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How to Use the Fallout 4 Add Perk Points Mod

If you’re looking for a way to add perk points in Fallout 4, then you’re in luck. This mod allows you to do just that, and it’s pretty simple to use.

Learn How to Add Free Perk Points with These Mods!

Perk points are a sort of money used to buy skills in the Fallout video game series. The Fallout 4 Add Perk Points mod now allows players to obtain perk points without having to grind for hours or buy them from in-game merchants.

This mod, which is available through Nexus Mods, enables users to add a limitless amount of perk points to their characters. Before downloading and installing the mod, players must ensure they satisfy all prerequisites, which include having adequate disk space and a suitable version of Fallout 4 installed.

Once achieved, players may keep their new perks and set them anywhere they choose on their character’s ability tree. The Fallout 4 Add Perk Points mod is a fantastic method for dedicated players to advance in the game.

Top 3 Add Perk Points Mods for Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is an open-world role-playing game for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Fallout 4 has been a popular favorite for players wishing to further personalize their gaming experience thanks to its vast number of modifications. The Add Perk Points mod is a popular mod option that enables users to add more perk points and pick more customizable perks without grinding for hours or using console commands.

The top three Fallout 4 Add Perk Points Mods are:

  1. Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch Add Perks: This Unofficial Patch makes it much simpler to add perk points by enabling you to do it right from the game’s Main Menu. This allows you to alter characteristics and stats without having to resort to tiresome grinding or terminal commands.
  2. “modav”: This console command enables users to add an unlimited number of perk points by simply inputting a value into their system’s command prompt.
  3. Any Weapon, Any Mod AMAW: This mod enables players to not only personalize weapons with various components, but it also awards them free additional perk points that they can spend to increase their character’s attributes and talents.

Overall, the top three Add Perk Points Mods make it much easier for players of all skill levels to personalize their Fallout 4 character with any perks they want without having to go through laborious grinding or typing in lengthy console commands.

Add Perk Points Instantly Fallout 4 Mod

The Add Perk Points Instantly Fallout 4 Mod is an excellent technique to fast advance in the game and ensure that your character is as strong as possible. This mod offers two perk points instantaneously as you level up, eliminating the need to painstakingly acquire perk points. It’s straightforward and easy to use, and it may save you a lot of time if you’re wanting to swiftly power level one of your characters.

Other features of the patch include:

  • Enhanced item drop rates
  • NPC spawn rates
  • Loot from containers and bosses
  • Updated opponent AI
  • And much more!

This mod really enhances the Fallout 4 experience for those who want to use it.

Extra Perk Points No F4SE Fallout 4 Mod

Extra Perk Points No F4SE Fallout 4 Mod is one of the top ten Skyrim Alchemy modifications that gives players a limitless quantity of perk points in Fallout 4. When you level up as a human, dwarf, elf, or vampire, this mod provides an additional perk point. It also boosts your magicka regeneration and makes alchemy scrolls and potions simpler to utilize.

It also provides a more balanced approach to gameplay by introducing several degrees of difficulty. The number of perks you may get with this mod can be adjusted to fit your skill level and playing style. This mod is highly useful for gamers who want to try out new recipes and talents without having to go through long grinding sessions.

Perk Points .Bat File Fallout 4 Mod

The.BAT file for Perk Points The Fallout 4 Mod is a popular mod for the Skyrim Alchemy game. This mod enables players to get access to strong and beneficial skills by adding perk points in-game. Players may also utilize this mod to get experience points, allowing them to level up faster.

To utilize this mod, users must first ensure that their Fallout 4 save files have been copied from the main game folder to their desktop PC. They will discover a.bat file inside the folder; here is where they may control and change their characters’ perk points. Players may personalize their character in ways that are not possible without modifications or exploits by adding changes to the.bat file, such as raising the number of perk points available to them. This popular mod grants players of all skill levels access to amazing new skills and experiences in Skyrim Alchemy.


Finally, the Fallout 4 Add Perk Points mod is a fantastic tool for personalizing and upgrading your character in the game. This patch enables you to give your character as many perk points as you like, enabling them to achieve their greatest potential. It is critical that you use this mod wisely and do not overpower your character by adding an excessive number of perk points.

As long as you utilize this mod wisely, it may be a very effective method to customize your Fallout 4 experience and maximize your gaming potential.

Fallout 4 Add Perk Points Mod