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The Future of Mobile Casinos

The gambling world has gone through many changes over the decades. Original casino games initially started out in physical land-based casinos and eventually made their way to bars and other venues worldwide. This was only asserted following the invention of slots in 1891. These remained staples of establishments for decades to come, but in 1994, the first online casino was created. Ever since then, the online casino scene has exploded in popularity, with millions of players opting to play online.

The most recent innovation in betting is the inclusion of mobile casinos. Mobile casinos have become a staple in the gambling industry and continue to innovate every day. With technology moving so fast, we expect mobile gaming to continue to grow exponentially and for new advancements to be made consistently. In today’s article, we are going to take a dive into the future of mobile casinos and take a look at what we may expect to see in the coming years.

How Mobile Casinos are Changing the Way We Gamble

Mobile gaming is simply an extension of online casino sites. However, mobile gambling doesn’t require you to open a web browser. It is no longer acceptable for online casino developers to just develop mobile-friendly web browsers; now, players want the accessibility mobile gaming provides.

This trend can be seen across the entire casino industry, with fewer and fewer bettors opting to go to traditional casinos and instead betting from their own homes. In 2018 it was reported by the Gambling Commission that over 33.6 million people actively partake in online gambling in the UK.

Why Is Mobile Gambling so Popular

The simple answer to why mobile gambling has become so popular is convenience. Many players now use their mobile devices because it is quicker and easier. Mobile casinos allow players to place bets in their own homes, or on the go, due to the internet access now available.

Mobile casinos also benefit from the ability to be able to effectively bet on live games and events. You can play live poker without having to travel to a casino, or you can place bets during live sporting events without going to the event or going to a sportsbook. These features have opened up the mobile gaming world, and now players don’t have to experience the inconvenience of having to travel to a casino or sportsbook.


Although online casino sites offer these features, specialist mobile apps are simply just better designed. Provided they are created by a reputable and high-quality developer, mobile apps can provide a casino with high-quality design and functionality, leading to a seamless gaming experience that prioritizes user experience.

How Will Mobile Change in the Future

Competition is tough in the mobile casino space. They are already multiple online casinos that have produced apps and have cemented a place in the iGaming industry. In order to compete, mobile casinos are going to have to innovate and create new features to stand out from other sites. Here we will discuss some of the ways online casinos could change in the near future.


After the recent rise of cryptocurrencies, casinos worldwide have begun to offer cryptocurrencies as an additional method of payment. Cryptocurrencies include a multi-layered encryption process known as cryptography. This keeps users’ sensitive information hidden and safe from any potential hackers. Many people now believe that cryptocurrencies are a more reliable way of protecting anonymity online.

Confidentiality and privacy are massive issues on the internet. With multiple data and privacy breaches, along with major hackings in recent years, users are more cautious than ever when it comes to protecting their data online. As a result of this and cryptocurrencies’ reputation of being a safe payment option, we can expect the number of sites allowing cryptocurrencies as a method of online transaction to increase over time.

E-Sports Betting

In the future, we predict that betting will exceed physical sports, and more and more online casinos will push betting on Esports. With the emergence of Esports as a recognized sport, there have been an increasing number of competitive tournaments over a number of different games. These tournaments are hosted by several gaming industry giants, such as EA, which promote betting on Esports competitions.


Esports has established itself as a sporting event not to be smeared at but to be appreciated as another form of high-quality entertainment. Mobile casinos could begin focusing on this avenue, opening an entirely new category for people to place bets on.

Live Mobile Casino

Live casino games are a gaming experience that is unique to physical casinos and can not be replicated exactly the same through mobile casinos. However, with the advancement of technology and the quality of mobile casinos improving, these experiences can be artificially created. There is no way to fully simulate the experience of being around the table of a casino playing poker. However, live casinos have managed to replicate it in an accurate way. Using live broadcasts and chats, users can play these tabletop games from their own homes, something that a few years ago would be impossible.


As we have previously explained, matching the feel and atmosphere of a physical casino is incredibly difficult. One feature that could help simulate the feeling even further in VR. Virtual reality could be used to create artificial casinos that, when paired with live casino broadcasts, could create the closest experience to going to a physical casino possible.         


These are some of the future developments and trends we expect to see a lot more common in mobile casinos in the coming years. Mobile casinos have become the new norm when it comes to betting and iGaming as a whole, and developers will be looking to capitalize by creating the best gaming experience possible for players on their sites in the coming years. The future of mobile gaming looks like a positive one, with the industry consistently growing year in and year out with improvements to the quality of online casinos being made constantly.