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10 Easy Minecraft House Roof Ideas You Need To Know

Here are 10 easy Minecraft house roof ideas that you need to know! These ideas will help you add some extra flair to your home and make it stand out from the rest.

List of The 10 Easy Minecraft House Roof Ideas

It might be challenging to build a roof for your Minecraft home. It’s difficult to know where to begin with so many alternatives. The simplest method is to keep it simple and design an efficient roof that matches the demands of your property. Here are some simple Minecraft home roof options for you to consider:

  1. Gable Roof – A gable roof is the most basic and classic type, and it is often found on residential structures all over the globe. It has two symmetrical triangle walls that slope down to the sides from a central ridge line.
  2. Hip Roof – When seen from above, this design has four slopes with each side joined at one point in the middle, producing a consistent pyramid shape.
  3. Pyramids on the Roof – This kind of roof is often seen on modern residences since it has an angular and contemporary appearance. It is made up of four walls that slant inward in equal proportions towards the highest peak, giving a square shape when seen from above.
  4. Gambrel Roof – This roof has two sides that form an A-frame, but instead of one slope per side, it has numerous pitches.
  5. Sheds – These roofs, also known as skillion or lean-to roofs, are made out of a single single-pitch surface that slopes downhill in either direction away from a central ridge line.
  6. Butterfly Roof – This style of roof, as the name implies, has two pitched surfaces that meet at the center peak like butterfly wings and create a V-shape when seen from above.
  7. Saltbox Roof – This form mimics gable roofs with one exception; its end walls extend beyond the ridge line and are of varying lengths, providing an asymmetrical appearance when seen from above.
  8. Mansard Roof – This design comprises of four slanted sections, each with two distinct pitches; most frequently with steeper lower slopes and shallower ones up top to assist generate extra living space inside attics or lofts.
  9. Mono Pitch – Also called as half gable roofs, this single pitched surface resembles half of a gabled roof slice and may be positioned left or right depending on personal desire.
  10. Flat Roofs – These roofs are horizontal planes with no pitch, making them simple to build without difficult angles while yet offering shelter from weather elements such as rain or snow.

#10 Clerestory Roof

When the roof slopes up and away from the walls, it creates a huge aperture at the pinnacle, resulting in a Clerestory Roof style. The roof has skylights that allow light and air to enter from the second story. This is the style you employ if you want to add character to your Minecraft home.

Installing a clerestory roof can provide an appealing aesthetic feature to your house while also allowing in natural light and fresh air. It also allows for circulation and helps to decrease heat buildup in your home’s interior. To prevent rain from entering through the skylights, construct towering barriers around them and put layers of glass blocks on top.

#9 Gable Roof

A Gable Roof is a style of roof that is shaped like an “A” and has two sides that meet in the middle to produce a single peak. This kind of roof is common on contemporary homes and can be created in Minecraft with the TFCDecorations extension.

The beautiful thing about this sort of roof is that it appears quite contemporary while being simple to construct. To construct a Gable Roof, players must construct two walls that are joined at the summit and inclined downhill from the peak towards the sides. These walls should be thicker than other roofs in order to withstand the weight of the blocks put on top. Additionally, adding blocks with sloping shapes, such as upside-down steps, can make your roof appear more genuine.

#8 Gambrel Roof

The Gambrel roof is distinguished by two steep slopes on either side. The top slope is steeper and shorter, while the lower slope is longer and more gently curved. This traditional roof form was popular in barns across Europe, but it may also be seen in other kinds of buildings.

A Gambrel roof in Minecraft may give your home a unique appearance that sets it apart from other constructions. The specific form of the roof will depend on the size, scale, and materials used while creating it, but it usually requires a great amount of work to create this sort of roof effectively. The Gambrel style may be employed effectively and helps a home stand out from the crowd.

#7 Terraces Roof

Terraces Roof is an excellent method to add a one-of-a-kind visual aspect to your Minecraft home. This roof design incorporates terraces made of one or a few blocks to create an intriguing texture pattern and aesthetic. This may be done with a variety of materials, including cobblestone, sandstone, quartz, and nether brick.

