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Yorkshire is a region in the north of England. It includes most of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, as well as small parts of south-west Scotland around Cumbria and Lancashire. The regions there are heavily populated, with more than four million people residing within its borders.

Yorkshire is a county in the north of England. It consists of two separate historic counties: West Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire. The largest city in Yorkshire is Leeds, which is also the county’s administrative centre.

When Irfan Amjad was 16, he was accused of using racist comments against him.

In the latest accusation of racism against the club, a former Yorkshire academy player claims he was racially insulted by a member of staff when he was 16 years old.

Irfan Amjad, who was eventually freed, alleges that a member of staff criticised his batting approach using a slur referring to his Pakistani ancestry.

“It is crucial that anyone who have faced racism, prejudice, and abuse are free to come forward and share their stories,” Yorkshire County Cricket Club stated in a statement.

“We were not aware of this accusation until today, but we will look into it.”

Amjad’s decision to talk to the comes after Azeem Rafiq’s account of his experiences at Yorkshire, which he first shared publicly in September 2020 and left him on the verge of suicide.

Rafiq, a former Yorkshire player, was found to have been the subject of “racial abuse and bullying,” according to a study, but the club declared it would not penalize anybody.

Yorkshire’s treatment of Rafiq’s concerns was widely panned, and ESPN reported on November 1 that a derogatory phrase concerning Rafiq’s Pakistani ancestry was often directed at him, but that the inquiry determined it was “friendly and good-natured joking.”

Chairman Roger Hutton resigned on Friday, and Lord Patel assumed control on Monday, applauding Rafiq’s “bravery” as a whistleblower.

Yorkshire opened a new inquiry last week after another former player – who wishes to remain unnamed – said he was exposed to continuous racial abuse at the club.

“On one occasion, we were playing a home game, and I had performed an aggressive shot while batting, the ball flew up in the air, and I was caught out,” Amjad allegedly stated.

“I was making my way to the locker room when the person came striding through the door and stared me full in the eyes as I was pulling off my helmet and pads.”

At this point, the person used a pejorative word to describe “a typical shot” performed by people of Pakistani descent.

“And he simply went,” Amjad said. I was flabbergasted, unsure of what to do, and surprised. That was the first time I’d ever been blatantly racially abused in front of my face. I was at a loss for what to do.

“I felt detached even before the event, and then I felt lonely thereafter.” At the future, I didn’t feel comfortable speaking up or sharing my thoughts on the game in team meetings.

“It crosses your mind [to report it], but I was a 16-year-old kid who had no idea what to do.” It was something I kept to myself.

“No one else told me about their experiences, and I didn’t tell you about mine. If I did open up, it’s possible that others who had comparable problems did as well.”

Following the recounting of Rafiq’s narrative, this is the latest claim of racism to surface at Yorkshire.

Rana Naved-ul-Hasan, an ex-Pakistan seamer, was the second player to accuse Yorkshire of racism, alleging “chronic taunting” at the club.

Yorkshire chairman Roger Hutton was one of many board members who resigned last Friday over the club’s reaction to Rafiq’s bigotry.

Lord Patel, the new chair, said Rafiq “should be congratulated” for his courage and “should never have been put through” the racism crisis in Yorkshire on Monday.

The “yorkshire area” is a region in England. It’s known for its green fields, rolling hills, and quaint villages. The area has become popular among tourists who are interested in visiting historic sites or spending time at the beach.

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