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The Must-Have Minecraft Village Mods of 2021

Looking for the must-have Minecraft village mods of 2021? Check out our list of the top mods to enhance your village experience!

Mo Villages Minecraft Mod

Mo Villages is a popular Minecraft game modification. This mod allows gamers to personalize their communities and make them genuinely unique. It enables the installation of new buildings, roads, trees, and other features that are all custom-built to your specifications. You may customize the tastes and vocations of your villagers, give them jobs, and govern their populations.

In Mo Villages, you may also build farms and guard towers with their own individual guards to protect against attackers. You may even build irrigation canals for farms and mini-dungeons loaded with creatures for players to explore. Overall, this patch will make any Minecraft gaming experience more immersive and pleasant.

Villager Trade Tables

Villager Trade Tables is an essential Minecraft mod for anybody who wants to trade with villagers. This patch adds new blocks and mechanisms to the game that enable players to rapidly reach the trading screen through a chest and start up to six transactions at the same time.

In addition, instead of continually traveling back and forth between villages, users may invite villager merchants to their own places. Players may also use this mod to enhance the number of emeralds they get via exchanges. Players may earn money quickly by exchanging villagers’ stuff for emeralds without having to wait for them to respawn by utilizing these tables.

Overall, Villager Trade Tables is a fantastic option for Minecraft gamers searching for a simpler method to generate money while still enjoying all of the components connected with trade with villagers.

JEI Villagers Minecraft Village Mod

JEI Villagers is a mod for the massively popular Minecraft game that introduces a new sort of settlement. This hamlet is made up of JEI Peasants, who are unique anthropomorphic villagers found all over the globe. Players may use these folks to create their own communities from the ground up, complete with unique structures and buildings.

JEI Villagers are completely customisable, with players able to change their look, gender, and age. This mod also lets users to design their own villagers’ tools, food, weapons, and armor. The mod also includes a variety of customization options, such as varied villager stats and perks that provide villagers advantages in fighting or resource collecting. Players may also choose from a variety of JEI Settlements, including agricultural and industrial villages. Players that install this mod will get a genuine Minecraft Village experience that they will not find anywhere else.

Villager Market Minecraft Village Mod

One of the must-have town modifications for 2021 is the Villager Market Minecraft Village Mod. This mod adds additional features and choices to your Minecraft game, including randomly generated merchants and marketplaces, villagers with distinct daily activities, configurable villager behavior, and more. With the new Villager Market mod, you can create a dynamic village feel by allowing residents to engage in a number of ways.

The Villager Market is a monetary feature of your game that allows you to trade things with villagers or buy commodities from them. This mod also enables you to change the sorts of products accessible in each market as well as which villagers have access to them. You may even impose trade restrictions or levies on certain products based on their origin. This mod also adds new buildings to your communities, such as the Town Hall, which enables users to administer their own businesses inside their village walls.

Overall, the Villager Market Minecraft Village Mod allows you to construct lively communities full of activity and trade that are completely under your control.

Helpful Villagers: Minecraft Village Mod

One of the must-have Minecraft Village Mods for 2021 is Helpful Villagers. This mod lets users change the complexity of their community and personalize it in a variety of ways. Players may expand their town, give inhabitants certain occupations, and even modify their look and personality.

Players may also manage commerce with villages using Helpful Villagers. Players may choose whatever goods they want to receive from villagers or select a random variety of items to exchange for other resources. Players may also set up recurrent exchanges with merchants to preserve balance and keep shops supplied with the appropriate materials. Players may enjoy a completely customizable Minecraft Village experience with Friendly Villagers.

Minecraft Village Box Mod

For Minecraft gamers, the Minecraft Village Box Mod is a must-have. It adds additional elements to the game such as custom blocks, village structures, and inhabitants with different skins based on where you are. It also includes items such as food and resources within the village chest to make it simpler for players to build communities.

With this mod, you may build your own towns and personalize them with a wide range of unique blocks, buildings, goods, and residents. You may also construct walls to defend your town from attackers and place flags to keep your residents secure in their own small piece of the earth. With this mod, the possibilities are limitless.

