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TechBerry Analysis: Social Trading Re-Invented


It was not too long ago that FX investors were considered to be this completely select class of individuals, known to spend considerable time just honing what they were already knowledgeable of: FX trading, whether it be through some special training or by interacting with their numerous contacts. However, now, things are a bit different since a lot of these investors are just self-taught.

However, even today, pushing through the industry’s numerous difficulties has proven challenging since it needs some kind of social analytical skills that can process and apply aptly the knowledge that experts possess. But that still doesn’t mean that one needs to have such skills too, particularly when considering the numerous social trading outlets that have popped up, making things a lot easier by introducing new social elements.

Integrating social trading’s best elements, TechBerry has become quite the name within the FX trading space because it reduces much of the challenge pertaining to the sector’s complicated trading or economics. But how could that be? Well, it combines social insights, FX trading, and automation together.

Social Trading and TechBerry’s Take on it

TechBerry’s market insights can be attributed to the information it gathers from more than 100,000 professionals. With this, it’s able to assess their virtual footprints in a manner that goes beyond traditional forecasting trends.

And so, with the integration of several AI algorithms by TechBerry, only the strategies with the greatest chance of success tend to see implementation. To cement trust, TechBerry has partnered up with numerous third parties, all of whom are well-known for their auditing services, such as FX Audit, FX Blue, MyFxBook, and more.

Another indication of TechBerry’s worth is how it has been operating for so long since it was released in 2015, approximately nine years ago, while providing a consistent monthly return rate of 11.2% on any investment. It’s through this that investors are able to push ahead despite the industry’s numerous challenges.

Why You Need Social Analysis

Social media has been both a blessing and a bit of a curse for individuals. On one hand, access to any type of information you could want is quite welcoming, but on the other, it has also caused so many problems. These include fraudulent data, misinformation, scams, etc., which can all cause inaccurate and uninformed decision-making, and even the experts aren’t exempt from this, significantly impacting their reputations and finances in a bad way.

What TechBerry Achieves

The solutions that TechBerry has put forward involve its rather rigorous methodology, which involves AI and numerous other market insights for several traders. Because such insights only include professionals, any pattern, nuance, or bias can be noted within the sector.


However, it should be mentioned that 90% of any AI-based application’s success rate has a lot to do with what’s being uploaded, which is why TechBerry even goes that far to collect so much data from professionals. However, it doesn’t just collect the good; the bad results are factored in too for analytical purposes. This makes TechBerry the only platform that does that.

But there’s so much more to what TechBerry has to offer. To start with, the membership plans it provides are reflective of its extensive research since they cater to the varying needs of investors. Therefore, its plans have been split between so many tiers, like green, silver, gold, infinite, and more. Depending on what you’ve chosen, such as the tier, your insurance, fees, and more will likely vary. The highest membership tier is VIP.

With VIP, you’ll get 100% insurance coverage, substantially lower fees, exclusive offers, a personal manager, access to an Annual Exclusive Global Event for VIP members, and more. Furthermore, the previous VIP event, which took place in 2023, already has its videos and photos posted on its website, which you can access. However, besides these VP offerings, there are a lot of things that anyone on TechBerry may access, such as a demo account or mode, where you may view the investor cabinet and AI trading statistics. Also, with the demo mode, you are basically getting acquainted with TechBerry’s services without having to invest anything. Just enter any amount you can think of, and your gains, if you actually invest, will be clearly visible.

Bitcoin ETF Alternative

Bitcoin ETFs are just assets that can mirror the underlying value of Bitcoin and can be traded on any standard stock exchange, but without having to do or deal with any cryptocurrency exchange, all with leverage, too. For example, there’s the Global X Bitcoin Trust, a rather popular ETF.

Interestingly, such a phenomenon has brought forward several opportunities in TechBerry’s service lineup, as it can be a viable alternative to BTC ETFs. So, its clients can now access numerous Bitcoin-based membership plans, all with streamlined withdrawals and deposits and with exchange rates that can be determined when the transactions have been carried out. For payment methods, you have bank wires and credit cards.

TechBerry: Pros and Cons

TechBerry’s standout feature would have to be the passive income opportunities that it provides, along with its various insights. Taking that streamlined experience into consideration, individuals who don’t have a lot of time on their hands will really appreciate what’s offered here.


In addition to that, TechBerry’s growth over the years has been very impressive, and the same can be said for its membership tiers, which are a thoughtful inclusion that investors will be particularly fond of.

However, regarding the cons, the only thing that comes to mind is how the automation will be off-putting for individuals who prefer to take things manually and don’t like having their trading decisions decided for them.

TechBerry: What the Future of FX is like

The strategies, automation, and return rates on TechBerry can be just what the sector really needs, which is why the platform has even managed to climb to that sector’s leading ranks, showcasing some incredibly remarkable growth. This is why TechBerry is now an investor favorite, a force of innovation within FX, and a glimpse into the industry’s future.