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Wii Games To Play To Relieve Stress

Nintendo’s line of consoles and handhelds have always been on the ‘light hearted’ side, focusing more on fun than any kind of gritty realism. However, while we all enjoy a little Mario and Zelda every once in awhile, sometimes you just need to play something a bit deeper and darker to get your gaming fix.

That’s where this list comes in- not every game on this list is for the faint of heart, but each one still manages to provide some fantastic gaming while exploring serious topics. Whether you’re looking for games that allow you to live out some revenge fantasies, or just want to see what it takes to ‘fight the system,’ there’s something on this list for you.

Game: Condemned: Criminal Origins

I know what you’re thinking, a first person shooter called Condemned where you play a police officer chasing down a serial killer? Can’t be all that bad. Well this is one of those rare occasions where the ESRB rating actually nails it. This game does have blood and guts, but it also has an incredibly dark story, intense violence, and is just generally gritty beyond belief.

Wii coop games

Wii coop games are great for relieving stress because you can have some fun but also have someone to talk with about the game. The story follows Agent Ethan Thomas, an FBI agent who is called in on a serial killer case. After tracking down one of the murderers he penetrates deeper into the seedy underbelly that is Shalebridge. The game takes place in two parts, the first is you trying to find out where the murder’s are coming from. The second is finding out who they are and stopping them.

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

I know, I don’t usually include rhythm games on these lists because it’s easy to tell what they’re going to be like. You know, bright colors and upbeat music with little to no plot line. But this game is one of the few exceptions. This isn’t just a port of Dance Dance Revolution as you may be used to, it features a unique story line which you can play through.

Mario and Luigi are summoned when the Music Keys go missing from Truffle Towers. The brothers travel in their usual method of transport, jumping into warp pipes, but these lead them to a strange place filled with lots of music notes and no people. Mario then stumbles upon the Magical Note that has ended up in this place. Upon touching it, Mario is transformed into Vogue (as he is not able to dance).

Just Dance

Don’t worry, this list isn’t 100% dark and depressing. Just Dance is one of the most fun coop games you can play on Wii. It features a long list of classic songs that everyone knows and loves, there’s even a few tracks from current pop culture. Want to have some fun with your significant other? This is the game that you should play.

Not only is it fun to dance to, but you can also turn up the competitive aspect of the game by setting challenges for each other and trying to beat them. The mechanics are absolutely solid and there’s a great selection of songs for everyone’s tastes. This is one Wii coop games list that won’t disappoint.


And that about sums up the list of Wii games to play if you want to relieve some stress. Remember, it’s important to have fun while playing video games. No matter how bad things are getting in your life, there are always ways for you to find a little bit of escapism with something that can entertain and excite you.