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Index Ventures Believes That the Current Environment is Ripe for Innovation

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index 900m 2b 200m index 3bmascarenhastechcrunchAre you looking for a way to stay ahead of the downturn? Index Ventures is making a bold bet that new startups will emerge and is investing $300M.

So, what does that mean for you? Prepare to discover how this move can benefit you and your business.


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unparalleled economic displacement, highlighting the fragility of the global economy and its final effects on small business and start-ups. Moreover, the scale of the impact is hitting all parts of the technology sector, with fears of an impending startup “echonomy” where many existing companies fail and new opportunities arrive.

Index Ventures is well-positioned to take advantage of these new trends as an early-stage venture firm. It sees this downturn as an opportunity to invest in potentially revolutionary startups without access or adquete capital under normal circumstances. In preparation Professor Ben Evans (founder of Index Ventures) has announced that they are investing up to $300M in funding with a focus on four core areas: fintech, marketplaces, enterprise software and consumer products.

Evans said: “As hard as times are right now for many companies across industries, this is an opportunity to learn from mistakes made by others, refine their strategy and find innovative ways to capitalize on a rapidly evolving market landscape. Startups should take advantage of this historical moment to create something lasting.”

Index Ventures’ Bet

Index Ventures, one of Europe’s largest venture capital firms, has announced a new $300M fund specifically targeting new startups founded during the economic downturn. The firm believes this is an opportunity to find innovative companies well positioned to adapt quickly and take advantage of disrupted markets.

The investment team has identified a range of sectors where they believe there are attractive opportunities, such as fintech, ecommerce, healthcare, media and software. These areas have seen rapid change and development over the past decade and Index Ventures expects them to continue to be resilient as markets transition. In addition, the firm believes many founders with innovative ideas will be more likely to launch their businesses in an environment with less competition due to disruption caused by COVID-19.

Index Ventures encourages new entrepreneurs worldwide to take advantage of this investment opportunity and apply for the funding. The company’s founding partner Neil Rimer commented that “We believe there’s an enormous potential for founders with great ideas backed by a clear execution plan focusing on long-term sustainability” and added that “We’re convinced this period will create innovative companies ready for substantial growth in 2021 and beyond”.

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What is the Downturn?

The downturn is an economic term that describes a period when business activity slows down, leading to slower growth. This typically happens after a period of high economic growth and high levels of investment, as businesses take longer to recover from difficult times. During this period, unemployment often rises and the stock market experiences declines.

It is also characterized by deflationary pressures where prices decrease, reducing economic demand. Businesses often find it more difficult to access credit and investment, meaning new startups are much less likely to launch during a downturn.

This has led some investors to speculate that they may be able to seize opportunities in times of prolonged economic weakness, as early-stage companies become more reliable investments due to their lower risk profiles in comparison with established businesses. Index Ventures has acted on this belief and is investing $300M in new startups anticipating a potential downturn in the global economy.

Index Ventures thinks new startups will emerge in the downturn and is putting $300M behind that bet

As the world enters a period of economic uncertainty due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, venture capital firm Index Ventures has announced a $300 million venture fund to invest in tech startups. This unprecedented action from Index Ventures in light of the pandemic indicates their expectation that new companies and innovative technologies will emerge from this tumultuous time.

The fund aims to source investments in disruptive technologies and products across hardware and software, particularly those created by entrepreneurs with a strong focus on innovation. Industries ripe for new startups include fintech, medical tech, agriculturetech, remote worktech and e-commerce.

Index Ventures expects startup founders to harness the opportunities brought by digital transformation to innovate cutting-edge solutions to old problems. They hope entrepreneurs will take advantage of this opportunity with bold ideas and groundbreaking approaches that can help strengthen economies by providing much needed jobs while enhancing customer satisfaction through an accelerated digitization process.

The goal of Index Ventures’ $300 million fund is to support new ideas and establish long-term relationships with teams as they pursue fostering breakthroughs across several industries during these unprecedented times.

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What Industries Could Benefit?

In the current economic uncertainty, venture capital firms are becoming choosier when investing in new startups. To ensure their investments are sound, many firms are taking a closer look at the industries that could benefit from a downturn.

Index Ventures recently announced it was committing $300 million to startups with a unique edge in these trying times. In particular, the firm is looking for digital-first companies that can provide solutions in areas such as healthcare and medical technology; edtech; ecommerce; logistics and delivery; and finance, insurance, and payments.

As well as these areas which have been performing relatively well despite the pandemic, Index Ventures is also looking for startups that can disrupt longstanding challenges in traditionally chartered industries such as finance, manufacturing, agrotech, telecoms and automotive.

By partnering with young startups who are leaders in their respective fields, Index Ventures hopes to drive innovation that will improve services within existing industries or even create new ones—helping business owners stay afloat during this difficult time and establish sustainable models of growth. In addition, the firm believes they can help early-stage companies develop better strategies than traditional industry incumbents by giving them access to data-driven insights and building marketplaces or ecosystems around their products or services.

What Does This Mean for the Economy?

The recent $300 million investment by Index Ventures in new startups is not only an encouraging sign for the entrepreneurial spirit, but also a positive sign for the economy as a whole. During tough times, new industries can help introduce new products and services that can provide jobs and stimulate economic growth.

The increased injection of funds into startups has the potential to create more economic security by creating additional business opportunities and helping promote a steady flow of new innovative products to the market.

It’s possible that this influx of startup funding could bring about changes in both how businesses are run, as well as how customers interact with them. Although this may cause some short term adjustment headaches, if done correctly it could set off a virtuous cycle of economic growth. Advances in technology over the past few years have already forced businesses to become more agile and efficient, something these new investments are only likely to accelerate. As evidenced by Index Ventures’ decision to move ahead with its investment plans despite market conditions, the overall sentiment is that now is an ideal time for entrepreneurs to start their businesses and that an economy built on innovation is often one with robust potential for growth.

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What Does This Mean for Existing Startups?

As the negative economic effects of the pandemic continue to reverberate for businesses worldwide, there is now an increase in investors betting on the idea that new startups may emerge in a downturn. Index Ventures’ recent $300 million fund is evidence of this.

So what does this announcement mean for existing startups? On one hand, it can be seen as a vote of confidence in innovative ideas during challenging times. On the other hand, a larger number of startups could lead to more competition for precious resources such as talent and capital, making it even harder for existing companies to stay afloat. It could also provide much-needed democratic access to venture capital, enabling more people with great ideas access to investment opportunities – historically available only to those with pre-existing relationships with venture capitalists or established businesses.

On the other hand, as companies rush to compete within a crowded market space, many are likely to find it hard to outcompete and survive in such an environment. Also, since more entrepreneurial ventures will be competing for limited resources, entrepreneurs must be mindful that over-ambitious investments don’t lead them down paths they may not be able to recover from if they encounter difficult market conditions or operational issues within their respective markets.

Ultimately, though Index Ventures’ announcement has provided hope that innovative startups will emerge from this downturn and create value despite difficult times, all players must remain mindful of the challenges that might come up on their journeys ahead so they can navigate uncharted waters effectively and responsibly in these trying times.


In conclusion, venture capital firm Index Ventures has announced launching a new $300M fund to take advantage of the current economic downturn. The fund will primarily focus on seed and early-stage startups that are well-positioned to capitalize on the massive changes in our economy.

Index Ventures is bullish on the future of these entrepreneurs and believes that disruption in times of crisis can bring forth opportunities for innovative products, services, and businesses. With this fund, Index Ventures hopes to position itself as an early investor in startups that could become leading players even during turbulent times.