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The Top Reasons to Work With Index Ventures From Seed Stage to IPO

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index ventures 2b 3bmascarenhastechcrunchAre you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to take your startup from seed stage to a successful IPO? If yes, you’re in luck, as Index Ventures has announced that it has raised $3.1B to accelerate the growth of founders and investments.

Discover how Index Ventures can help you turn your brilliant ideas into groundbreaking success stories.


Index Ventures, a leading venture capital firm that invests in internet and software companies across Europe and the U.S., today announced their latest fundraise of $3.1B to back the next generation of founders aiming to take their businesses from seed stage to IPO. The fund will focus on early-stage investments in enterprise software and technology-enabled companies and ventures with complex founder-market fit potential.

Index Ventures’ new fund marks a commitment to help founders achieve bigger scale faster, provide deep resources to help them solve the most difficult problems they’ll face on their journey, and be an inspiring partner who understands entrepreneurs’ goals and the effort it takes to reach them. Founders can access valuable resources throughout their entire journey with Index at both early stages of product development and later stages for marketing, distribution, fundraising or even go-to-market, when ready for launch or acquisition.

With over $10 billion under management, this latest fundraise is a testament to Index Ventures’ unique approach towards supporting ambitious business growth at every stage of development.Since its founding in 2008, Index has funded dozens of multi-billion dollar exits including Supercell (invested in 2010), Deliveroo (invested in 2013), Slack (invested in 2015) and N26 (2015).

Overview of Index Ventures

Index Ventures is an international venture capital firm founded in 1996 and based in London, San Francisco and Geneva. The company invests mainly in seed-stage to growth-stage entrepreneurs who want to use technology to disrupt their industries. Over the years, Index Ventures has backed some of the most disruptive companies in the market such as Dropbox, Supercell, Adyen and Just Eat.

Today, Index Ventures announced that it has raised $3.1B across two funds—$2 billion towards its early-stage investments and a further $1.1 billion for late-stage investments to help enterprises journey from Seed stage to IPOs or other outcomes. Existing investors such as Apple, Microsoft and Salesforce participated in the round among other tech giant names such as SoftBank Vision Fund.

Experienced partners will lead the new funds: Danny Rimer will take charge of early stage investments while Mike Volpi will lead late stage investments. In addition to these two partners, Index Ventures also announced 3 new hires – Nina Abercrombie (ex- Uber & Gusto) joins as Venture Partner focused on consumer investing, Parker Thompson (ex-500 Startups & OpenFund) joins as Principal based in San Francisco seeking out B2B SaaS opportunities and Mathieu Vekeman (ex Lightspeed & EQT Ventures) joins as Principal focusing on consumer companies mostly in Europe but with global ambitions.

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Index Ventures pulls in $3.1B to support founders from seed stage to IPO

Index Ventures has announced that it has closed a third flagship fund of $3.1B, which will help the firm to continue its mission of funding innovative companies from their seed stage to IPO. The new fund was oversubscribed, with strong interest from North American and European investors. This is the largest fund ever raised by Index Ventures, surpassing the €750M ($848.5M) raised in June 2018 for its Global Growth Fund VI.

The new fund will finance Index’s investments across Europe, North America and Israel, focusing on early-stage venture rounds. It will invest in high-growth potential startups in sectors such as healthcare technology, ecommerce, enterprise software and fintech – all areas trending upwards during the pandemic crisis.

This is expected to further boost the current fundraising boom amid pandemic supported trends in venture capital investment towards coronavirus related innovations; both existing companies and new opportunities that capitalize on pandemic enabled disruption are being targeted by venture capitalists worldwide at unprecedented levels of activity as people look towards a post-Covid future.

Benefits of Funding from Index Ventures

Index Ventures is a venture capital firm that has raised a $3.1 billion fund to support early-stage and growth tech startups. As an entrepreneur, receiving funding from Index Ventures can be immensely beneficial. This article will explain the primary advantages of obtaining funding from Index Ventures.

Firstly, Index Ventures has an experienced team of investors with years of expertise in technology. With their assistance and guidance, startups are guaranteed to reach their fullest potential.

Secondly, due to the huge fund size of $3.1 billion, Index Ventures can partner with companies from seed stage until IPO. In addition, due to their extensive network within the tech industry, startups are given access to exclusive resources in the form of world-class mentorship and deep domain knowledge which can influence a company’s success rate significantly.

