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What are the benefits of using Insurance Infrastructure Platform?

insurance sure 100m series 550m azevedotechcrunch

insurance sure 100m series 550m azevedotechcrunch

With the cutting-edge Insurance Infrastructure Platform Sure Raises $100M Series C, many businesses and individuals are exploring the benefits of using informed and intelligent decision making that the platform provides.

The platform enables companies to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve compliance.

Let’s look at the advantages of using the Insurance Infrastructure Platform, which sure raises $100M Series C in detail.

What is an Insurance Infrastructure Platform?

Insurance Infrastructure Platform (IIP) is an integrated platform that combines the technological, data, and product capabilities needed to efficiently create and distribute modern insurance products. It provides the technology infrastructure required to develop and maintain sophisticated insurance products and programs, resulting in improved operations, reduced costs, enhanced customer experience, increased speed-to-market opportunities, improved risk management capabilities and ultimately greater revenue potential.

IIP technology integrates with core IT systems to provide insurers with a single connections hub to access data from external vendors and technologies such as forms engines and predictive analytics. This eliminates redundancies between systems that can lead to errors caused by duplicate entries while also improving automation capabilities, improving overall efficiency levels across the organisation. IIP also allows for easy integration of external development partners such as agencies or agents (independent or captive), brokers etc., allowing for quick alterations due to changing markets.

With advanced security controls built in at every level of IIP it helps insurers reduce operational costs associated with introducing innovative new products while maintaining appropriate levels of data security during production roll out. In addition, integrating multiple third parties into a unified platform simplifies ongoing management processes including reporting requirements to ensure compliance with industry regulations such as Solvency II.

IIP is a comprehensive platform that gives insurers everything they need to build engaging insurance products quickly but accurately that meet both industry regulations and customer needs simultaneously.

Insurance Infrastructure Platform Sure Raises $100M Series C

Insurance Infrastructure Platform (Sure) is gaining traction among businesses looking for a way to make their insurance processes more efficient. Sure recently raised $100M in a Series C round of funding. This recent funding round further validates the potential of Sure and its products.

Below, we’ll explore the benefits of using Sure to manage insurance related processes.

Improved customer experience

Using an insurance infrastructure platform allows insurance companies to provide a more comprehensive, personalised and consistent customer experience. By leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, insurers can automate many customer service processes, providing fast and accurate responses to inquiries while lowering operating costs.

insurance sure series apisann azevedotechcrunch

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It also allows them to track real-time customer metrics and measure customer satisfaction based on the volume of claims handled or the speed at which issues are resolved. By creating a single source of truth for data, insurers can develop more accurate profiles that offer segmented products tailored to the individual needs of each policyholder. This helps build loyalty by providing better experiences across all digital channels.

Additionally, having access to enterprise data allows insurers to gain deeper insights into how consumer preferences change over time, enabling them to adjust their offerings to meet evolving demands.

Increased operational efficiency

Insurers can significantly improve operational efficiency by streamlining processes, automating manual tasks, and managing data more effectively by using an insurance Infrastructure Platform. By introducing an Infrastructure Platform into their operational processes, insurers can reduce the number of resources required to manage data and reduce labour costs associated with manual entries. Additionally, consolidating disparate data sources into a centralised repository via the infrastructure platform enables insurers to quickly run analytics across large sets of structured and unstructured data. This leads to improved decision making and better accuracy in their data management processes.

Furthermore, an insurance Infrastructure Platform allows for increased agility when responding to changing market conditions without sacrificing compliance or security measures. By leveraging configurable platform elements such as rules engines and analytics tools insurers can quickly respond to changing market dynamics. Additionally, the high-level integration among multiple high-priority systems allows for more real-time access to relevant information for risk analysis and insights leading to better customer responsiveness across all channels.

Overall the use of Insurance Infrastructure Platforms enables organisations in this sector to unlock the value of their data while streamlining operations thus allowing them to focus on customer service excellence without compromising on security or compliance standards.

