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3 Things You Need to Know Before Betting on Soccer

When watching sports’ fun and exciting action, some prefer to experience more of the challenge with sports betting. Among many sports betting options, soccer is one of the most popular for many. Its wide availability and numerous tournaments and leagues have driven many to bet on the sport.

Not to forget about the unending list of outstanding teams and players on the field that continuously bring out the best match plays. Undoubtedly many sports fans go in the fun by keeping an eye on the best teams that can bring them great winnings through smart betting. But if you still need to become familiar with the process, learning the know-how can be an easy journey with enough understanding, time, and effort to explore some unfamiliarities in soccer betting.

Ready to bet on your soccer favorites? Let’s first discuss the three things you need to know before betting on soccer.

Betting Lines

In sports betting, knowing the betting lines, types, and options is the priority to effectively choose one that can provide you with higher winning chances. Soccer betting provides varying options you can make according to different game factors and conditions. This includes the following:

●Moneyline Bets

Known to be one of the common betting options in soccer is the money line bet. This bet comes in two types, the 3-way and 2-way money line. In a 3-way moneyline, options include: Team A will win, Team B will win, or a draw.

On the other hand, a 2-way money line can provide you with some complex but more flexible options. You have to decide and choose within the given options: Team A will win, or there will be a draw; Team B will win, or a draw; or either of the two teams will win the match, also known as the ‘Draw No Bet.’


Similarly, with moneyline bets, spread bets in soccer also have two options: the Point Spread and Spread Bet. Point Spread refers to the points set by bookies, wherein a certain point must be won by the favorite and the score the underdog must lose. Simply put, it is the margin of scores the team must win or lose.

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Meanwhile, spread betting allows you to rely solely on the result of the game. But the catch is you have to decide whether to buy or sell a bet by deciding if the goal expected set by a bookmaker will exceed or will be fewer than the actual goals made in the match. You choose to buy if you think it will exceed, while you choose to sell if you think the outcome will be the other way around.


Over/Under bet, also commonly known as the Totals. All you have to decide is whether the total combined score of both teams set by the bookmaker will be over or under. The bet will be a ‘Push’ if both teams get equal scores. Thus, all wagers will be refunded.

Knowing the basic betting types will allow you to effectively bet on your team in today’s latest soccer leagues and events. Of course, there are still more exciting and more challenging options you can explore, including exotic bets and prop bets that may seem like complex options but can offer higher payout deals.


Like in other sports betting, the odds reflect the likelihood of a team winning or the possible winnings you’ll get in a certain wager. Most bookies commonly use decimal or fraction forms of odd that start with the 100 figure. The positive and negative signs before the odd indicate the favorite (negative) and the underdog (positive). In the favorite, the odds indicate the money you’ll win in every bet. On the other hand, in the underdog, the odds will indicate the amount you’ll need to wager to win a given money.


Now that you already know the basic betting types and know how to read the odds, it is now time to get in some skills to achieve winning bets. Strategies can vary from one person to another, be it choosing the right bet or having eyes for the winning team.

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When betting on soccer, studying the team matchups, game histories, power players, stats, and many other factors you could use to know more about the match is important. This way, you can identify which team will give you higher winning chances. You can consider your favorite teams, but don’t let your bias overshadow which ones have the skills to claim victory.

Another to remember before betting on soccer is choosing the right online betting sites. Check the site’s credibility by checking on actual reviews online or asking for recommendations from other experienced bettors. This will help you achieve a safe and smooth betting journey and enjoy varying deals and bonuses you can use to your advantage.


Soccer betting provides many opportunities for bettors to enjoy the sport in varying ways. The challenge in betting can provide many fans with more enthusiasm and fun experience as they enjoy the actions on the field at the same time. There’s more to learn and discover in soccer betting as you go along the journey, and all you need to do is explore more to find what can best work for you on the next betting tries.