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Tottenham fans make 31

Tottenham took a back to back win over Chelsea and Tottenham’s fans celebrated in style. This is Spurs’ first victory at Stamford Bridge since the 1930s, when they were forced out of their old stomping grounds due to fears it would collapse on them.

The “nfl” is a football league in the United States. Tottenham fans have made 31 goals so far this season, which is their highest amount of goals since 1961.


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There were unmistakable echoes of some of modern history’s most ill-fated fan journeys, such as the unlucky Liverpool supporters who failed to make it to a Champions League match against Belgian team Genk after wrongly planning a path to Gent, 100 miles in the wrong way.

Perhaps the Texas two should have taken note of the cautionary story of France supporters who contrived to miss their national team’s Euro 2020 encounter in Budapest, Hungary’s capital city, after flying out to Bucharest, Romania’s capital, by mistake.

The two courageous Spurs fans traveled from Dallas to Turf Moor in 31 hours, landing in Burnley on Saturday evening, only to be greeted by a strong snowfall brought on by Storm Arwen the following day.

Burnley is halfway between Dallas and London (almost there) Coffee, cheese crackers, and more coffee sustained me for 31 hours without sleep. Match day is expected to be cold and snowy. What we do when we care about our club #coys #thfc #snowmatch @SpursOfficial

— @SaxyKeN17 (@KeN17) 27 November 2021

The couple’s excitement grew as they neared the site by train, despite the fact that the weather had already started to plummet below freezing in the northwest of England, around 30 miles from Manchester.


— @SaxyKeN17 (@KeN17) 27 November 2021

During a pre-match walk around town, the sky remained clear. Unfortunately, the first thick, wintery flakes started to fall just as they arrived at Turf Moor.

#BURTOT #COYS Just taking a wander around Burnley on this crisp morning #BURTOT #COYS

November 28, 2021 — KeN17 (@SaxyKeN17)

Yes, I just went for a stroll around a couple Burnley neighborhoods, and it’s pouring.

November 28, 2021 — KeN17 (@SaxyKeN17)

Sean Dyche, Burnley’s renowned tough manager, was undeterred and refused to be defeated by a brief bout of bad weather, stepping out to assess the field while dressed in a flimsy white shirt.

In only a white shirt, Sean Dyche admires the snowy Turf Moor ground.

November 28, 2021 — Football Daily (@footballdaily)

Burnley’s ground crew did everything their might to clear the pitch in time for kickoff, which was scheduled for 2 p.m. local time. Despite their attempts, the match was called off at the last minute.

We can inform that today’s match versus Burnley has been called off owing to inclement weather.

November 28, 2021 — Tottenham Hotspur (@SpursOfficial)

Thankfully, the Spurs fans from the United States who had traveled 4,500 miles to see a game that had been cruelly canceled due to a late-November whiteout weren’t completely disappointed. After all, there’s always the bar if everything else fails.

@vickijukes @BrandiSaxton215 and the group are hanging out at the Star in Burnley. #NotViral

#letsgoviral #FromTexasToBurnley #coys still on the lookout for @olliethfc

November 28, 2021 — KeN17 (@SaxyKeN17)

Appreciate all the affection, but don’t be fooled. I’m hanging out with some amazing people, including @vickijukes and others…. #becausefootball #coys This is what football is all about.

November 28, 2021 — KeN17 (@SaxyKeN17)

Because there isn’t any football, here’s a picture.

November 28, 2021 — KeN17 (@SaxyKeN17)

Tottenham’s players attempted to make the most of their bad luck, however coming off a shock defeat to Slovenian underdogs NS Mura in the Europa Conference League on Thursday, they probably weren’t too pleased on making the journey to Burnley in the first place.

Lucas Moura, a Brazilian winger, attempted to start a snowball battle, but was left to whine about the bitter cold.


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Tottenham fans make 31 is a song by Tottenham Hotspur supporters. The song was released in 2008 and has since become an anthem for the club. Reference: tottenham transfer.

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