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The Jacksonville Jaguars Rookie Is Urban Meyer’s Only Hope

The Jacksonville Jaguars are currently the worst team in the NFL. It is completely inexcusable that John Fox has done so little to improve the team. This offseason, he has hired Brian Callahan, the only other offensive assistant who has played in the NFL. The good news is that there is one bright spot. This summer, the team has drafted arguably the best rookie quarterback in the draft, Justin Blackmon.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have spent this offseason drafting players, reinforcing the defense, and signing free agents to try to improve their run defense. All of this has failed. The Jaguars ranked 29th in the NFL against the run last season, giving up 169 yards per game on the ground.

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Princess Leia’s sole chance for saving the galaxy was Obi-Wan Kenobi. There are a few (well, a lot) variations between Leia and Urban Meyer, but the idea is the same. Leia’s galaxy needed rescuing, and she didn’t know who else to ask, so she contacted Old Ben. Meyer’s galaxy is in desperate need of rescuing as too, so he turns to his own Obi-Wan and pleads with him, “Help me Trevor Lawrence, you’re my last chance.”

Hopefully, the blonde-locked apprentice of the former Ohio State head coach is the selected one.

Urban Meyer’s show already seems to be heading in the wrong direction.

Noooooo! This isn’t the case!

Meyer’s first training camp has already ended, and rumors have surfaced that some of his players are dissatisfied with the way their new head coach is handling things. Before moving to the NFL, the three-time national champion enjoyed a lengthy and successful collegiate career. Perhaps he brought too many of his collegiate habits with him to Jacksonville.

Meyer isn’t accustomed to losing, having won 85 percent of his collegiate games. Unfortunately, with the Jaguars this season, he’ll have to do a lot of that. But, according to Pete Prisco of the DA Show (via CBSSports), he isn’t.

“Even though it’s in preseason, he obviously does not like losing. I heard he was having a bad week last week because he lost his first preseason game, and that’s not the mindset you want to have in the NFL.

“Clearly, he’s still a work in progress. Everywhere he’s gone, he’s been a great football coach. It’s a lot different when you’re trying to create something than when you’re trying to attract people to your school and you’ve got a bunch of five-star players.” 

Pete Prisco, a senior NFL reporter for CBS, discusses the start of Urban Meyer’s tenure as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Meyer’s only chance is Trevor Lawrence, but the force is tremendous with this one.

Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyer of the Jacksonville Jaguars talk during training camp.

Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyer of the Jacksonville Jaguars talk during training camp. During Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp, head coach Urban Meyer talks with quarterback Trevor Lawrence. | Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Meyer accepted the position knowing that the Jaguars will have the first overall selection in the 2021 draft and that he would be able to handpick Lawrence as his franchise quarterback. He eventually selected the former Clemson star as his Week 1 starter after trading previous starter and fan favorite Gardner Minshew to the Philadelphia Eagles.

However, the Jaguars’ offense has struggled to get out to a good start. In its preseason opener, the club scored 13 points, surrendered four sacks, punted four times, and rushed for just 46 yards. Meyer’s offense scored two touchdowns in a defeat to the New Orleans Saints in week two. Lawrence has been productive in two preseason games so far, but he has yet to deliver a touchdown pass.

To make things worse, Lawrence’s college teammate Travis Etienne, Jacksonville’s other 2021 first-round selection, was injured against New Orleans and is gone for the season. As a weapon that Meyer used often in college, the running back seemed set to play a key part in Meyer’s system. The concept, dubbed an H-back by Meyer, was to simply get the ball into the hands of the team’s greatest athlete and let him run. In that position, the 57-year-old has had a lot of success with guys like Braxton Miller at Ohio State and Percy Harvin at Florida. For the Jaguars, Etienne would have been ideal in that position.

Jacksonville’s starter running back, James Robinon, is ready to take over, but the depth behind him is weak. DJ Chark Jr., the team’s top receiver, has a fractured finger, while free-agent signee Marvin Jones Jr. has a shoulder injury. Both players are anticipated to be ready for the start of the regular season, but their lack of playing experience with Lawrence is concerning.

This gives me a terrible vibe.

The Jaguars aren’t expected to do much this season. That will be a tough pill for Meyer to take, but it may be the greatest medicine for Lawrence. He’ll be making the move to the NFL with limited assistance, a new system, injured weapons, and a first-time NFL coach, even as a college great.

Meyer’s sole hope, for better or worse, is the 21-year-old quarterback. Urban, may the force be with you. provided all data.

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