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The Complete ESO Blacksmithing Guide (2021)

Blacksmithing in ESO is a hard skill to master, but once you get it down it becomes a very viable profession in the game. You can make a ton of money, and eventually make a profit. You can make many useful and powerful items in the game, and can literally make a living in this profession. Blacksmithing is a very lucrative and stable profession in ESO, and it can easily be done in a single character.

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The blacksmithing talent is one of the most important crafting abilities in Elder Scrolls Online, and it will help your character in a variety of ways. Whether you wish to collect and sell valuable resources or upgrade your weapons to their maximum potential, blacksmithing will help you get the most out of your time. Blacksmithing is a valuable crafting talent that you should level up as soon as possible to gain the full benefits it has to offer. 

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In this ESO blacksmithing guide, we’ll go over the advantages of blacksmithing, where to obtain resources, and other helpful information that you can use right away in-game. But first, let’s look at why blacksmithing is so essential to begin with.

What is the point of level blacksmithing?

Blacksmithing-Creation-1024x576 Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

Because blacksmithing provides so many advantages to your character in the game, it is one of the crafting skill lines that most players will concentrate on leveling. You will have far greater access to all of the potential set bonuses in the game if you are able to build both heavy armor and one-handed / two-handed weapons. Sure, you can hire a skilled craftsman to create your sets, but when you construct them yourself, you can play anything you want, whenever you want. And don’t even think about the crafting costs. 

You’ll get more materials by gathering from blacksmithing nodes and refining the raw materials you collected with a higher blacksmithing skill and more passives active, in addition to creating sets of blacksmithing materials. The ability to modify things with tempers more readily is arguably the holy grail of applications from the blacksmithing skill path. Not only will you be able to enhance your white quality item to the maximum attainable gold quality, but you will also be able to do it while spending half as much on costly tempering ingredients. We’ll go over which of these passives you should get first later in the tutorial. 

Where Can I Get Blacksmithing Supplies?

Blacksmithing materials may be found almost everywhere in Tamriel, with ore veins most often found in stony terrain along mountain or hill slopes. The ore veins you discover will be based on the player’s Metalworking passive rather than their level, thus if you have rank 1 iron ingots, you won’t be able to locate the rubedite ore veins you require at CP160.

Blacksmithing-Ore-Vein-1024x576 Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

Blacksmithing surveys, which are maps obtained by completing a daily blacksmithing crafting task, may also be used to locate mineral veins. The treasure map-style item will show you an X that indicates the location of six rich ore veins in one of Tamriel’s zones that you can go seek out and discover for twice the amount of ore you’d usually receive from each node. You may return to a crafting station with all of this raw ore and “refine” it into 6-10 ingots every 10 ore refined.

This also has the chance of creating tempers for upgrades, including Honing Stone (white -> green), Dwarven Oil (green -> blue), Grain Solvent (blue -> purple), and finally Tempering Alloy (purple -> gold).

Deconstructing things, including armor and weapons, is another method to acquire blacksmithing materials for this ESO blacksmithing tutorial. When you hit the deconstruction symbol at a crafting station, it will display you all of the metal objects you can dismantle. If you don’t want to deconstruct a weapon, be sure to “lock” it in your inventory so that it doesn’t appear in the deconstruction option.

You may gather the style material that was used to create the object, as well as the metal and upgrade materials, once you dismantle it. You can receive iron ingots, manganese style material, and grain solvent if you disassemble a level 1 epic (purple) grade orc style sword.

Locations of Crafting Stations and How to Get Your Own

Crafting stations may be located throughout the game, though are most readily accessible in each zone’s main city. The placement of the crafting stations and their distance from each other vary depending on the structure of the city. In comparison to Rimmen, Northern Elsweyr, it may take you longer to complete all of your crafts in Windhelm, Eastmarch. Smaller towns in zones will also feature blacksmithing crafting stations, although they will be tougher to locate and not as near to a wayshrine.

Crowns ESO Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

One of the greatest methods to avoid city hopping while still getting your crafting done is to buy (or acquire) your own crafting stations to keep in your home for convenient access. There are many methods to get your own blacksmithing station. The quickest and most costly method is to purchase a blacksmithing station outright from the crown shop for 3000 crowns.

You may also get one by completing Master Writs, which are more challenging crafting tasks, and earning crafting writ vouchers. However, in order to acquire a Master Writ, you must first finish a regular crafting writ of that kind at the maximum level (i.e., a daily crafting writ for a skill you have at max rank). Writ coupons may also be obtained during specific events, such as the October Witches Festival.

Anvil-of-Orsinium-1024x576 Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

Finally, and with the best-looking crafting station, you may get one for free via scrying. The Anvil of Old Orsinium is an antique of legendary level located in Wrothgar. The lead for this item may be obtained by defeating opponents in the Old Orsinium public dungeon. As I received the lead from the Pyre Keeper Rugdrulz battle, be sure to knock down all of the bosses in the region. 

How To Level Up Blacksmithing in ESO (Crafting & Deconstruction)

You’ll want to dismantle as many heavy armor and metal weapons as you can find to increase your blacksmithing skill with our ESO blacksmithing tutorial. Intricate goods will offer you extra inspiration for the crafting tree that corresponds to them, speeding up your leveling progress.

Doing your daily blacksmithing task will also provide you with extra inspiration, allowing you to level up even faster.

You can also make and break blacksmithing objects, although higher-level products provide more experience. Instead of making ten iron daggers, you may prefer to create only one voidstone dagger. Intricate goods may be found at a reasonable price in guild shops, and they can truly help you level up faster.