Thirdly, since Index ventures invests globally rather than solely focusing on European or American markets, entrepreneurs will no longer be constrained by geographical borders as they can enter new markets and expand exponentially faster thanks to this extensive global reach facilitated by Index Ventures’ presence in multiple countries around the world such as France, Germany and Sweden among others.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, Index Ventures prides itself on its commitment towards creating value for its respective partners through shared entrepreneurial spirit and belief in actively supporting founders in all facets of their journey towards success – including fundraising efforts as well as executions decisions such as taking a company public or seeking alternative exit strategies such as M&A activities when it makes sense for them do so based on market conditions that may arise over time.

Overall, obtaining funding from Index Ventures provides a wide range of key benefits which cannot be found elsewhere – all geared towards making sure companies achieve maximum success by taking advantage of the best resources available both during early seed stages or later pre-IPO stages when companies are closer churning out big profits year after year thanks largely to their highly experienced team which knows how businesses need to operate within this highly competitive startup environment today and in future.

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Examples of Companies Funded by Index Ventures

Index Ventures is an international venture capital firm that predominantly backs digital companies across consumer, the sharing economy, financial services and healthcare sectors. Since 2009, the company has invested more than $3 billion in over 500 companies and has a portfolio of success stories including household names such as Farfetch, Slack, Deliveroo and Dropbox.

In 2020 alone, Index Ventures has provided seed funding to early-stage companies such as Bagel Technologies, a customer relations analytics platform; Greenhouse Sports, a charity providing sports coaching to underprivileged young people; Modulate AI, a customer service automation platform; Semantics3, which provides e-commerce data analysis solutions; Sloringo*, an AI-driven customer experience optimization platform; and Valiance Solutions*, an AI-driven energy efficiency firm.

The fund also boasts major investments in dozens of other businesses including IronSource*, a leading mobile technology company; AppLovin* (IPOed in April 2021), one of the world’s largest independent mobile marketing platforms; Globoforce* (IPOed in December 2015), an applausable social recognition provider for enterprise customers and Legendairy Foods*, which applies biotechnology to create more sustainable food options. The company’s investments prove that its partnership with founders from seed stage to IPO can be hugely beneficial if executed correctly.

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Challenges of Obtaining Funding from Index Ventures

Securing venture capital from Index Ventures is a difficult process due to the strict criteria that it operates with. The venture capital firm invests in early-stage startups, helping founders develop and scale their products to global markets. Additionally, Index Ventures does not normally invest in companies in highly regulated industries such as life sciences or pharmaceuticals and restricts investment to countries it considers to have a favorable political landscape and legal infrastructure.

Index Ventures also considers the founding team’s quality and composition when looking at potential investments. The firm will ask questions about an individual’s background, experience, track-record, and the quality of the idea being pitched before making a decision. Furthermore, Index Ventures has strict requirements regarding fundraising round sizes which must fall within a certain range.

Ultimately, obtaining venture capital from Index Ventures is no easy feat. Still, by meeting all the criteria this company sets, startups can greatly increase their chances of success for stepping up their growth trajectories.


Completing the fundraising round demonstrates Index Ventures’ ability to capitalize on an increasingly competitive venture capital market. The firm, founded in 1996, has invested in over 650 companies including several technology giants such as Dropbox, Oracle, Twitter, eBay and Slack.

Index Ventures can provide capital through the new fund at every stage of a startup’s life cycle from seed through to IPO. This means that even early-stage companies will have access to larger funding rounds earlier and the necessary resources to continue their development and achieve success.

With this new fund in place, Index Ventures is positioning itself as an ideal partner company for startups looking for difficult-to-find seed funds.


Index Ventures provides many resources for founders from seed stage through to IPO. This includes world-class entrepreneurs, experienced investors and operations specialists who help bring ideas to the marketplace and turn them into successful companies. In addition, the firm assists with product design, go-to-market strategy, team building, recruiting, fundraising and much more.

In addition to providing funding rounds from seed stage to IPO, Index Ventures offers its members an extensive network of relationships across the world’s major tech ecosystems. The firm works closely with founders to ensure they have access to the right capital at the right time and are properly connected with key stakeholders in the industry who can help take their businesses to the next level.

Index Ventures is one of only a few global venture firms specializing in early-stage investments. It has offices in London, San Francisco, New York and Geneva. It works closely with some of Europe’s leading accelerators such as Techstars London Accelerator Program, Seedcamp and Start Up Wise Guys Tallinn Connect Program.

The resources offered by Index Ventures can enable startups to scale quickly by giving them access to best practice know-how backed up by a wealth of experience which will be especially important when it comes time for an eventual IPO. Built on partnerships that nurture sustainable long-term success for entrepreneurs and investors alike, Index Ventures is invested in helping its portfolio companies succeed over time – not just throughout their current fundraise round.