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The Top 10 Skyrim Alchemy Mods to Enhance Your Gameplay

If you’re looking to enhance your Skyrim gameplay with some mods, alchemy is a great place to start. Here are the top 10 alchemy mods to check out!

Top 10 Skyrim Alchemy Mods

The Top 12 Best Skyrim Character Mods For All Platforms allow you to customize your character’s look and abilities, making them even more powerful than before. With these modifications, you can replenish health, treat ailments, strengthen attributes, boost magical abilities, and more. You can even create your own ingredients to use in your recipes. Check out the top 12 best Skyrim character mods for all platforms here!

These modding tools also allow you to change the whole alchemy system by boosting the number of potions and effects available or changing pricing to suit your tastes. When playing Skyrim, you may also locate unique recipes that considerably boost the diversity in potion brewing and enable you to further adapt them to fit specific preferences and requirements. These modifications will undoubtedly provide a new level of playability for those seeking a more immersive role-playing experience.

#10 Poisoning Extended

The Poisoning Extended Mod is an alchemic mod for Skyrim that improves the game’s current toxic potions. It introduces 34 new poisons, many of which are based on substances from previous Elder Scrolls games and others of which are altogether unique.

The Mudcrab Mod enhances your poisons with up to 30 new effects, including damage over time, stat debuffs, and even a new petrification effect. Furthermore, it enables players to create potions with unique personalized effects dependent on their alchemy skill level.

This mod is a must-have for any Skyrim alchemist wishing to extend their poison-making powers.

#9 Increased enchanting and smithing potion duration

Increased Enchanting and Smithing Potion Duration is the seventh most popular Skyrim Alchemy mod. This mod adds 100% to the duration of all Enchantment and Smithing potions. This might be a useful feature for players who need a little additional time to complete their enchantments and smithing activities. The increased duration of potions may allow you to complete higher-level activities without having to re-use the same potion many times. If you’re looking for more Skyrim mods, check out Skyrim Expanded Q for some great furry race mods!

Additionally, this patch applies to potions that last longer than their initial intended length, providing players with extra choices for managing their Enchantment and Smithing projects.

#8 Apothecary An Alchemy Overhaul

Apothecary An Alchemy Overhaul is a Skyrim mod that improves the alchemy making system. The player may now make potions, poisons, and alchemical artifacts in far more detail than ever in Apothecary An Alchemy Overhaul.

New recipes are provided, allowing the manufacture of strong goods from uncommon components. There are also new affects connected with certain components and manufactured items. As they continue through the game, the player may also raise their alchemy level and create more potent effects.

The mod also includes a detailed toxicity system that aids in the creation of a functional apothecary workshop replete with hazards and rewards for expert artisans:

  • Strong goods from uncommon components.
  • New affects connected with certain components and manufactured items.
  • Raise alchemy level and create more potent effects.
  • Detailed toxicity system.
  • Hazards and rewards for expert artisans.

#7 Alchemy Potions and Food Adjustments

This mod attempts to balance and improve the potions and food that may be prepared in Skyrim. The change to potion effects makes them more potent, adding another element of strategy to the game. Food has also been modified, with a few new dishes and ingredients included.

This patch is very beneficial for alchemists who wish to increase the potency of their potions and meals in their playthroughs. The patch also includes certain additional substances that may only be obtained via exploration or bought from apothecary shops, adding complexity to the game’s alchemy system.

#6 Respectable Inventory: Well-Stocked Alchemists

Respectable Inventory: Well-Stocked Alchemists is a Skyrim mod that enables alchemists to sell potions, ingredients, and equipment in-game. The mod also adds a fully stocked Alchemist’s Bench for any interested consumer to utilize.

This mod allows you to shop for your favorite alchemical goods or ingredients from the comfort of your own home. It also adds realism to the game by allowing players to visit an alchemist of their choice and buy helpful goods like as elixir of life, health potions, soul gems, and so on when wandering throughout Tamriel. Respectable Inventory: Well-Stocked Alchemists contribute to Skyrim’s immersion, making Alchemy an even more engaging and entertaining experience in general.