Villager Names

Villager Names is a Minecraft mod that enables users to give their villagers names. It not only adds to the immersion of the game, but it also helps identifying and tracking residents in your communities simpler.

When villagers are engaged with in-game, they now have a few lines of speech that alter dependent on their name, as well as additional response noises. This mod also includes a random villager name “For those who don’t want to spend too much time naming their people. There is also a surname generator “which generates random surnames that may be appended to existing villager names.

With this mod, you can further personalize your communities and give them a unique personality.

Villagers Nose

Villagers Nose is a Minecraft mod that allows you to give villagers different noses. Because this is an optional feature, all you have to do to utilize it is activate the mod and begin giving your people distinctive noses. The mod includes a variety of nose shapes and sizes, giving you more than enough possibilities to design your own unique villages.

The Villagers Nose mod also gives users more customization choices for their villagers, such as skin and hair color. Furthermore, this patch is compatible with any other modifications you may have loaded in your game. It combines easily with other modifications and may be used without conflict or compatibility concerns.

Overall, Villagers Nose adds a lot of flair to your Minecraft town and makes it appear a lot more lively.

Kingdom of Verona Medieval City – Castle and Villages

The Kingdom of Verona Medieval City – Castle and Villages mod for Minecraft is ideal for users looking to construct a full-scale castle or villages in their world. With this mod, players may construct their own dwellings or even design a whole town. The castle has a massive main tower, many smaller towers, walls, and a drawbridge.

In terms of settlements, players may choose from a range of structures and residences based on their tastes. This mod also includes realistic topography and flora to provide a genuine medieval atmosphere. Quests, NPCs, and dungeons to explore bring the landscape to life. You may now experience authentic medieval life in your own Minecraft environment thanks to the Kingdom of Verona Medieval City – Castle and Villages mod.

Village Names Minecraft Mod

The Village Names Minecraft Mod is a must-have for anybody wishing to give their Minecraft settlements more life and personality. This mod enables users to create village names at random for their generated villages, giving each one a distinct identity. By creating the environment for the people of each town, adding a village name adds character and helps tailor the experience.

Players may also modify the generating parameters to obtain names that are appropriate for their own sort of settlement, ranging from high-fantasy names to modern-day settings. This mod also stops players from having numerous towns with the same name, making each one unique. With the feature-rich generator and many customization choices, users are sure to discover the right name for any Minecraft settlement they construct.

Guard Villagers Minecraft Mod

The Guard Villagers Minecraft Mod introduces a new mob type to the game. This mod adds guards, who are villagers equipped with armor and weapons to defend their community from attackers. The guards may be ordered to patrol various regions of the settlement and fight any hostile mobs that enter their domain.

The mod also allows players greater control over the guard villagers by enabling them to equip, equip, and improve them. In addition, players may delegate chores such as patrolling an area or tending to the needs of villagers. Players who have this mod installed now have an additional layer of security for their towns at night or during raids.


VillagerTradingBan is a Minecraft mod that stops villagers from exchanging stuff with the player. It introduces a new sort of block to the game known as the ‘Villager Commerce Block’, which, when put in a village, disables any trading by villagers in that village.

Players will no longer have to be concerned about villages giving away all of their precious resources or swapping stuff for worthless ones. Furthermore, this mod stops some transactions from taking place in villages while mobs are present. This mod is ideal for gamers who wish to prevent their towns from being overrun by pointless commerce.

Furthermore, it aids server owners in maintaining a balanced economy since trading does not deplete resources from other users and they do not have to continuously replace their supplies every time someone trades anything important away. Overall, VillagerTradingBan is a must-have mod that helps villages maintain order and balance while also conserving valuable resources and keeping the server economy balanced.

Following Villagers

The Minecraft Village mod Following Villagers is a must-have for 2021. You may pick which villager to follow and where they travel in the world using this mod. You have the option of moving the pursued villager about or making them leap into a minecart if you like. The goal of this mod is to allow you to keep an eye on your people when you are gone from your town for extended periods of time.

