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The New Funds Will Allow Index Ventures to Invest in Even More Startups

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ventures 900m 2b 200m index 3bmascarenhastechcrunchAre you looking to invest but unsure where to start? Index Ventures has just raised $3.1 billion in new funds, providing the opportunity to invest in some of today’s most innovative companies.

With this latest funding round, Index Ventures has proved itself as a reliable investment partner – now it’s time for you to make your move!


Index Ventures, one of the world’s leading venture capital firms, has announced the successful closure of two new funds totaling over $3.1 billion. Raised from institutional and private investors globally and focusing on early stage technology companies, the funds will help fuel innovation at a global level.

The two new funds consist of Index Growth III, a $2 billion fund dedicated to growth-stage investments in companies, and Index Opportunity III, with $1.1 billion allocated for early-stage investments in technology companies. The funds will be led by partner Mike Volpi and cover Index Ventures’ three primary sectors: enterprise software, consumer internet and mobile.

Join us as we explore what these new funds mean for entrepreneurs who dream of building tomorrow’s most innovative companies and how Index Ventures plans to use them to invest in the world’s most disruptive technologies.

Overview of Index Ventures

Index Ventures is an international venture capital firm founded in 1996 and headquartered in San Francisco, with additional offices in London and Geneva. The company focuses on early-stage and growth-stage investments across the global technology sector, including internet, enterprise software, mobile, financial services and healthcare.

Index Ventures has a wide range of successful investments across sectors such as ecommerce (Algolia, Adyen), gaming (Riot Games), SaaS (MongoDB, WeWork), mobility (Uber), and fintech (Stripe). The firm currently manages over $6 billion across six funds.

Recently Index Ventures announced the successful close of its seventh venture fund at $3.1 billion, reflecting its continued commitment to back disruptive companies regardless of size or geography. This marks the third consecutive time that Index has successfully closed a large fund. As an early stage investor with a penchant for taking risks on innovative companies at the front line of disruption, this new fund will enable Index to continue fostering early-stage technology success stories worldwide.

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Index Ventures raises $3.1 billion in new funds

Index Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage tech companies across Europe and the United States, has announced the launch of two new funds. The first fund is $2.8 billion and will focus on growth-stage investments in technology startups across Europe and the US, focusing on disruptive areas such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and blockchain. The second fund of $300 million will be dedicated to early-stage investments across key European markets.

This brings Index Ventures’ total assets under management to more than $5 billion, making it one of the largest players in venture capital world-wide. Index Ventures invests primarily in companies at early stages with growth opportunities and has backed some of the leading technology companies including Supercell (acquired by Softbank for $7 billion), Dropbox (IPO May 2018), Deliveroo (IPO 2021) and Revolut (raised $1 billion private funding).

Having experienced multiple success stories with startups growing to become leaders across their respective industries – and now through these new funds – Index Ventures is well poised to support further innovation driven by fast-growing entrepreneurial teams across the globe. Investment trends are also projected to continue being driven by enterprise software and consumer internet services and supporting technologies such as AI/machine learning, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and fintech platforms.

Benefits of the New Funds

Index Ventures, a venture capital firm that specializes in early-stage investments, recently announced the closing of two new funds totaling $3.1 billion. These funds will undoubtedly benefit Index Ventures and its portfolio companies.

By raising these new funds, Index Ventures can invest in more opportunities and expand its reach into emerging markets. This increased capital allows the firm to back more innovative companies and support existing businesses with additional funding that can fuel their growth strategies. In addition, with more resources available, it will enable Index Ventures to expand the scope of its portfolio from larger early-stage investments into specialized follow-on rounds that have become increasingly popular within the venture capital community.

Index Ventures will also likely benefit from additional resources for expertise and talent which can prove invaluable for powering growth efforts of portfolio companies. In addition, this broadcasted influx of capital will likely attract even more ambitious entrepreneurs attracted to the opportunities created by such a robust fund raising campaign. The $3.1 billion allocation also provides greater leeway for engaging in strategic buys and M&A opportunities when they make sense strategically or financially – something that may be necessary as competition among private equity funds intensifies going forward.

