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Top 10 Coolest Ideas For a Minecraft Chest House

Looking for some inspiration for your next Minecraft build? Check out our top 10 coolest ideas for a Minecraft chest house!

Top 10+ Ideas for Minecraft Chest Houses

Minecraft chest homes are constructions that make use of the “Chest” block. This block is often seen in Minecraft houses and is used to store stuff. Here is a list of 10 ideas for your own chest home that you may utilize to make your own one-of-a-kind structure.

  1. Underwater Chest House Create an undersea construction from of interconnecting chests and tunnels that will enable you to securely explore this underwater realm.
  2. Chest House with Two Bedrooms This concept enables players to personalize their bedroom by having a massive chest construction that covers the whole room or perhaps an entire complex made up of various types of chests and passages.
  3. Three Skyward Chests Make your Minecraft house into an awe-inspiring sky palace with giant corridors connecting massive chests stocked with tremendous wealth.
  4. Party Pad Chest House Do you want to throw the finest parties in town? Create a fun chest home for your friends and family to enjoy, replete with interactive elements like as secret compartments, hidden doors, and more.
  5. Cave Chest House Entrance Make a spectacular entry by constructing a massive cave entrance out of numerous linked chests. Perfect for anybody searching for a grand entrance that only privileged visitors will have access to.
  6. Station 6 of the Underground Rail System Use this concept to offer transportation between places so that players may hop on and off as they like. As part of the railway system, you might construct multiple stations that are linked together.
  7. Mine Cart Maze 7 Build a labyrinth that twists and turns utilizing Mine Carts as the main transit mode to reach the darkest reaches of your creation by incorporating Mine Carts into your designs.
  8. Inn and Tavern Create an inn or tavern out of various items, such as brewing barrels, brewing vats, wine racks, and so on, to give places for visitors to relax and enjoy some nice food, drink, or just rest after a hard day of digging subterranean tunnels.
  9. Dungeon 9 Use dark red stained-clay blocks, as well as walls made of many linked chests, to allow players to have fun exploring through strange subterranean tunnels in quest of riches.
  10. Ten Pirate Ships Create a beautiful navy blue-colored pirate ship using numerous large pirate ship type chests to make it appear like it has just drifted into shore to transform into Jack Sparrow but on land.

#10 Giant Chest House

The Giant Chest Home is one of the greatest Minecraft chest house ideas. It is constructed from enormous chests that are linked together to create a house-like structure. You may also join numerous chests to construct bigger structures and even add separate portions for different uses.

To make this concept even better, download the Simply Cats mod, which adds cats to the chest home crafting process. The cats will speed up the construction of the chest home and even give some additional defense against attacking mobs. Simply Cats also includes cat-themed furniture, decorations, and other items that enable you to further design your enormous box home. Crafting a massive chest home has never been simpler or more enjoyable than with Simply Cats.

#9 Diamond Chest House

The Diamond Chest Home is a Minecraft chest house variant. The distinction is that players may employ diamond chests instead of standard chests to construct a more expensive and lavish-looking foundation. This sort of chest home necessitates a significant investment in terms of resources, since it takes at least 30 diamond blocks to construct.

The outside may be built using materials like as cobblestone and wood planks, but many other blocks can also be used. When finished, the chest home may be loaded with precious things like weapons and armor, providing users with an excellent storage option for their Minecraft world.

#8 Storage Chest House

The seventh greatest Minecraft chest home concept is to build a storage chest house. In the world of Minecraft, this sort of dwelling stores objects in chests, which may hold resources, tools, weapons, and other items. It’s an excellent technique to optimize space and order in your environment. That is really awesome?

You may create this style of chest home by stacking many chests together to form a wall/structure/building. Then, for decoration, place wooden planks or blocks on the front and sides of each chest. You could also add little windows on the sides to view what’s inside each box without having to open them. You may also install entrances at each end of the construction so you don’t have to knock down barriers to go inside.