In addition, the mod contains features such as:

  • Villagers being able to set alarm clocks.
  • Calling for aid if they are assaulted by monsters.
  • Introducing extra dialogue choices for more thorough interactions with villagers.

Following Villagers will make your Minecraft village experience much more fun with these and other features.

Village Taverns Updated

One of the must-have Minecraft town modifications for 2021 is Village Taverns Updated. This mod adds a new structure to villages, a tavern styled like an old-fashioned English pub. The tavern features two levels, with the downstairs portion housing four tables and a bar, and the upper part housing bed accommodations and storage space.

Players may throw their own parties at the bar or just hang out with other villagers throughout the day. Furthermore, this mod includes additional dishes such as ale, beer, ciders, and stouts as in-game recipes at all village bars. The new features offered with this mod are totally customisable, giving users great choice over how they establish pubs in their communities.

Players may realize their aspirations of living in a medieval-themed English town with Village Taverns Updated.


SecurityVillagers is a Minecraft village mod that enhances your communities’ security and defense. It allows you to assign people to guard duties, recruit mercenaries, and enhance current villagers. Custom defenses such as walls, turrets, and arrows may be put up using this mod. Mercenaries may also be hired to guard your settlement from hostile mobs or other players.

SecurityVillagers makes it easy for participants to secure their towns while also adding new methods to the game. Since version 1.12, the mod has been accessible for all versions of Minecraft and contains features such as custom equipment, experience levels, and guard duty rotation/schedules. With these characteristics, gamers can easily build safe towns while also enjoying an added challenge while defending them from intruders or mobs.

SecurityVillagers is an essential mod for any Minecraft enthusiast looking to add an extra layer of protection and defense to their game.

Villager Hats Minecraft Village Mod

The Villager Headwear Minecraft Village Mod gives villagers in Minecraft environments a broad range of unique hats. With this mod, you may now have attractive hats on your villagers, ranging from bowler and fedora types to top hats, caps, and more. This mod also lets you personalize your hat by adding textures like stripes, floral motifs, and more. These textures may also be tinted.

Villagers wearing hats will make your town appear more authentic and charming. Not only that, but they may also be used for identification. As you go through the game, your town will grow in size, making it simpler to tell which villager is whose if they all wear different caps.

The Villager Hats Minecraft Village Mod is a must-have for everyone who wants their towns to look their finest.

Coherent Villages

Coherent Villages is an essential mod for any Minecraft player that wants to construct a town setting in their game. The patch brings a whole new level of realism and complexity to Minecraft towns by adding various intricacies and realistic characteristics. Small houses, roads, walks, gardens, fountains, and even illumination may be seen throughout the hamlet.

The mod also includes fully fleshed-out NPCs that may perform tasks or just have chats with you, bringing the town to life like never before. Furthermore, Coherent Towns gives users the ability to fine-tune the villages they create by providing a variety of customization choices for building location and individual features.

Overall, this is a fantastic mod that will give a new level of realism and delight to any Minecraft town setting.

Extended Villages Minecraft Mod

The Extended Villages Minecraft Mod is an excellent mod for folks who like exploring and building in the Minecraft universe. This mod is intended to give a new level of intricacy to towns, transforming them from basic constructions into multi-story complexes full of surprises. It also includes a slew of new blocks, artifacts, and creatures for users to utilize in customizing their own town.

The mod includes a variety of village types, including extended villages with two or more floors and dungeon villager spawners. It also offers several villages-related features, such as triggers that activate particular events when players reach a given region or interact with villagers in various ways. Players may also change the clothes and hairdo choices available to alter the look of their people. Furthermore, there are several modification options for various building interiors.

Overall, this mod is ideal for individuals who like developing towns yet want more than just basic structures. Extended Communities’ many features and customization choices will offer users with hours of entertainment while designing their own unique villages in Minecraft.

Minecraft Village Mods: Die MUST-HAVES in 2021!