Blacksmithing-Deconstructing-1024x576 Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

You may work with new kinds of metal with each level of your Metalworking passive, and the higher ranks will grant you more experience each piece disassembled or produced.

Skills in Blacksmithing

Expertise in tempering (the last passive) will provide the greatest advantages in terms of assisting your character in achieving the best potential build, but the other passives are also essential.

Hireling Miner is the most helpful for me since it gives me a lot of free things that I can use to improve my weapons and armor or just sell for a profit.

Take Metallurgy early if you want to be a master craftsman, since it offers you the greatest bang for your money if you take it early.

Although Keen Eye is the least helpful of the abilities included in this ESO blacksmithing tutorial (since ore veins may be seen without it), it still has a place in a well-rounded kit.

Passives & Upgrades

Here’s a list of all the passives in chronological order:

Passive Description Upgrades
Working with Metal Allows you to experiment with different metals. Unlock the ores Iron, Steel, Orichalc, Dwarven, Ebony, Calcinium, Galatite, Quicksilver, Voidstone, and Rubedit.
Keen Eye By lighting ore veins, you can see them more clearly. Ores that are illuminated from a distance of 20 / 30 / 40 meters
Miner Hireling You’ll get blacksmithing supplies in the mail. Pre and associated things are delivered everyday / more ore and related goods are delivered every 12 hours / more ore and related items are delivered every 12 hours
Extraction of Metal Allows you to refine ore for higher tempers and increases your chances of getting additional blacksmithing materials. Increases the likelihood of success / Increases the likelihood of success / Increases the likelihood of success / Increases the likelihood of success / Increases the likelihood of success / Increases the
Metallurgy Reduces research time and enables you to study more things. 5 percent off and two items / 10% off and two items / 20% off and two items / 25% off and three items / 25% off and three items / 25% off and three items / 25% off and three items / 25% off and three items / 25% off and three items / 25% off and three items / 25% off and three items / 25%
Temper Expertise Increases the likelihood of an item being improved (takes less tempers) Chances are increased / much increased / doubled.

Research on Blacksmithing 

Let’s move on to why studying all of the characteristics on all things is essential in this ESO blacksmithing tutorial. Even if you don’t intend to create anything, you should look into item characteristics. This is due to the fact that once you’ve studied a characteristic, you may convert any of your objects of the same kind into it. If you already have the Nirnhoned trait studied on mauls, you won’t have to do it again after you receive your Perfected Merciless Charge from the Maelstrom Arena, which contains the Training trait. You can either modify that item to have the Nirnhoned trait or create a new version of that weapon, giving you both choices. Keep in mind that depending on how much of the set you currently have, this will require approximately 25-50 transmute crystals. 

Blacksmithing-Research-1024x576 Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

It may take a long time to research all of an item’s potential characteristics. The Metallurgy passive already emphasizes the importance of this by enabling you to study up to three items at once. It’s also important to cut down on research time since it may take a long time to finish each research location for an item. With just 6 hours to complete the first characteristic, it’s a snap. The problem is that it doubles the time it takes to study each characteristic you’ve previously studied, thus the second trait will take 12 hours, the third 24 hours, and so on. It will take 64 days to complete the 9th trait’s study!

Metallurgy should always be chosen as early as possible and maxed out so that you may cut the time it takes to complete each study by 25% and keep that 64th research slot to a more manageable 30 days. Given the time it takes to study all of the possible characteristics of daggers, swords, greatswords, cuirasses, and other weapons, you’ll want to prioritize which traits are most essential to you.

If you’re serious about PVP, you’ll want to look at all of the Sharpened characteristics first so you can gain more item penetration. If you desire pure damage, study the Ninrhoned trait sooner so that you don’t have to wait 64 days for it to appear on your item. 

Crafting Missions using Writs

Blacksmithing-Rolis-Hlaalu-1024x576 Image credit: HGG/ZeniMax Online Studios

In this ESO blacksmithing tutorial, we discussed writs, but where can you acquire them? Every major city has a crafting mission board where you may find crafting tasks that are appropriate for your skill level.

Once you’ve received the crafting writ, make whatever item it requests and present it to the crafting delivery crate, which completes the quest and sends you a shipment of related goods to that crafting tree. Once your blacksmithing crafting passives are fully leveled, you may get a blacksmithing master writ as a reward for completing a daily quest. These can range from 5 to 800 writ vouchers, but you’ll usually find them in the range of 10-100, depending on whether they’re epic or legendary grade.

Once accomplished, give the artifact to Rolis Hlaalu in each of the three capital cities (Elden Root, Grahtwood + Mournhold, Deshaan + Wayrest, Stormhaven). In return for writ coupons, Rolis Hlaalu offers unique furniture, themes, and even crafting stations.



Being a skilled blacksmith will help you improve your character while also allowing you to earn money, so start following our ESO blacksmithing tutorial as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you max out blacksmithing in eso?

Blacksmithing is a crafting profession in The Elder Scrolls Online. You can max out blacksmithing by doing the following: 1) Craft your way up to level 50. 2) Craft an item with a value of at least 10,000 gold. 3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you reach level 50 again. Q:

Is blacksmithing worth it in eso?

Blacksmithing is a crafting profession in Elder Scrolls Online. It allows players to create weapons, armor, and other items out of metal. While it may not be the most lucrative profession in ESO, it is one that can provide a steady stream of income for those who are dedicated to the craft. Q:

What is the fastest way to level up the blacksmith?

The fastest way to level up the blacksmith is to craft a sword and then use it in combat. Q:

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