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Get the Best Minecraft Village Mods Here!

Looking for the best Minecraft village mods? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll show you some of the best village mods for Minecraft, so you can create the perfect settlement for your next game.

Mo Villages Minecraft Mod

The Mo Villages Minecraft Mod adds villages to your game, replacing “old-fashioned” villages with newer, more customizable ones. This mod was made by modder Mollstam, who sought to improve the Minecraft experience by adding more creativity and complexity to the town construction process.

Players may use this mod to modify buildings, alter population number and look, add NPCs and shipwrecks, change topography, and much more. This mod tries to breathe new life into your environments by integrating people that react differently to various events in the game. For example, if a player lays blocks too near to a settlement, the inhabitants will be alerted and will either escape or attack.

There are also Easter eggs concealed in the coding that will allow you to discover rare goods or fight legendary enemies. The Mo Villages Mod also includes minor details like as children playing tag in courtyards and merchants walking about selling their products, all of which contribute to an immersive ambiance in your Minecraft environment.

Villager Trade Tables

Villager Trade Tables are a terrific way to bring more fun and benefits to your Minecraft Village. These tables enable players to make particular transactions with the game’s Villager NPCs, such as emeralds for wheat or iron helmets for carrots.

Players may use these tables to make their town more active and rewarding by providing various transactions that will help them move quicker through the game. Instead of depending on randomly generated transactions from vanilla Minecraft Villagers, this provides the user greater choice over how they wish to construct their own bespoke village experience. Furthermore, it enables users to customize their village experience depending on what they want or desire at any given moment.

JEI Villagers Minecraft Village Mod

The JEI Villagers Minecraft Village Mod is a mod for the popular game Minecraft that allows users to build a more realistic village environment. This mod adds distinct people with unique responsibilities to the game, such as butchers and blacksmiths. It also expands the number of building possibilities available to users, allowing them to further design their communities.

With this mod loaded, users may also change various variables such as villagers’ spawning rate, trading rate, and defense technique to provide the right mix of difficulty and reward for their communities. This mod also gives users greater choice over how large or small their towns may be by allowing them to build up various farms or stores on distinct plots inside the same village.

With its many features, the JEI Villagers Minecraft Village Mod is an excellent method to make your gaming experience more pleasurable and realistic.

Villager Market Minecraft Village Mod

The Villager Market The Minecraft Village Mod enables users to personalize their in-game settlements. The mod is simple to install and includes an easy-to-use UI. Players may create their own own village, complete with a church, post office, and businesses. They may choose from a variety of construction materials, ornamental accents, and other options.

The mod also enables users to take control of their village’s economy by establishing multiple marketplaces for locals to trade products. Players may choose the rates for the items and services offered by villages in return for emeralds or other resources. The Villager Market Minecraft Town Mod makes it easy to purchase and sell things from other players in the game, giving the user greater influence over the economy around their village.

Helpful Villagers: Minecraft Village Mod

Helpful Villagers: Minecraft Village Mod enhances your Minecraft experience significantly. The mod includes new non-player characters, buildings, blocks, and things to interact with. It is intended to enhance the mood and playability of the game’s villages.

This mod allows users to build blocks more easily and efficiently for housing projects, mineshafts, farms, and so on. It also enables players to buy goods from merchants rather of accumulating them. It also includes a slew of new valuable villagers, each with their own set of skills and talents that may help the player’s town grow.

This mod is particularly useful for individuals looking for a more immersive town experience, since it has more stuff than vanilla Minecraft.

Minecraft Village Box Mod

The Minecraft Village Box Mod is one of the game’s most popular modifications. This mod adds a box holding a range of additional goods and blocks to each settlement in Minecraft. The box may be opened with a special key, granting access to a new set of goods, blocks, and resources.

Players may employ these resources for personal gain or to assist the inhabitants in their community. With this mod, users may build more efficient tools and weapons for their villagers, as well as acquire strong enchantments that boost their powers. Players may make their town even more vivid and active with this mod installed.

Villager Names

It might be difficult to come up with a clever and distinctive name for your Minecraft settlement. It should convey the character of the community and its people while staying distinct from neighboring villages. However, coming up with such an awesome name does not have to be difficult.

Villager Names is a complete collection of outstanding, one-of-a-kind names inspired by the world of Minecraft. This mod offers it everything, whether you want something out of the ordinary or something more conventional. Mojangland, Redstone Village, and The Netherflower are a few examples. Other interesting names include:

  • Solstice Valley
  • Havenstar Mountain

You’ll discover something that perfectly matches your community and its residents by browsing through the villager name list in this mod.

Villagers Nose

Villagers Nose is a Minecraft mod that adds new villager nose textures to the game. It seeks to improve the villagers’ present appearance and make them stand out from the rest of the NPCs in the game. This mod is ideal for individuals who want to personalize their own town and make it more distinctive and immersive.

The noses come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors, allowing you to create your own own taste of villagers. This mod’s installation is quite straightforward and only takes a few steps, making it accessible even to rookie modders. You can quickly add some more life to your towns and create your own individual style with Villagers Nose.

Kingdom of Verona Medieval City – Castle and Villages

Verona, Kingdom of The Medieval City Minecraft mod includes a realistic castle and three towns. The castle serves as the mod’s focal point, presenting players with a magnificent building to explore. The surrounding landscape is densely packed with villages, farms, and roads that seem to have been plucked from the Middle Ages.

The Castle has various halls to explore, and the residents each have their own tales to share. Along with the stunning environment comes a plethora of crafting materials and resources that may be utilized to further expand your kingdom. Players who install this mod will be able to experience what it was like to live in a medieval city replete with its own castle and peasants with their own rich history.

