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whatnot 50m series 20m series marchkumparaktechcrunchYou need a safe and reliable platform to sell off all your collectibles? Whatnot is the answer. With its recent $50 million funding, Whatnot is revolutionizing how people buy and sell those rare Funko Pops and Pokemon cards.

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WhatNot, a company specializing in providing entertaining and unique livestream experiences for its customers, announced today that it has raised $50 million in Series A funding. With these new funds, WhatNot intends to further develop its platform, enabling users to engage with each other over collecting and selling collectibles such as Pokémon cards, Funko Pops and more.

The round was led by GV (formerly Google Ventures) alongside Lightspeed Venture Partners. Additional investors include Sea Road Venture Partners and Serial Investors. WhatNot’s total funds now amount to $57 million after previous funding from Wavemaker Labs, V1-VC and Crypto VC firm BlockVC.

The company plans to use the funding for product development of its existing platform and for hiring for teams based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. It also intends to build partnerships with retailers who can discount products purchased through WhatNot.

Whatnot Overview

Whatnot is a new online marketplace that enables people worldwide to buy and sell physical collectibles, such as action figures, vintage toys, Pokémon cards, Funko Pops and more. Whatnot connects buyers and sellers via live streaming sales presentations through its free platform.

Founded in 2020 by two entrepreneurs with extensive backgrounds in finance and technology, the company announced a $50M Series A round of funding led by Sequoia Capital. These funds will be used to scale up the Whatnot platform and expand the company’s presence in retail stores and online marketplaces worldwide.

Whatnot aims to bring excitement to collecting items by allowing sellers to showcase their wares via livestreaming with chat integration to engage potential buyers. In addition, sellers can now provide detailed descriptions or stories about an item’s history or origin during the presentation, adding another dimension not found in current ecommerce sites or traditional retail sales experiences. The platform also enables buyers to interact directly with their chosen seller via chat or video calls to further build out each sales transaction.

Whatnot offers an end-to-end solution for selling collectibles such as free shipping and secure payment methods for buyers. Whatnot also protects against fraud and nonpayment through its dedicated customer service team, which is available around the clock on various channels such as email, phone or live chat support.

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Whatnot’s Livestream Platform

Whatnot, a livreemart platform that allows users to buy and sell pop culture collectibles such as Pokémon cards, Funko Pops and more, has announced the closing of a $50 million Series B funding round. The round was led by Mayfield and included participation from existing investors Forerunner Ventures, Accel and Index Ventures.

The new investment will support expansion in Japan and Europe and accelerate growth into new categories. For example, Whatnot’s livestream platform, which launched in January 2020, has experienced huge growth since the start of the pandemic. As a result, the company has seen its user base triple over the last year and attract a wide variety of popular content creators from across the globe.

Whatnot’s platform leverages livestreaming technology to allow people to create shops for their products through any device or network—cell phone apps, websites or connected TV devices—and customize their shops with graphics for branding. Additionally, it enables sellers to interact with customers real time via video chat or messaging interfaces on certain marketplaces facilitating transactions within chat rooms or watch parties on social nets including Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

The company also recently launched a feature that enables customers to video chat directly with sellers who offer consultancy services on topics ranging from fashion tips to music tutorials. This feature allows influencers to monetize their knowledge by charging an hourly rate while helping Whatnot create additional consumer value beyond price comparison shopping platforms alone.

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Whatnot raises $50M to let people sell Pokémon cards, Funko Pops and more via livestream

Whatnot, a startup that lets people sell Pokémon cards, Funko Pops and other collectibles via livestreams has raised $50 million in funding. The round was led by Coatue Management, with additional funding from existing investors Lightspeed Venture Partners, General Catalyst and Cowboy Ventures.

The funds will be used to expand Whatnot’s product offerings and accelerate its growth. Whatnot already works with more than 1,000 collectors and hobbyists including LEGO YouTubers, professional Magic: The Gathering card players, Pokemon binder specialists, and major celebrities such as actor/entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher. It also allows customers to buy a range of items such as rare coins and physical media like films or video games directly from broadcasters for a fee.

