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Yellowstone Beth Dutton Outfits

Beth Dutton knows a thing or two about working at Yellowstone National Park. In fact, she worked at the park for 18 years before leaving to become an artist full time. She currently photographs and paints animals in their natural habitats while also continuing her design work with EarthDye .

This spring, EarthDye has released three T-shirts based on photos taken by Beth at the park. The first is a photograph of the bison she captured during this winter. The second was taken around 12 years ago, showing a male grizzly bear with its cubs near Tower Junction in Yellowstone National Park. The final photo depicts two wolves walking along the snow-covered path in Yellowstone National Park. They appear to be rescuing a baby elk from the snow.

During her time at Yellowstone, Beth found that she was drawn towards photographing and painting wolves, bison and grizzly bears which led to her selling these images as prints and other products such as this EarthDye clothing line.

about the brand

The brand is a collection of natural fabrics, with a preface for both children, teens and adults. Our goal is to help you express yourself through the clothing you wear in a casual environment where comfort comes first. If we can make someone smile with one of our designs, then we have done our job. Our styles are inspired from vintage images from the 1950s to current trends. We have a feeling you will not be disappointed with our selection of high quality pieces that will complement any closet.


Our promise to your satisfaction is important to us, so feel confident that we stand behind every product we sell. Our goal is to make an immediate impact with your purchase, and your satisfaction is our top priority. We take pride in the quality of our pieces and want you to be proud wearing them.

The 1950s Marilyn Monroe Lookalike Dress & Peasant Top

Greetings Fashionistas! Today I will be reviewing the pieces I purchased from Yellowstone Vintage Clothing . The duds are all sooo cute and I’m soo glad I got them!

It all starts with this incredible Marilyn Monroe/ Rockabilly dress . It’s so flirty and fun, but it gives you a little bit of coverage too. This is perfect for anyone who has to work in an office setting or any professional event where you have to be on the conservative side. (Also, it doesn’t show too much skin for the religious/conservative types who might want to stay covered up, but still want to add a little bit of fun into their wardrobe). The dress is made from cotton and has a zipper in the Back. It comes with a matching belt that ties around your waist.

My camera’s flash washed out the color of the dress, but it’s actually a hot pink dye. The Marilyn Monroe/ Rockabilly Dress also comes with this cute little black and white gingham head scarf . It’s very soft and comfortable to wear! I absolutely love it! This is like my new favorite hair accessory! (I think these could sell like crazy on Etsy or Ebay).

This is a Size Medium, which fits my measurements of 34 bust, 28 waist and 38 hips. It’s slightly tight around the ribs/chest area, but it doesn’t matter because I can always wear a bra with this dress. Also, the belt from the dress I received was a little too long for me, but I fixed this by tying it into a knot. I absolutely adore the skirt on this dress! It’s short, cute and fun. It has two big black buttons that are used to close up the front of the skirt. Here is another shot of me wearing the Rockabilly Dress . It honestly looks even better in person.

I love the cute little tie on this dress! The color of the dress is so eye catching and bright. It also comes with a collar, but I am unsure if it’s supposed to be worn down like the pattern of the dress (so you can see all those cute ruffles!), or folded up so it covers your neck. I tried it both ways, but I like how it looks when worn down. Also, the backs of the ruffles has this cute little black ribbon that’s used to tie up the dress in front.