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Tips On Saving Money On Petrol

This year, we’ve seen fuel prices skyrocket, and with the increasing cost of living, many of us have to try to make our money go further. Thankfully, there are ways that you can save money when topping up your fuel so you can drive further for less. Below, we’ll look at a few tips on how you can save money when filling your tank, whether that means heading to a supermarket garage to find lower prices, reducing any weight that is slowing your car down, or purchasing an electric car that doesn’t require petrol at all!

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Supermarket Petrol

A great tip to help you save on the cost of fuel during this time of rising prices is to top up your tank at your local supermarket. Supermarket petrol stations cost less than other forecourts, so waiting until you do your weekly shop could be advantageous to your finances. A litre of petrol could cost a few pence less than it does elsewhere, so it is worth trying your local supermarket for reduced prices. Generally, fuel tends to cost less in towns and cities too, so if you’re passing, keep an eye out for more competitive prices. Supermarket fuel cost less as the forecourts sell vast amounts of fuel, meaning that their operating costs are spread more evenly, resulting in a lower charge to drivers.

Avoid ‘Premium’ Fuels


A lot of us will have noticed the premium fuel that is offered at pumps nowadays alongside our usual petrol and diesel options – try not to let this tempt you. Whilst this type of fuel won’t do any harm to your car, it probably won’t make much of a difference either unless you have a vehicle that specifically needs a special type of fuel. These premium options cost more than your average petrol or diesel, so to save yourself an extra bit of cash, avoid these options and you can save up to 15p each time you fill up – this can save you a chunk of cash in the long run!

Stick to the Speed Limit

The speed limit is in place for safety on the roads, but did you know sticking to it can help to save petrol? If you drive too fast, exceeding the speed limit, your fuel consumption will be higher than that of a sensible driver. For example, if you are frequently driving on busy roads like the motorway, driving just 10mph over the speed limit can waste around 25% more fuel than you would if you stuck to the 70mph limit. When trying to save on petrol, it helps to be mindful of how you drive; the smoother and more sensible you are means you can keep your fuel bill when you need it most.

Reduce Drag


Removing any excess weight from your car means fuel can get you further. Remove all equipment you don’t need, like roof racks, carriers for your bikes, or anything stored in the boot that may be weighing your car down. Added weight in whatever form means that your engine must work harder to propel your vehicle and gain speed; because of this, it will use more fuel, and consumption will therefore be higher. Other issues can cause drag, like opening your windows when driving at high speeds – the wind resistance makes it more difficult to gain momentum. Reducing weight and pain means you’re more likely to save fuel.

Choose a Greener Car  

One of the most obvious ways to reduce your fuel consumption spending is to buy a car that doesn’t use petrol or diesel at all! Hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular as we all try to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and save the planet. There is a huge range of Hybrid cars to choose from, and they will still be more fuel efficient, make sure you do a bit of research before you buy.