Use bricks of varying heights to give the terraces greater depth and a more organic appearance. To complete the look, hang some Christmas decorations around the home and even make a snow biome generator with only one command block for a festive winter vibe.

#6 Flat Roof

A flat roof is a simple building option for any Minecraft home, particularly when you don’t have a lot of resources or materials at your disposal. A flat roof may be readily constructed with bricks, glass, and a few other ornamental components. This sort of roof provides a lot of space and functionality, allowing you to build decks or balconies on the roof.

To build this style of roof, just stack blocks equally from side to side until the top level is reached, then fill in the spaces between the rows with steps or slabs. Finally, add glass panes to your flat rooftop to give it a unique design while still providing protection from attacking mobs.

#5 Mansard Roof

A Mansard Roof is a roof form that is made up of four pieces. The lower portions have an almost vertical slope, while the upper areas have a modest inclination. This roof style also provides for additional attic space or living space.

Because of their sleek, attractive style and capacity to give more living space, mansard roofs are popular in residential residences. In Minecraft, this might be handy if you want to construct more distinctive designs or if you need additional “room” inside your home. However, creating the roof itself might be difficult since it needs exact dimensions and angles to be built properly.

#4 Butterfly Roof

A Butterfly Roof is a design feature utilized in contemporary architecture, particularly in residential design. The roof seems to be divided into two parts, one swooping downward towards the other. This sort of roof has a sleeker, more modern appearance that some people like and blends nicely with other modern architectural aspects.

The form of the roof also allows more natural light to enter the home, giving it an open, spacious sense. Furthermore, this style of roof may be built to funnel rainfall into rain barrels or other water-collection devices, making it increasingly popular among individuals seeking to build environmentally friendly living areas.

#3 Mono-Pitched Roof

If you want something contemporary and simple, the Mono-Pitched Roof is a wonderful Minecraft home roof option to explore. This roof has just one slope and is simple to build. Its modest profile is also visually pleasant. Furthermore, it complements other constructions such as walls and columns.

To construct this sort of roof, begin by constructing the post and beam framework using blocks. After that, construct the roof panels on one side using blocks or slabs. Finally, to complete the appearance, add roof tiles in the chosen pattern. The Mono-Pitched Roof will help you create a distinct appearance for your Minecraft castle and make it stand out from the crowd.

#2 A-Frame Roof

The A-Frame roof is a traditional roofing type that is ideal for Minecraft buildings. This design closely mimics the roofs of many real-world residences, and it combines classic and contemporary styles. The roof’s sides are slanted so that they meet at the summit, forming a huge triangle that is ideal for keeping rain and snow off your buildings.

You’ll need a lot of materials to build an A-Frame Roof in Minecraft. Begin with acquiring materials for your roof’s sides, such as stone slabs. You may also add glowstone or quartz to give it a distinctive aesthetic by using cobblestone blocks to make it more sturdy.

Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies, build two similar triangle frames that interlock at the top and bind them with slime blocks or sticky pistons if you’re feeling really inventive. Finally, finish your A-frame with whichever material you like. Anything goes as long as it’s watertight.

#1 Saltbox Roof

One of the most popular Minecraft home roof designs is the Saltbox Roof. It’s ideal for creating a classic, homey atmosphere. You’ll need to create two walls and then connect steps to the top of them to build it. The steps should form an inclined roof like a saltbox.

To improve the appearance of your Saltbox Roof, you may also add decorations such as carvings and banners. Halloween decorations, such as spiderwebs or pumpkins, would be ideal for creating a frightful mood on your rooftop. You could even include a jump scare with creepers lurking overhead. This classic roof may be changed into something absolutely distinctive and eye-catching with a little imagination.


Building in Minecraft can be a lot of fun and very rewarding, but many players struggle with coming up with interesting, easy-to-build roof ideas that look beautiful while being relatively straightforward to create. Fortunately, there are many of excellent Minecraft house roof designs available that don’t need a very skillful hand.

From sloping roofs to innovative hexagonal designs and even a traditional pointy tower top, these 10 simple Minecraft house roof ideas will assist you in creating the ideal home for your world. All you need is a little imagination to get started. So go to work and enjoy your new artistic house.

10 Easy Minecraft House Roof Ideas You Need To Know