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Wacky Wizard All Ingredients

Guaranteed fun! Get ready to explore the world of Wacky Wizard, a new card game for all ages. With different Wizards and Spells in every deck, no two games will ever be alike!

Wacky Wizard is easy to learn but hard to master. The object of the game is simple: get rid of all your cards before your friends do. The first person to have no cards in their hand wins! Players take turns picking up Cards from the center pile, combining them with the Cards already in their hands, and laying down combinations of 3 or more Cards according to one of the 5 wizards from Wacky Wizard. There are tons of possibilities as every combination will earn you different amounts of points depending on the wizard.

Where to find pepper in wacky wizards

you will need to head to the desert area with all of the cacti. Over in the corner at the beginning of the desert behind a cactus is some sand that looks a bit different than the rest of it.

About Wacky Wizard

Wacky Wizard is quick and easy to learn but using different wizards every time will make each game unique and challenging!

Wacky Wizard decks can be used together to create infinite different game possibilities! There are 5 Wizards in every deck, totaling 250 cards. With that many combinations, no two games will ever be alike!

Wacky Wizard is designed to be a family-friendly game. As long as you can add, Wacky Wizard will keep everyone entertained for hours on end! Great family fun for ages 6 and up. 1 – 8 players. 30 minute play time. Made in the U.S.A. 1 – Box of 50 cards 2 – Rules of Play 1 – Wacky Wizard All Ingredients Game Board Wacky Wizard can be purchased on Amazon for $89.99 .

The Modern Playing Card Co. Limited is the manufacturer of the game, producing it in China. It is sold by The United States Playing Card Company, which is the distributor of the game. Play With Us Club has no affiliation with either company. We are not responsible for any problems regarding orders, missing items, or anything other than sending out the games as promised by both companies. Wacky Wizard All Ingredients is sent to us in a cardboard box that contains 2 decks of 50 cards each. The cards are put in a plastic bag and taped up to keep everything in place during shipping. Each deck of 50 cards also comes with 2 rule sheets, 1 Wacky Wizard game board, and 1 die that is not used for the game.

The 5 wizards and their symbols:

– Onion Wizard (purple book with what looks like an onion) – Fireball Wizard (red book with a flame) – Ice Wizard (light blue/gray book with snowflakes on it) – Plant Wizard (green book with leaves and vines covering it)

– Time Traveler (purple watch with 2 green dots next to it)

Game Design:

The game design is fairly simple and straightforward. You basically roll the die, pick up cards from the pile, make combinations with them in your hand according to one of the 5 wizards, and lay them down for points. The player who gets rid of all their cards first wins!


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