Cost savings

Insurance Infrastructure Platforms offer a variety of cost savings for insurers. First and foremost, the platform’s cloud-based architecture means that hardware costs are considerably reduced. The platform also provides an insurance environment tailored to the consumer and can drastically reduce back-office expenses related to administering claims. Finally, Insurance Infrastructure Platforms simplify back office functions when launching new products and services, thus reducing turnaround times without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

insurance sure series 550m apisann azevedotechcrunch

In addition to cost savings, Insurance Infrastructure Platforms provide scalability and flexibility advantages. This allows insurers to quickly scale up their IT infrastructure to adjust for demand changes or meet business needs. In addition, the platform simplifies data integration by providing real-time access to critical information from multiple sources. This makes it easier for insurers to quickly deploy new products and services while meeting customer expectations around speed and accuracy.

Finally, using Insurance Infrastructure Platforms enables insurers to use advanced data analytics capabilities through Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, which allow for extremely accurate predictions about customer behaviour and appropriateness of product offerings in a specified market segment or region.

Improved risk management

Using an Insurance Infrastructure Platform provides organisations with improved risk management. This platform enables companies to identify, assess, and manage risks through data-driven insights. Companies can create customised dashboards that analyse risk profiles based on company-defined metrics through the platform. This allows organisations to monitor and understand changes in risk over time and respond quickly when needed. Insurance Infrastructure Platforms also provide comprehensive audit trails so companies can trace the status of risks as they move through their system.

The platform also uses advanced analytics to automate processes such as segmenting customers by risk classes, which provides a more precise view of customer’s portfolios and increases performance in pricing decisions. It also allows insurers to set triggers for automatic response actions – for instance when fraud is indicated or when upper limit of propensity to pay is about to be reached – so insurers can react before any damage is incurred.

Overall, Insurance Infrastructure Platforms ensure effective risk management strategies and help insurers improve their competitive edge by utilising extensive data sources, comprehensive analytics capabilities, and automated processes for faster decision making.

Sure Raises $100M Series C

Sure, the leading provider of insurance infrastructure platforms, recently raised $100M Series C. This new round of funding is set to help the company expand its technologies and drive growth across the insurance industry.

In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits insurance companies can gain from using Sure’s technology.

Overview of the deal

Sure, a provider of insurance infrastructure platform, announced recently that it has raised $100 million in its Series C funding round. The round was co-led by Coatue, Founders Fund, and Insight Partners and included several other investors such as Risk Capital and Ribbit Capital. This brings the company’s total funding to over $230 million.

insurance sure 100m apisann azevedotechcrunch

The proceeds from this latest financing will enhance Sure’s capabilities of developing an insurance platform that provides insurers an easy way to launch products, simplifying their technology stack. Additionally, the funds will be used to expand the company’s global reach, focusing on Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

The company is best known for its SureData concept, which helps insurers organise complex data sets from multiple sources into a single record source, making it easier for them to build product lines quickly and cost effectively. The platform is available worldwide in French, Spanish, German and Japanese. In addition, insurance providers can also access InsurTech services like application programming interface (API) features for predictive analytics and automation processes and machine learning technologies for fair underwriting decisions with less human bias.

Sure has also recently launched Sure Bridge, which makes it easier for businesses to get insured by bringing together partners from across the industry in one integrated offering so businesses can access captive carriers while navigating regulations around each commercial line of business they are interested in covering easily.

This latest investment rounds up another successful year for Sure as they continue successfully expanding their international presence across continents apart from further refining their products based on customer feedback making the insurer experience simpler than ever!

Impact of the deal

Sure’s $100M Series C funding round is a major success for the insurtech startup, which has quickly become a digital insurance ecosystem leader. The funds will be used to accelerate growth and marketing strategies and expand into additional markets.

The new funding will support Sure’s core technologies and services, including its proprietary Insurance Infrastructure Platform. This platform provides insurers access to cutting-edge AI-driven underwriting tools and robust risk management capabilities. It helps insurers better manage risk through comprehensive insights that drive improved decision-making processes, ultimately offering customers better coverage options at lower costs.

In addition to facilitating smarter underwriting decisions, Sure’s Insurance Infrastructure Platform accelerates policy issuance and quotes timelines while improving customer service levels with seamless incident tracking capabilities. By leveraging this platform with Sure’s suite of products and services, carriers can expect rapid growth in their technology operations and streamlined processes for managing customers’ data points. As a result of this recent funding round, the company plans to expand its client base into developing markets such as Asia Pacific regions, Latin America and Europe.

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