With all these potential benefits, Index Ventures’ new funds represent an exciting step forward in securing the firm’s ability to continue investing in great entrepreneurs with game-changing ideas across Europe and Israel for years to come.

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Impact of the New Funds

The massive new influx of capital from Index Ventures’ $3.1 billion funding demonstrate their commitment to providing finance for technological start-ups that are transforming industries and creating new jobs, products, and services. In addition, the new funds will expand their ability to provide early-stage entrepreneurs access to the resources necessary for pursuing long-term success.

Start-ups often face difficulties because banks do not traditionally view technology companies as attractive investments. The injection of these large venture funds into tech start-ups solves this problem by allowing entrepreneurs to access the money they need without having to depend on traditional finance channels like banks or private equity firms. This flexibility in funding sources enables start-ups to pursue ambitious projects, collaboration across industries, and innovation where it might not have been possible before.

Furthermore, Index Ventures’ renewed focus on providing venture capital is expected to have a direct economic impact by helping create more high-paying jobs, driving growth in tech sectors such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, and fostering entrepreneurial activity between countries through increased cross-border investment activities. In addition, the fund could create additional incentives for larger investors by demonstrating the potential for lucrative returns from innovating businesses worldwide.

Overall, with their new investment fund Index Ventures is poised strongly favorable market conditions for tech start-ups in many major markets worldwide over the coming years.

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Investment Strategies of Index Ventures

Index Ventures is an international venture capital firm recently raising $3.1 billion in new funds. This funding will be used to invest in innovative technology companies. The company’s strategies are tailored to each portfolio company’s needs, based on their growth and goals.

Index Ventures seeks investments in early-stage, growth and late-stage companies across technology sectors worldwide. These include deep technology, fintech, software as a service (SaaS), digital health, consumer and enterprise markets. Index Ventures is also interested in opportunities that involve deploying and scaling disruptive business models at speed and scale, especially those seeking global solutions or leveraging the power of open source technology or platforms across various markets.

In addition to focusing on innovative businesses with global potential, Index Ventures also focuses on helping companies achieve sustainable customer traction while taking advantage of established networks with industry partners who can help them reach their objectives more quickly. Furthermore, the firm works hard to foster relationships between the portfolio companies’ founders and investors to nurture successful platforms focused on building long-term value for customers and investors alike.

Challenges of Raising Funds

In response to the Index Ventures’ announcement that it had raised more than $3.1 billion in new funds, a deeper look can help us understand the potential challenges that venture capital firms like Index face when trying to raise capital. Some of the key issues include:

Getting ‘Yes’ Votes from Limited Partners: Funds require a significant money commitment from limited partners. It is not uncommon for investors to wait until years after an initial investment before fully committing funds. To get yes votes from these investors, firm must demonstrate their track record with existing investments and provide detailed information on upcoming projects.

Explaining Long-Term Investment Strategies: Since venture capital is designed for longer term investments, firms need to be able to explain how the initial investments will lead to ongoing growth and long-term returns for investors. In addition, they should have clear strategies and benchmarks against which performance can be measured over time.

Demonstrating Clear Pathways towards Exit Points: Exit points are key milestones at which investors can begin harvesting profits on their initial investments by selling them off in one lump sum or through partial sell-offs over time. VCs need to demonstrate clear pathways towards these exit points to give their limited partners confidence that they make their money back with some gain attached in a reasonable amount of time.


Index Ventures has raised $8.4 billion in overall capital since its inception 20 years ago, showing the venture firm’s acute awareness of addressing the changing economic landscape. The latest $3.1 billion raise is a testament to the strength and ingenuity of Index Ventures in both responding to current industry needs and anticipating future changes as we move further along into 2020 and beyond.

With new funds secured, Index Ventures can continue to invest in innovating and empowering their portfolio companies so they can bring compelling ideas and products out into the world.