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The 18 Ultimate Skyrim Custom Race Mods of All Time

From werewolves to vampires and everything in between, here are the 18 best custom race mods for Skyrim!

Top 18 Best Skyrim Custom Race mods of All time

Skyrim custom race modifications have been available since the game’s first release in 2011, and with modding becoming more popular than ever, modders have been continually finding new methods to enhance your Tamriel experience. One of the most popular mods is the Skyrim Imperious Mod, which provides access to strong races like the Khajiit and Argonians to developing completely fleshed-out own species from scratch.

The nice thing about custom racing modifications is that they can be tuned to your individual interests. There’s something for everyone, whether you wish to be able to turn into a dragon or a werewolf or explore the world as a completely new monster. These modifications surely add character, from little changes like swapping your character’s head with that of an animal to entirely rewriting the game by introducing 20+ new races.


The 18 Best Skyrim Custom Race Mods of All Time provide a fantastic chance to personalize your character and drastically alter your gameplay. Each mod has its own possibilities, ranging from enabling you to modify the precise structure of your character’s face and physique to giving you strong new combat or magic powers.

By experimenting with various modifications and combining them, you may build a completely unique race to take on whatever tasks and adventures await. These modifications will help bring your dream to life, whether it’s giving yourself wings or teleporting across the planet:

  • Modifying the precise structure of your character’s face and physique.
  • Giving yourself strong new combat or magic powers.
  • Giving yourself wings.
  • Teleporting across the planet.

18 ultimate skyrim custom race mods of all time

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