#7 Large Survival Base Chest House

This is a fantastic concept for those who wish to build a large base to call their own. This style of chest home begins with four enormous chests that will serve as the house’s walls. Place the chests such that the walls of each chest and the top chest create a square, then fill with blocks such as stones and planks. Construct a roof out of cobblestones or dirt blocks, then cover up any crevices with signs or candles or anything else looks nice.

The foundation of your chest home may be filled with furnaces, stairs, ender chests, and other survival equipment. You may even add decorations like as paintings or flower beds, depending on what you believe looks best:

  • Furnaces
  • Stairs
  • Ender chests
  • Survival equipment
  • Paintings
  • Flower beds

#6 Ultimate House Inside Double Chest House

This is an incredible approach to build a home in Minecraft using a double chest. The two chests are put side by side, and a roof is created above them, making this design distinctive. The roof has windows, and the home may be customized with features like as stairs, doors, candles, and even beds. You’ll have plenty of space within the home to store stuff in both chests and create additional storage places if necessary.

One of the best things about this design is that it looks wonderful from any aspect, since it seems to look like a whole house from any angle.

#5 Treasure Chest House

One of the most spectacular chest homes you can construct in Minecraft. The home is completely composed of chests, with a giant center chest serving as the structure’s focal point. To add some flare, you may construct walls and a roof out of the chests, as well as windows and doors.

The contents are entirely up to you, but make sure it contains everything you need. This would be an excellent approach to construct a treasure trove for your players to explore and reap benefits from. You might also load it with spawners or precious things, or anything you choose.

#4 Wooden Chest House

In Minecraft, a Wooden Chest House is a very popular and easy-to-build design. All you have to do is construct a huge house with wooden chest walls and fill the interiors with stuff such as furniture, tools, storage chests, and other items seen in a traditional household. This structure is ideal for players who want to strengthen their base camp while being basic and easy to move about with minimum effort.

You may modify this home anyway you like, from adding windows to encircling it with blocks or even adding guards. A Wooden Chest House will also be far less expensive than other dimension modifications on the market.

#3 Hacker Chest House

The third best dimension mod concept on the list is Hacker Chest House. It’s a terrific method to give your Minecraft world more personality and construct a one-of-a-kind piece of architecture. It has a huge chest in the middle, with smaller and brighter chests placed on top and surrounding it. Each box may be accessed by utilizing unique doors.

This dimension mod is ideal for people searching for something unique while still appearing nice. You will be able to personalize this mansion with additional chests as you go through the game, making it more fancier.

#2 Upgraded Wooden Chest House

The Upgraded Wooden Chest House is an excellent method to advance your Minecraft experience. It’s an improved version of the traditional wooden chest home with everything you need for a fun and thrilling game. The home is made out of a number of distinct-looking chests, each of which may be opened and utilized for various purposes in your world.

The home may also be readily customized with decorations and furnishings to match any environment you desire—ideal if you want something genuinely unique. Not only that, but since it’s completely built of wooden chests, the Upgraded Wooden Chest House is very durable; it can withstand practically anything. Create it now to ensure that your gaming experience is unforgettable.

#1 Among Us Chest House (SUS)

The Among Us Chest House, also known as the SUS Suspiciously Unsuspecting house, is an amazingly inventive and unusual approach to create a chest house in Minecraft. This magnificent biome has two enormous wooden chests that hold different survival materials such as food and tools. In addition, many chambers have been built on top of the chest for players to hide in while performing their objectives.

A gigantic head of a character from the famous game Among Us can be found on the exterior of the chest. This addon to your Minecraft pocket universe offers a fantastic look and makes it seem like you’re truly playing Among Us within Minecraft.


A Minecraft Chest House is an excellent method to combine storage capacity and utility into your custom-built constructions while still preserving the world’s general beauty. You now have the essential equipment to begin creating your very own house in the realm of Minecraft thanks to these top ten greatest ideas. There’s something for everyone, from vast subterranean dungeons to woodland strongholds.

Whether it’s a decently packed chest or a beautifully decorated house, a Minecraft Chest House is sure to be a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable creation for you and anybody who happens across it. You, too, can build something remarkable with some hard effort, innovative thought, and experimenting.

Top 10 Coolest Ideas For Minecraft Chest House

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