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Some Parent Groups Proposing Monday ‘Sit

In the U.S., some parents are proposing a new day of rest for all children in an effort to reduce stress on their bodies and minds. This would be a Monday, not a Saturday or Sunday.

Some Parent Groups Proposing Monday ‘Sit

(CBSLA) – LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Grassroots activists and parent organizations have been distributing fliers in the Los Angeles Unified School District and other districts, urging parents to stay their children home from school on Monday to protest vaccination requirements.

With authorities throughout the southland working hard to keep COVID-19 out of schools, several districts, including LAUSD, are nearing vaccination deadlines for teachers and employees.

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Employees in the LAUSD district must get their first dosage of COVID-19 vaccination by Monday. Many workers have already done so, which is reassuring to some parents.

Rachel Wagner, a mom of a LAUSD student, stated, “It demonstrates that they are truly dedicated to their job and to safeguarding kids.”

On Friday, LAUSD stated that 97 percent of its teachers, 95 percent of administrators, and 95 percent of supervisors, such as cafeteria managers or administrative assistants, had received at least one dosage.

Workers who fail to comply with the vaccination requirement will be unable to return to work on Monday.

The district stated in a statement, in part:

“While we continue to offer vaccination access to our workers who have not fulfilled the criteria, we are striving to ensure that learning and educational opportunities at schools are not disrupted.”

The number of workers who have requested to opt out of vaccinations has not been disclosed by LAUSD officials.

California was the first state to require vaccinations for all school-aged children, and some parents are protesting with a planned “sit-in” on Monday.

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Angela McArdle, the head of the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, stated, “There are certainly parents who are taking their kids out of school all over California, and around the nation, too.”

Eric Neff, a Corona-Norco School District parent with two elementary children, said he is part of a group that intends to participate on Monday.

“It’s against the perpetuity of masks for children, and it’s against forcing an untested medication that they’re calling a vaccination into children at this time,” he said, adding that if the “sit-out” is a chance to make a difference, he’d want to participate.

The Corona-Norco School District has issued a statement in response to the planned “sit-in,” which says in part:

“We have contingency plans in place as a district to guarantee that our primary responsibility of teaching and learning in a safe and supportive environment continues in our schools.”

Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children aged 12 and above be vaccinated against COVID, and Pfizer’s vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 may be approved for emergency use in the coming weeks.

Many parents have already gotten their children vaccinated, including those who have pupils in the LAUSD. Some people claim they oppose the vaccination mandate demonstrations.

“Having children and kids miss school, many of whom haven’t had a regular year in the last 18 months,” one parent observed, “is really doing them a disservice.”

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LAUSD officials said that additional walk-in vaccination clinics would be held on Saturday and Sunday to assist its workers get immunized. They’ll also teach them how to use the “Daily Pass” system to submit their information.