#5 Skyrim Alchemy Fixed

Skyrim Alchemy Fixed is a fantastic mod for alchemy fans. This mod was produced by Nexus mod user Lexyne and includes various changes to Skyrim’s original alchemy system.

The key changes are that ingredient weights are now taken into consideration, potion values have been modified, ingredient effects are better balanced, and a few new ingredients have been included. In addition, several of the formerly overpowering potions have been re-balanced. All of these modifications result in a more enjoyable alchemy experience and make it simpler to create potent mixtures with a limited number of materials.

As can be seen, Skyrim Alchemy Fixed modifies the current system to make it simpler to experiment with various potions and ingredients without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

#4 More Growable Plants

The Skyrim modê More Growable Plants adds the ability to grow and harvest plants from gardens. This opens up a whole new world of alchemical materials, one-of-a-kind formulas, and potions. Players may cultivate a wide range of vegetation, from plain wheat to exotic mushrooms.

Depending on where the garden is situated in the globe, a broad range of produce may be accessible. The plants are completely animated and develop over time, providing gamers with a realistic gaming experience. Furthermore, players may construct fences and walls around their gardens to keep bothersome beasts at bay. Any alchemist will find their garden necessary with this mod loaded.

#3 Alchemist Compendium

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s Alchemist Compendium is a must-have mod for all aspiring alchemists. Hundreds of new materials, recipes, and equipment are added to the game, including four extremely lethal poisons. These poisons – Bone Breaker, Mind Eraser, Disease Carrier, and Heart Stopper – are very potent weapons that need the player to exercise extreme caution when deciding how and when to employ them.

To create these potent poisons, players will require not just materials but also a greater degree of Alchemy ability than normal. Furthermore, the potions created by this mod need certain uncommon components that may only be obtained from specific races or places in the game world. In a nutshell, Alchemist Compendium adds a fascinating new layer to Skyrim alchemy by introducing dangerous new recipes and materials that will liven up each playing.

#2 Harvest Overhaul Redone

One of the top five Skyrim vampire modifications of all time is Harvest Overhaul Redone. This mod expands the Alchemy Crafting ability by incorporating new alchemy materials, forms, graphics, and tools. Ingredients are divided into two categories rather than one, allowing players to employ either vanilla or novel ingredients with all alchemy formulas.

Furthermore, Harvest Overhaul Redone enables players to gather additional valuable materials from plants and animals, such as Bone Meal, Glowing Mushrooms, and Ectoplasm. Furthermore, this mod includes many new kinds of potions that have tremendous effects when ingested or used as enchantments on weapons. These potions vary from Cure Disease to Paralysis, and even Deadly Poisons. To learn more about the use of these assassin mods, check out this article.

Harvest Overhaul Redone is an essential mod for any Skyrim Alchemist.

#1 Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul

Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul is a mod for Skyrim that improves the Alchemy and Cooking functions. It includes over 200 new ingredients, over 250 new potions, and over 100 new culinary dishes. The update also contains modifications to existing ingredients, such as issues that enabled players to construct strong but unwanted potions by using low-cost or low-effort components.

This mod enables users to be very creative in their alchemy recipe creation, providing a much deeper level of gameplay. For example, while crafting potions, they may mix diverse effects from different components or utilize different cooking methods to create culinary meals with distinct tastes. Alchemy will no longer be limited to the simple blending of two effects with the installation of Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul.

Players may now completely manage their creations by carefully considering each action before mixing the necessary components to get the desired effects.


The Mods included in this page have been carefully chosen to assist you in making the most of Skyrim’s Alchemy system. These modifications will guarantee that your experience is favorable, from assisting you in creating the most potent potions to providing you with additional rewards.

We strongly suggest trying out at least one of these Alchemy modifications for a unique way to play Skyrim, whether you want to buy in a specific mod or change the game’s inner workings to your desire. You may discover beneficial and unique methods to alter how you play Skyrim with a little thought and modification:

  • Buying in a specific mod
  • Changing the game’s inner workings to your desire

Skyrim Alchemy Mods - Top 10 Skyrim Alchemy Mods

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