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10 Easy Minecraft House Roof Ideas You Need To Know

Looking for some inspiration for your next Minecraft build? Check out these 10 easy ideas for Minecraft house roofs!

List of The 10 Easy Minecraft House Roof Ideas

Minecraft gives users a wide choice of building blocks, buildings, and materials with which to construct an unlimited number of unique creations. The roof is one of these features, and it is critical for protecting your home from the elements outside. When it comes to designing the ideal roof for your Minecraft home, the possibilities are limitless.

You may build a pitched roof, a flat roof, or even a terraced roof. You may also use other materials, such as wood, stone, and even glass, as well as different color blocks, to personalize your design.

This article looks at 10 simple Minecraft house roof designs that you may utilize in your next construction job. There’s something for everyone here, from basic pitched roofs to complex castle-style towers with pointed spires. Whether you prefer a simple design or something more experimental, utilize this collection of ideas to get started on your new project.

  • Pitched Roof
  • Flat Roof
  • Terraced Roof
  • Wooden Roof
  • Stone Roof
  • Glass Roof
  • Colored Roof
  • Castle-Style Tower Roof
  • Pointed Spire Roof
  • Experimental Roof

#10 Clerestory Roof

A clerestory roof is an excellent method to integrate natural illumination into your design while yet offering weather protection. This Minecraft home roof resembles a standard rectangular house with an extra skylight” at the top elevation that enables sunlight to be included into the inside design.

You’ll need cobblestone steps, slabs, and a few accent blocks of your choosing to create this kind of roof. You may even make an arching variant by using curved stone or even slime blocks for a more unusual shape. This option allows you to add height and dimension to your project while keeping it simple.

#9 Gable Roof

A gable roof, also known as a pitched or peaked roof, is a style of roof that has two sloping sides that meet in the center to create an apex. These sides meet at an angle and are frequently held together by vertical supports or pillars. It’s one of the most popular Minecraft roof types, and it’s simple to make using Building Blocks Mod Maker.

Begin by constructing two exterior walls that are at least three blocks long and three blocks tall, with an additional block added on each side for the overhang. Then, put your inner walls, ensuring that they are all at least two blocks distant from the outside walls. After you’ve built the walls, start putting fence posts on top of them to make the sloping sides of the gable roof. Finally, for more stability and elegance, place wooden boards along the margins of each side.

#8 Gambrel Roof

A Gambrel Roof is a unique roof type with two separate pitches. It resembles a barn roof and provides additional spaciousness in an attic or upper level of a structure. A gambrel roof also has fewer seams than other kinds of roofs, which might make it stronger or simpler to build.

To build this sort of roof, two equal-sized hip rafters must be cut and pitched at a lower angle than the main roof, generating two slopes on each side in the form of a V. The bottom side has greater overhang for weather protection, while the top side is steeper for more headspace in the attic or higher floors.

This sort of roof is considered energy-efficient because it improves air circulation in cooler temperatures by trapping heat high up. It’s also extremely simple to construct, thanks to pre-cut trusses available at most home improvement shops.

#7 Terraces Roof

Terraced roofs are a wonderful method to make your Minecraft building seem both contemporary and vintage. This roof type may be employed in both historic and industrial villages, adding a wonderful, rustic atmosphere to your home. It is made up of levels that “step” up the outside walls of your house.

Place stone slabs along each tier, with layers of cobblestone or other materials between them, to produce the terrace impression. To complete the effect, add flower pots or ornaments to each layer as well as on top to offer your rooftop gardening different colors and levels. This design blends well with many other architectural types and works well in industrial communities for that weathered appeal.

#6 Flat Roof

A flat roof is one of the simplest and least expensive methods to cover a house in Minecraft. To make a flat roof, you must first build four walls – two long walls and two short walls. Make a modest, square frame out of blocks that match the base of your home. Make sure each wall is raised above the base so that it is level with the top of your frame.

Once all four walls are complete, use your choice of blocks to create a level surface for the roof. For this portion, you may use planks, cobblestone, stone, or any other sort of block you like. When finished, you’ll have a modest and stylish Minecraft home with a dependable flat roof.

#5 Mansard Roof

The Mansard Roof is a distinctive architectural element popularized by French architect François Mansart in the 17th century. Because of its dormers and high pitch, this form of roof adds more living space to Minecraft home designs. It’s also rather simple to build in the game, since the slopes are relatively modest in comparison to other roof kinds.

Simply use two blocks of wool for the sloped sides and four blocks of wooden planks for the flat top to make a traditional Mansard Roof. You may also use other materials or mix and match textures to create an intriguing pattern for variety. You may also add roof windows to your roof design to make it even more appealing.

#4 Butterfly Roof

The Butterfly Roof, sometimes known as the V-Roof, is a roof style popularized by architect William Krisel in the 1950s. Although other designs include more angular slopes, this roof has two sides that slope down from the apex of the roof in different directions. This design gives your Minecraft home an intriguing form while also allowing for lots of rainwater gathering.

There are more characteristics of this style of roof that you may utilize to adorn your Minecraft building. A butterfly roof may be fitted with a variety of shingles and in a variety of colors, providing more personalization choices to make your home stand out.

#3 Mono-Pitched Roof

One of the most common Minecraft home roof styles is the Mono-Pitched Roof. This design has a flat roof with a single, gently sloping surface that dips downhill from the roof’s top. This style of roof is ideal for creating a contemporary design with clean lines and little hassle.

The mono-pitched form also allows for bigger windows and an abundance of natural light, making it perfect for sunny areas. It’s also reasonably simple to build and may be completed with a variety of materials such as brick, wood, metal, or slate tiles. This style of roof also needs less maintenance than more intricate designs since it does not depend on complex joinery or structural procedures.

#2 A-Frame Roof

The A-Frame roof is a simple roof design that is excellent for a tiny Minecraft building. This roof requires the use of basic Minecraft building pieces and redstone dust. Unlike other more sophisticated roof types, the A-Frame can be built fast and simply, making it an excellent alternative for players with little time or money.

Begin by building a basic rectangular frame of at least four blocks high to serve as the foundation for your A-Frame roof. Next, pick two side walls to serve as the roof’s sides and fill them in with blocks until they reach the top of your rectangle frame. After that, add alternate layers of wool over top to construct an A-Frame Roof with a slanted effect from each side.

To give it a snowy Christmas appearance, use the same command block outlined above to manufacture snow inside a biome suitable for the location of your home.

#1 Saltbox Roof

The Saltbox Roof, commonly known as the Shotgun Roof, is a traditional colonial American roof type. This straightforward design has two sides of uneven length, one longer than the other, and a steeply pitched gable at the end of the longer side.

This traditional roof type just takes four pieces of material, two for each end, making it a simple and inexpensive alternative for Minecraft builders. Its distinctive design provides aesthetic appeal to any project, and its peaked roof extends its lifespan in tougher conditions. Furthermore, its steep slope is ideal for making snowmen.

You may create a classic design that will give paint and individuality to your Minecraft home with only a few clever bits of material.


Making a roof for your Minecraft home is an essential aspect of its overall look and functionality. There are several creative possibilities to choose, whether you want something basic and simple or something more elaborate and one-of-a-kind.

This post has discussed 10 simple ways for making the ideal roof for your Minecraft home, ranging from sloped roofs to peaked rooftops and everything in between. Before making a selection, consider the resources you have available, the desired design, and the amount of time you want to devote to the project. Building your perfect Minecraft home has never been simpler with proper planning.

10 Easy Minecraft House Roof Ideas You Need To Know

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