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VRchat for Androids

Now you can join your friends in VRchat no matter what type of android device you have. Just download this app, purchase a VR mask and goggles, put it on your head, enter the world of VRchat and meet there with other players. Take part in public events, talk to people all around the planet or play mini games that are built into the application.

VRchat for androids has a big plus besides its main feature – it doesn’t need any powerful gaming PCs or other complicated technical devices. All you need is available on Google market – any android phone and a simple VR mask and goggles – so everyone can afford this app, not just rich people with high-end PC.

How to download vrchat

It is very easy to download application. The best thing, there are no restrictions in access or any limitations. You can start this app right now if you want using your phone and search for “VRchat for Androids” on Google market by its official name. It will give you various options with prices, screenshots and reviews.

VRchat for Androids Main Features

1. Join the huge online community of players that already has more than 30 000 active users daily;

2. Chat with friends and other players in real time;

3. Take part in events created by other players or organize your own;

4. Play games that are built into the app;

5. Choose your character’s race, gender and outfit;

6. No need for high-end PC – all you need is any android phone and a simple VR mask and goggles, which can be purchased at Google market or any other store near you.

What is VRchat and how does it work

VRchat is a virtual reality game where you can chat with other players around the world. All you need to join this app is your android phone, VR mask and goggles. Just choose one of specially designed masks for smartphones that don’t need any additional devices to work – keyboards, mice or controllers.

VRchat is developed on the Unity engine so its graphic is not very high quality. All you see in this virtual reality are 3D avatars of other players around the world, no matter if they are far or near to you. You can communicate with them using voice chat and text messages while moving through different worlds full of amazing things that were created by other players.

How to download VRchat for Android?

1. Go to Google Play Market;

2. Search for “VRchat” by its official name;

3. Read reviews, check screenshots and select the most suitable option for you;

4. Try it out – download VRchat for Android and enter one of biggest virtual worlds with already 30 000 active users;

5. Edit your character’s appearance and choose among available clothes, accessories and other options;

6. Get new masks as soon as they’re released to stay up-to date;

7. Talk with other players who are already in VRchat – take part in events or organize something yourself;

8. Play multiplayer games that are built into the app.

What you can do in VRchat on your Android phone

1. Make friends of people from all over the world;

2. Talk to them in real time and chat with players who are already in VRchat;

3. Play games together or take part in events created by other users;

4. Enter a new world filled with people on your android device – no need for high-end PC to run it.


If you want to join people from all over the world and enter exciting virtual reality chat, download VRchat for Androids. It is free of charge and very easy to use – just wear your VR goggles and pick up some simple mask and you can play with other players right now.