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What Happens if You Get Infected By Nano Virus on Mega Brutal

The internet is abuzz with news about the nano virus. People are often afraid of this type of viruses because it is not easy to detect them or remove them. The most affected by these kinds of viruses are gamers since they usually use discs and other data storage devices like USB flash drives and external HDDs to play their games. Now, according to a YouTube channel named Zero Day, gamers should be really afraid because the new nano virus called “Nano” that hit Korea can affect all types of consoles and even PCs.

In their video entitled ‘What Happens if You Get Infected By Nano Virus on Mega Brutal’, they mentioned several things that made them think this way. The first thing they mentioned was a news from the Korea Times that said a security firm found out that “Nano” can easily affect PlayStations, Xboxes and even PCs. According to them, it is really possible for this virus to spread around since they said that Microsoft Office documents containing malicious code is being used as an attack vector of the virus. They said that these doc files will be sent out to the person you want to infect and once he opens it, the virus can enter his system. Another way for this type of virus to spread is through USB flash drives that are infected by nano’s dropper (the thing that spreads nano around).

How to beat plague inc nano virus normal

You can’t get rid of nano virus on mega brutal mode. You just have to reload your game and try again . This is the most frustrating part of the game,and most people give up. But there’s always a way out. We will list you ways that will help you beat this plague inc nano virus brutal mode on mega hard.

  1. Load your game before the plague is cured. If you’re lucky,there will be only few countries infected by the nano virus in this playthrough. Try to infect them yourself,by adding few more DNA points for transmission chance and transmission strength .This way the whole world won’t get infected by the time the cure finishes.
  2. If you’re not lucky enough to get it infected in your first try ,try reloading the game once .By loading the game before plague is cured ,you can make this chance higher.And it works most times,if you’re patient enough.
  3. Infect few countries in your second playthrough. This way,the whole world will get infected quickly and the cure won’t finish in time.
  4. If none of these works ,try to use DNA points for transmission speed and transmission radius.Try also not to evolve symptoms like coughing,hacking cough and sneezing .Instead try to add more lung cancer(so you can infect many countries at once) or iron lung(so you can infect countries that are far from each other).
  5. If none of these works,you’re out of luck.You have to start over again.

What is Nano Virus and Mega Brutal Mode in Plague Inc?

Nano is a new type of plague in Plague,Inc. It infects all types of consoles and even PCs ,including Xbox,Playstation and PC.It is also known as “Terminator Virus” because it can destroy any hard drive’s data. This plague has an extreme transmission rate(it spreads at a rate of 1,000,000x) and it spreads across the whole world fast.It also has a high transmission strength and it has shiny and metallic particles that can infect all types of consoles ,including Xbox and PlayStation.


This plague has high chances of mutation and it is nearly impossible to get rid of it. It’s also faster than all other plagues in Plague,Inc. All players should be really afraid of this nano virus because the game will end quickly ,if you don’t act fast enough.