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‘That’s Horrible News at a Horrible Time’

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Mike McCarthy, the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, will not guide his team against the New Orleans Saints on Thursday Night Football. McCarthy, who is in his second season as Dallas’ head coach, has allegedly tested positive for COVID-19 and will miss the game in New Orleans on Thursday night.

Dallas is 7-4, but it is on a two-game losing skid and has dropped three of its previous four games. There’s never a good moment to fire your head coach, but Dallas Cowboys veteran Michael Irvin believes this is the worst possible timing.

Mike McCarthy has tested positive for the coronavirus, as have numerous others.

A coronavirus epidemic is now affecting Dallas, and several positive tests have been reported. At least eight individuals have tested positive for Dallas, according to ESPN, and the situation seems to be fluid.

Due to COVID procedures, right tackle Terence Seele, offensive line coach Joe Philbin, assistant coach Jeff Blasko, and strength and conditioning coaches Harold Nash and Kendall Smith are all presently absent. That list might increase, but McCarthy is the most prominent guy on it for the Cowboys, apart from Dak Prescott and perhaps Micah Parsons.

McCarthy will continue to lead and be engaged in all meetings and game preparations on a virtual basis for the duration of the week, including Thursday’s meeting in New Orleans, even though he will not be on the field for the Saints game, according to a news release from the Cowboys.

Michael Irvin, a Cowboys icon, tells it how it is regarding McCarthy’s departure.

Michael Irvin Dallas Cowboys

Michael Irvin Dallas Cowboys Michael Irvin on the sidelines at Lucas Oil Stadium during the Indianapolis Colts’ game against the New York Jets | Justin Casterline/Getty Images

There’s more to life than football, and the ultimate goal is for everyone who has been touched by these positive tests to return totally healthy and ready to play. However, in terms of what’s going on on the field, this couldn’t have happened at a worse moment for Dallas.

“From a football standpoint, well, that’s terrible news at a terrible moment,” Irvin remarked on ESPN in response to McCarthy’s announcement. “You’re coming off of back-to-back defeats, and you’re playing a Thursday game in New Orleans, one of the most difficult venues in the world to play a football game.”

To say the Cowboys are in a slump is an understatement. The Dallas Cowboys’ overtime defeat to the Las Vegas Raiders on Thanksgiving Day was the last nail in the coffin for a dreadful month.

The Cowboys were once considered a real Super Bowl contender, despite currently leading the NFC East and virtually certainly making the playoffs. The Cowboys’ three-game losing streak has raised serious worries, and they no longer seem to be the greatest team in the NFC.

In fact, the Cowboys are now one of the league’s coldest teams. The Saints (5-6) don’t seem to be a huge danger on paper, but neither did the Broncos, Chiefs, or Raiders at the time.

New Orleans has one of the finest home-field advantages in sports, according to Irvin. The Saints have lost four consecutive games, but you can’t rule out a desperate team playing at home, particularly when Sean Payton is the coach.

The Cowboys will face a huge test when they face New Orleans on a Thursday night without their head coach.

The Cowboys will need many guys to step up.

Mike McCarthy Dallas Cowboys

Mike McCarthy Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy reacts following a penalty call against the Las Vegas Raiders | Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

McCarthy’s departure will place the Cowboys in a difficult situation, particularly given the team’s poor November performance. While some may question McCarthy’s ability to make game-day decisions, the truth remains that he is a Super Bowl champion and one of the most successful coaches in the last decade.

He’s a “CEO coach” in the sense that his role is to manage the company and ensure that his assistants and their assistants are carrying out and implementing his team’s goal. That holds true in practice and meetings, as well as on the playing field.

On offense, Kellen Moore calls the plays, but every major decision is made by the head coach. Dallas is fortunate that McCarthy is no longer calling plays since the procedure should be the same with Moore leading the offense. However, it’s impossible to overstate how much a head coach is accountable for in-game decision-making.

According to Jori Epstein of USA Today, McCarthy’s associate head coach Rob Davis will take over as head coach, however this hasn’t been generally acknowledged. Moore, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, and special teams coordinator John Fassell will all have increased responsibilities, according to Epstein.

Regardless of how Dallas distributes McCarthy’s duties, the truth is that numerous individuals will be doing more than they are used to. The Cowboys’ preparation for Thursday Night Football will be quite different. Sure, McCarthy will be participating digitally, but it’s not ideal that so many things are “off” in the middle of the deep hole Dallas is attempting to climb out of.

Yes, this does provide an opportunity to advance. However, it also offers the potential for upheaval, something the Cowboys can’t afford right now.

ESPN and Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

Mike McCarthy Provides a Demoralizing Injury Update on a Star the Dallas Cowboys Need to Win the Super Bowl: ‘I’m worried.’

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