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How to draw a tennis ball?


In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a tennis ball in two different views. You will start by removing the ball in a frontal view and then pull it in a side view.

Steps to draw a tennis ball:

Step 1: Draw a circle. This will be the tennis ball’s shape.

Step 2: Give the ball some color. Yellow or green are traditional colors for tennis balls, but feel free to get creative.

Step 3: Add some detail. Draw some lines on the ball to give it texture, or add a logo if you want to be really realistic.

The Right Tools

To draw a tennis ball,you will need:

-A piece of paper

-A pencil

-An eraser

-A green pen or marker

-A yellow pen or marker

-A black pen or marker

The Right Surface

For drawing a tennis ball, you need a smooth, white surface. If you’re using paper, make sure it’s thick enough so that you can’t see the lines from the other side. If you’re using a sketchbook, choose one with a smooth finish.

You’ll also need some drawing supplies. A pencil and eraser are essential, and you may want to use a ruler or other straight edge to help you draw the circle. You can use any pencil, but a mechanical pencil or lead holder will give you more control over your lines. I recommend using fine-point Sharpie markers for the black lines (optional).

The Right Technique

To start, you need the right supplies. A tennis ball is round, so you’ll need a round object to trace around. A wine glass or a mug will work perfectly. You’ll also need some pencils, an eraser, and some paper.

Now that you have your supplies, it’s time to start drawing! Begin by tracing the edge of your wine glass or mug onto your piece of paper. Once you have a perfect circle, it’s time to add detail.

Tennis balls have a distinct pattern of small bumps all over their surface. To recreate this pattern, start by drawing small dots all over your circle. Once you have a good amount of bubbles, connect them with curved lines. These lines don’t have to be perfect – the goal is just to create the illusion of bumps.

Finally, erase any pencil lines that are still visible. Your tennis ball is now complete!

The Right Proportion

You must first know the right proportion to make your tennis ball look right. A tennis ball is not a perfect sphere and is slightly squashed. The right proportion for a tennis ball is 2 units wide and 2 and 1/8 units tall. Once you have the right proportions, you can start drawing your tennis ball.

The Right Details

Whether you want to draw a tennis ball for a project, for fun, or because you’re an artist, it’s not difficult to do. You need only a few supplies and some patience to achieve a realistic drawing.

The Right Finishing Touches

Tennis balls are round, so your drawing should be too. Add a few final details to give your ball volume and make it look complete.

First, draw a small line above the center of the ball for the seam. This will give your ball a 3D effect. Next, add some short, curved lines around the ball for texture. These can be straight or wavy, depending on how you want your ball to look. Finally, add some shading to give your tennis ball a realistic appearance. Darken the areas in shadow if the ball were illuminated from the top.


In conclusion, the tennis ball is a very bounce-able and round object. It is made of felt and has a cork or rubber core. Its shell is made of multiple layers of string that are wound together tightly. Tennis balls are used in tennis and are also popular with dogs who like to fetch them. Drawing a tennis ball can be done by first sketching a circle then adding the details of the ball such as the seams, color, and texture.