Village Names Minecraft Mod

The Village Names Minecraft Mod is a mod that adds authenticity to your Minecraft environment and makes the game more interesting to play. This patch enables you to add personalized names to your game’s towns and characters. This may give each villagers’ story a distinct flavor, adding depth and intrigue to the game.

You may also use this mod to:

  • Set up commerce with various communities.
  • Ensure that each community has its unique culture.

Because you may engage with folks by name rather than merely referring to them as “that peasant” or “the home on the hill,” the personalized name system improves immersion in the game. This mod is a must-have for any devoted Minecraft player looking for a really immersive gaming experience.

Guard Villagers Minecraft Mod

The Guard Villagers Minecraft Mod gives users the ability to employ guards for their towns. The guard and hunter are two new villagers included by this mod.

The guard is a villager who patrols the hamlet and defends it from hostile groups or players. The hunter is a villager that hunts enemy mobs and returns them to the settlement as food or resources. The guard and hunter may be hired with emeralds or other resources such as wheat, carrots, or potatoes.

The amount of security offered by guards and hunters is determined by the number of each employed. Players may also equip their guards with different armor parts to make them more effective at guarding the hamlet from intruders.

With this mod, users may rest certain that their towns are safe from hostile mobs or people attempting to steal their hard-earned emeralds.


VillagerTradingBan is a Minecraft village mod that enables users to prohibit other villagers from trading with them. The patch allows gamers to tailor their trading experience by restricting particular deals and limiting how strong trades may be. This mod is very handy for those trying to maximize their income since it prevents villagers from charging exorbitant rates for their items. Players may also restrict villages from selling products that are too simple or inexpensive to get.

VillagerTradingBan is a must-have utility for any player trying to get the most out of Minecraft’s village features.

Following Villagers

Following Villagers is a Minecraft village mod that gives the game a new twist. This mod enables players to recruit villagers and have them follow them about the globe as they explore. You may collect stuff, build communities, and even battle monsters together. This patch not only adds a new layer of enjoyment to your exploration, but it also permanently transforms the way you interact with villages in Minecraft.

You may also personalize how your people appear and behave by giving them various vocations such as Farmer, Lumberjack, or Fisherman. You may also give them specific talents like commerce or construction. Furthermore, some of these villages will have unique conversation, significantly enriching the immersive experience of playing Minecraft. There will never be a boring time while exploring an undiscovered region with Following Villagers loaded in your game.

Village Taverns Updated

Village Pubs Updated is a Minecraft mod that adds taverns to Minecraft settlements. After a long day of labor, the villagers gather at these bars to speak and unwind. At the bar, players may purchase beverages, eat meals, and play mini-games, as well as swap products with the locals.

The mod also adds additional blocks like bookcases and bar stools, as well as an unique town guard NPC who will attempt to deter players from destroying the village. Grian, a programmer and YouTuber, developed the mod in 2019 and has since updated it many times with new features such as:

  • Extra NPC conversation
  • Unique recipes for food, furniture, and decorations to personalise a player’s tavern.

Village Taverns Updated is a fantastic way to improve your Minecraft experience by making towns more vibrant.


SecurityVillagers is a new and intriguing mod for the famous game Minecraft. It introduces a new sort of Villager; the Protection Villager; to your projects, adding a whole new degree of security. These AI-controlled villagers will patrol your hamlet, ensuring that no unwelcome guests trespass or steal from you. They come in two varieties; armed archer or unarmed guard; so you can choose the one that best suits your demands.

With this mod, you may rest easy knowing that if any dangers arise, your people will be prepared. SecurityVillagers also includes features such as real-time updates and data on security risks, total village customization, and more. Get the best security for your works right now with SecurityVillagers.

Villager Hats Minecraft Village Mod

Villager Hats Minecraft Village Mod is an excellent addition to the already extensive library of modifications for the popular sandbox game Minecraft. The mod gives a ton of new headwear to inhabitants in villages and assigns them to them at random. This implies that each villager has their own distinguishing headgear, giving settlements a more diversified and intriguing appearance.

The mod also includes an enhanced trading system—villagers now sell various products based on their occupation, and players may choose whatever items they wish to trade for the most. Furthermore, players may now enchant these hats with special scrolls that provide them unique powers.

Overall, Villager Hats Minecraft Village Mod adds many additional choices for customizing the appearance of villages, as well as an updated trade mechanism that places a larger focus on user preference.

Coherent Villages

Coherent Villages is a popular mod for the open-world game Minecraft that adds a village-building feature. Players may use the mod to construct their own communities, adding buildings and decorating them as they see fit.

The built communities are realistic and population-controlled, with inhabitants coming and leaving, trading with one another, and purchasing things from the user. They are also attacked by numerous opponent mobs such as zombies and skeletons, which makes for a fascinating gaming experience.

The mod also contains a number of parameters that may be modified to alter the appearance, feel, and complexity of your communities. Furthermore, it provides an extensive tutorial system that teaches users how to correctly utilize all of the mod’s features to construct the greatest possible town for their specific playthroughs:

  • Alter the appearance
  • Alter the feel
  • Alter the complexity
  • Utilize all of the mod’s features
  • Construct the greatest possible town

Extended Villages Minecraft Mod

Extended Settlements Minecraft Mod is a Minecraft mod that alters the appearance and feel of villages. The mod includes more variety structures as well as larger community sizes. It also includes additional elements like village antagonism, patrolling guards, and numerous residents with unique trades and behaviors.

The mod includes forge recipes for all structures, NPCs with bespoke trades, and a spawner for randomly formed communities, as well as other tweakable attributes. Extended Villages seeks to make villages in Minecraft more realistic and dynamic by adding structures that match the biomes they are put in, modifying the behavior of NPCs based on village type, and allowing you to respawn or expand existing villages while retaining their original design.

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