In addition to its new funding round, Whatnot recently announced partnerships with some of the world’s largest collectible brands, including Funko Pop! And Topps Trading Cards. Going forward, Whatnot plans to grow its user base by expanding its partnerships with leading lifestyle brands worldwide.

Whatnot’s Target Market

Whatnot is a buy-and-sell marketplace that connects individuals with “hard-to-find” collectible items. It targets casual and serious collectors looking to obtain or dispose of items they love. Whatnot enables users to purchase, sell or trade their collectibles via livestreams hosted by specialized experts who provide real-time information and advice based on the item’s characteristics and history.

The platform focuses primarily on millennials and Gen Z buyers born after 1995. They are more likely to be involved in digital trends such as livestreaming and thus have an increased interest in collecting things than the older generations. This market segment has greater clout regarding buying power and often looks for exclusive items due to their niche interests in pop culture collectibles, such as Pokemon cards, Funko Pops, action figures, trading cards, vinyl records, comic books and sports memorabilia.

At the same time, Whatnot recognises that its core user base represents more than just young hobbyists. Thus it aims to also appeal avid collectors by providing them with certified authenticity for rare items that would otherwise require expensive appraisals or verification services outside of its platform. In addition, Whatnot seeks to create an enriched virtual experience that captures the in-person market feel while still allowing individuals access to niche communities they may not find elsewhere — something which has proven immensely popular since its platform launch earlier this year.

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Whatnot’s Potential

Whatnot, a platform that enables users to buy and sell rare collectibles in real-time over livestream, has closed its Series B funding round and raised $50M. The investment came from Quantum Strategy Partners, Kleiner Perkins, Transform Group, GV (formerly Google Ventures), and angel investor David Rubenstein.

Whatnot’s mission is to democratize the collections marketplace by creating an experience that benefits sellers, buyers and collectors worldwide. The company makes it easier than ever to buy and sell valuable collectibles such as Pokémon cards, Funko Pops, vintage video games and more in real-time with the help of live streaming technology—while also providing trustworthiness through their team of expert appraisers who inspect each piece buyers purchase.

The $50M Series B funding positions Whatnot for further growth as a platform designed for long-time collectors looking for rare items and those looking for diversified investment opportunities outside of traditional markets. With wider adoption driven by this recent capital raise, Whatnot’s vision of creating a connected collections ecosystem promises optimism in new ways to facilitate commerce between passionate buyers and professional sellers alike.

Whatnot’s Challenges

As ecommerce continues to grow and become more competitive, startups are finding new ways to take advantage. One of the most popular categories is “social selling”, which allows individuals to sell products live on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. For example, Whatnot, a San Francisco-based startup has raised $50 million in capital to make this process easier for people that want to sell collectibles such as Pokemon cards, Funko Pops and other items from the burgeoning “culture commerce” space.

The company is looking to make trading and collecting easier while providing access to rarer items that buyers might not otherwise have gotten their hands on. However, Whatnot faces a challenge in building an infrastructure that can handle its growth – scaling technology quickly without sacrificing user experience or becoming overly reliant on third-party platforms is difficult. Additionally, ensuring secure payment processing and curb bad actors like scammers who try to pass off counterfeit products is a major concern in the culture commerce industry.

Creating a sustainable business model around social streaming will require the seamless integration of technology solutions with experienced customer support team members who understand both product needs and customer expectations when it comes protecting against fraudsters and scammer who can damage user experience for buyers or sellers alike.


In conclusion, Whatnot is leading the way in the collectibles market by leveraging livestream to help buyers and sellers connect. With their new round of funding and continued product focus, they are positioning themselves to become a dominant player in the space. Their platform has already shown how powerful livestream can be to improve customer experience. It offers users access to a large selection of products, detailed appraisals, and expert advice from their network of verified experts.

As e-commerce continues to evolve, Whatnot will surely be an innovator at the forefront of change in this growing industry.