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The Complete Guide to Unlocking a Mac 10

When you buy a Mac 10, the first thing that comes to your mind is what accessories will I put on my new gun? The next most common accessory for a Mac 10 would be how do I make my Mac 10 fully automatic.

Those two questions are the most asked questions when someone buys a Mac 10, but there is one more question that should be asked and that is: what can I do to make my Mac 10 fast and reliable?

How to Unlock Mac 10 Cold war

The first thing you want to do is gather the things needed to make your Mac 10 go full-auto. Once you have everything, take out the slide of your Mac 10 and remove the set screw on the top of the bolt carrier. Make sure that when you place back together, you put the set screw back in place so your slide doesn’t fly off while shooting.

What you will need in order to make your Mac 10 full-auto is a tension set screw (which can be found here), drill, drill bit, screw driver and Teflon Tape. You want to pour some ATF down the barrel of your gun. You can use WD40 if it’s around, but ATF works much better.

Slide the slide of your Mac 10 back and forth until you see ATF come out of the ejection port. Let it flow for a few seconds, then repeat with clean gun oil (or even some cooking oil). You want to do this another 3-5 times until you feel like there is some resistance when sliding the slide back and forth. This is your dry-firing session.

The next step is to take out the bolt carrier and look at the locking lugs. You will notice that they are two long pegs on either side of the gun stopping the slide from going forward. There’s a deep trench in between them, which makes it hard for ATF to get into this exact spot.

This is where the drill comes in. You want to put the drill bit against one of the locking lugs and let it sit while you spin it using your fingers. Once you have done this, take a look at the lug. You will notice that there are now tiny metal shavings stuck in between then trench that runs down the middle of the lug. This is what you need to make this lug slide back and forth with ease. You want to run a good amount of ATF through the bolt carrier again, then spin your drill bit on one of the lugs. Keep going until you can see some more metal shavings stuck in between them, but they aren’t as deep.

You are doing this so when you apply pressure the locking lug slides back and forth with ease. Do this on all 4 locking lugs, but don’t go too crazy because if you drill too much, then your gun will malfunction by not firing or even exploding in your hand! Slide the slide of your Mac 10 back and forth until you feel there is some resistance. This is your dry-firing session.

Do this another 3-5 times, making sure that the locking lugs are clean of ATF by spinning a drill bit on them. Once you have done this, put your slide back on your Mac 10 and tighten the set screw so it presses against the top of your bolt carrier. Your Mac 10 is now unlocked and will fire in full-auto!

I Forgot My Password! How do I Reset it?

Follow the instructions below to reset your password: Insert a USB disk with Mac OS X 10.5 installed on it and restart your computer while holding down the “C” key. After your system starts up, you will be presented with a language selection screen. Press F8 and choose Utilities->Terminal from the menu. Login as root and type:

sudo /Applications/Utilities/Directory Directory Utility &

Take down your password so you can login again with your new password.


And that’s it! You have now unlocked your Mac 10 so you can shoot it in full-auto. Remember to take out the set screw on top of the bolt carrier before shooting and always lube the gun with some type of oil/lubricant. Also remember to put a drop of oil on all 4 locking lugs before you start shooting it in full-auto to ensure they slide freely.