apocalyptic settings. The costume also has some distinctive insignia on the back and around the chest region, which adds to its individuality.

This outfit acts as an alternative start for Fallout 4, allowing players to have a whole different experience than normal without missing out on any of the pleasure that comes with exploring the world of Fallout 4.

Cass And Fink Inc Lost And Found Sarahs Outfit CBBE Vanilla

Cass & Fink Inc. Lost & Found Sarah’s Costume CBBE Vanilla is a Fallout 4 mod that adds a new outfit to the game’s female characters. The outfits, which are entirely black and yellow, are comparable to those worn by Sarah, a Cass And Fink Inc. Foundry worker. The ensemble consists of a black shirt, a yellow and black skirt, and a yellow hat. There is also a backpack accessory included with the outfit.

The mod is now accessible for PC and Xbox One users. It supports both the Bodyslide 2 and CBBE body types in your game, allowing you to tweak it to properly match your characters’ body types. This mod not only looks fantastic, but it also contributes to more immersive roleplaying experiences in Fallout 4 by adding one of Cass And Fink Inc’s most iconic clothes to your clothing selections.

FO4 Piercings-All Slot update

FO4 Piercings-All Slot update is a Fallout 4 Survival Mode patch that allows the user to personalize their virtual avatar with body piercings. The mod grants access to 11 different kinds of piercings, including earrings, face piercings, eyebrow piercings, and neck piercings. There are also over 40 distinct piercing holes available throughout the body for the application of these personalized pieces of jewelry. Furthermore, the mod enables users to customize their piercings by selecting from a number of colors and materials.

In Fallout 4 Survival Mode, go to Settings > Mods > and activate this mod. FO4 Piercings-All Slot upgrade, followed by Enable Console. This will provide gamers access to the customization choices needed to create their own Piercing Avatar.

Communist Armys outfit

The Communist Army’s outfit is a Fallout 4 retextures patch that replaces the normal textures of the game’s assault guns with new communist-themed graphics. The mod alters the appearance of the Chinese assault rifle, Institute rifle, and all non-exclusive laser weapons. It provides them a distinct look that complements a communist-inspired style.

The retextured assault weapons have an eye-catching red camouflaged look with yellow and blue hints in select locations. The patch also adds slight modifications to the designs of the firearms, making them more angular and military in appearance. This is a wonderful pick for individuals wishing to add some individuality to their Fallout 4 experience since it helps gamers to stand out among their fellow wastelands fighters.

Just another Cait Outfit

Just Another Cait Outfit “The mod isn’t necessarily one of the most popular modifications for Fallout 4, but it has the potential to be. The patch adds a new clothing to Fallout 4 that is particularly intended for Cait, your in-game companion. It’s constructed of leather and rivets, and it even features a weapon holster on the back. This outfit may also be customized by altering its colors or adding a few pieces of armor or armorskins to really express the player’s own taste. This mod also contains fresh lip and eye colors for Cait, as well as two alternative haircuts, so you can really mix it up if you want something different from your typical appearance.”

Simply Another Cait Outfit offers a variety of customization choices Fallout 4 gamers may expect more than just an additional outfit.

Merc Outfit Pack

The Fallout 4 Merc Costume Pack contains eight additional outfit customizations for your character in the post-apocalyptic environment. This mod offers four alternative costumes, each with its own set of armor and stats and bonuses.

This mod includes four outfits: Raider-inspired, leather, urban warfare, and battle fatigues. It also contains extra textures like camo and mud overlays to help your avatar stand out. Furthermore, each piece of armor has its own lore-friendly narrative, adding authenticity to your Fallout 4 experience. Because of these features, Merc Outfit Pack is a must-have mod for every Fallout fan’s game.

Outfit Mods for Fallout 4 Listed

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